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Saturday Mornings

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Jean and I found a house kind of away from the main city and it was a nice 3 bedroom so we could have guests over when we liked. It had a privacy fence around a modest backyard so we could sun naked as we wanted to which was always. We hardly ever wore clothes around the house and for a practical purposes were nudisits only very sexual nudists. We also liked to flash people and Jean was the worst at it. She enjoyed the look when she answered the door naked or almost naked and would do it all the time. She checked the security peep hole in the door and sometimes she got her robe on but mots times opened the door to whoever as if she were fully clothed. Well, we always laid around on Saturday mornings since we had managed to both have it off and we took our time getting up and dressed. MOst times it was our day to lay around and make love and stay cozy. We had just finished a wonderful orgasm when the door bell rang. Jean looked at me and me at her. I was still shaking from my orgasm so she got up and looked and opened the door totally naked and the scent of our love making fresh on her. Her nipples were still hard and juices were still visible on her thighs. Hi, can I help you she said. Oh, we are sorry, we will come back later. No it is okay she told them, come in. No we can't we will come back later. Okay if you like Jean said and closed the door. Who was it I asked her. I think that they are called Jehovah's Witnesses or something like that she said. I blushed I can't believe that you did that I told her. Why not, she said. Well, they will not be back I bet I said. Oh, I don't know, I think they will she said. Well, we got up and had breakfast and showered and laid around and about 3 the doorbell rang again. We were on the couch watching TV and Jean got up, still naked and looked. She whispered, It is them again. I started to get up but she gave me her, You had better stay put look and I did still feeling very self conscious putting my legs together and crossing my arms over my chest. She opened the door. Oh, we are sorry again, we will be back. No, we are nudists so no matter when you come back this is how we will be. She opened the door so they could see me one the couch, I smiled. Hi there I said. They looked at each other. Well, perhaps we could wait and you could put something on they said. No, this is it, take it or leave it Jean said. You can come in if you want to but we don't get dressed for anyone and she walked away leaving the door open. They looked at each other and stepped in and closed the door. Jean had come over and sat next to me her arm over my shoulder. Have a seat she said to them and they sat in chairs across from us very nervous. I was too but Jean was right at home it seemed. So what can we do for you Jean said. Well, we have been in the are sharing the good news with everyone. And that is Jean asked? Well, it is ah well, we have been,,,Yes, you said that, go on Jean said and I could tell she was enjoying the confusion she was causing. They looked at each other, maybe we should go, we really can't do this. Do what I asked. Well, it is very distracting and embarrassing you two being naked. Jean moved her legs apart a little facing them. We are not embarrassed she said. YOu tow seem to be way over dressed for the hot weather anyway. Why not get comfortable and relax. They both were very good looking and I could see that this was going to end in either Jean seducing them or them running out of the house. Here, let me take those brief cases and she took them setting them by the couch and then she said. I will get you something clod, wine? water? Water please they both said looking still very nervous. I let my breasts fall from their protection and asked for wine and Jean brough us wine and them water. So, it is good to see you two, what are you doing? Well, we usually have our materials and we are sharing how to be happy and content. Jean kissed my cheek, But we are happy and content she said. They looked at each other, faces turning red. Well, we mean, ah well, more know. No, I don't Liz and I are very happy, we love each other and are not restricted in our love. Oh, then you are?? ahh, you are. The word is lesbian I think Jean said. Yes we are. Have yoiu ever tried being with another woman? No, that is not acceptable. We could never do that the older one said. The other sat quietly. Her legs moving and I noded to Jean but she had already seen. Her hand dropped from my shoulder to my breasts carressing it gently making both my nipples hard. The younger lady again was fidgiting her legs. This feels so good to touch my lovers breasts and to enjoy her fully don't you think you would enjoy making love to someone that knows what you need? They were both nervous but the older one was now watching Jeans hands move over my body. Jean kissed my ear and whispered Move your legs apart der. I did and herhands began carressing the inside of my thighs and she teased my nipples as she moved her hands all over me. I began moaning softly. See how she enjoys my touch she said and then she carressed my pussy lips moving them apart to expose the wetness that had begun again. Oh yes escaped my lips and she kissed me. I looked and the older one had her hand brushing her nipples thru her dress and it was easy to see they were hard and huge. Jean stopped, Liz, I think our guests need some help to relax, lets see what we can do. Jean got up and got on her knees in front of the older woman, moving her legs apart gently the woman did not resist. She kissed her knees and moved them further apart and went highe up her legs, the womanss eyes closed and she moaned. I was in front of the younger woman, kissing her thights softly. Oh please no she moaned, I can't, please. I stopped and looked into her eyes, Yes you can, becuse you want to I told her. She moaned and closed her eyss her legs parting...Yes I do want to. I reached under her dress and pulled her panties off moving further to her pussy, it was wet and I kissed up her legs until the dress was above her hips and she moaned opening her legs for me. The other woman had given to Jeans tongue and was moving her hips against her face as Jean ate her thru her first orgasm. Oh yes she was moaning over and over again. That is so good she kept saiying. I stood my girl up and took her clothes off as I kissed her all over making her moan...then to the couch I laid her down and moved to her titties that had sprung out of her bra. Her nipples were dark and hard and she laid there as I moved all over her body making her lift her hips to my face. Oh yes, please oh yes. She soaked my face with an orgasm and I licked all her juices up. Jean had the other woman naked on the floor now, making her go crazy as she sat over her face and made her eat her pussy, Come on baby, eat it all up she told her. Then her pussy was on the womans face. Jean had her hand buried in the womans pussy all the way up to the wrist and was driving her crazy. Oh yes, yes, do that, I need it bed she kept saying over and over. We were laying there kissing when Jean stopped and said, bring her over here. I took the girls hand and moved her. Jean sat the woman up, Kiss each other she said. They hesitated, do it now Jean told them, They reached to each other and took their faces in the hands then suddenly kissed deep and the older woman pulled to younger on top of her. Jean and I sat back and watched as they kissed and sucked eac other all over. Finally they were eating each others pussy and giving each other orgasm after orgasm. Soon they laid there. I can't believe what just happened the older one said. The younger one was kissing the nipples that were in front of he face. Her hand still in the older womans pussy...oh that feels so damn good she said. I am Jean by the way and this is my lover Liz. So nice to meet you the older said. I am Carol and this is, this is, Janie. Then they were kissing again. I think we started soimething Jean said. I think you have too said Carol. I want to say thank you...then she sat in front of me kissing me deep, you are beautiful she said and laid next to me. We made love for a half hour or so as Jean made loe with Janie. After we all sat up, wet all over from pussy juices and kisses. They got up. touching each other gently. Can we come back. Jean and I said, You had better. Next weekend then Carol said. Yes, that will be fine. They dressed slowly, touching each other as they did, hesitating to put on clothes and not wanting to leave. They kissed us at the door then each other deeply. Oh this is so sweet the younger said. Yes it is Carol said and she kissed her back. See you we said and they left. They came back lots of times over the next year and were they ever hotter every time they did.

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