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Phone Calls

"'<ring> <ring>'"


"Janet, thank God you're home!"


"Yes. You've got to help me!"

"Oh? Help you?"


"Now calm down, Cary! Help you how? What's wrong?"

"Everything! Nadine has found out about us!"

"Found out? Found out exactly what?"

"A neighbor saw us last Tuesday when we were in the bedroom together. Making
love. You remember?"

"Oh, yes, honey, I surely remember that! You know, you surprise me, Cary. You
really have no shame, do you know that? Do you remember where your mouth ended
up last Tuesday? And your nose? And that you actually agreed to hold it in
your mouth? And then when it filled your mouth, that you actually agreed to
chew it and swallow it?"

"Janet, please! Don't sound so amused! This isn't funny! It isn't a game!
It could destroy my marriage, maybe yours too! Nadine suspects something!"

"All right, love, now calm down. Let me understand the facts. Your neighbor
couldn't have seen anything incriminating, if that's the right word. Anything
intimate I mean. We had the bedroom blinds and the curtains drawn, both, the
whole time we were together. No one knows about us but you and me. And now I
know a lot more about you than I did, don't I, my sweetly submissive little
man? My darling pervert! You didn't know you had it in you, did you. I bet
some of it still is!"


"All right, lover. Exactly what did your neighbor see? And what did she tell
Nadine? Or was it a he?"

"She saw you. When you were in the kitchen afterward, making tea. Remember,
you thought I needed to rinse my mouth out after...what we did. What you asked
me to do. What I did. Or when we went back to the office, you said, you'd
only let me kiss you in that same place and nowhere else. And that wouldn't be
convenient, because when you're at the office you only take down your panties
in the Ladies' room, and I can't go with you into the Ladies' room because I'm
not a lady. Not that we ever kiss each other at work anyhow!"

"Yes. Yes. Not yet, anyhow. You know, Cary, I've been thinking about...what
you did. It was exciting! Do you know that? That you did it just because I
asked you to, and didn't object, not even once? You know, sweetie, I've got to
confess it, at first I was a little dismayed when you agreed to do it. In a
way. Even now I don't see how you could bring yourself to do that! I suppose
I didn't expect you to, I just wanted to see if you meant it when you said
you'd do anything for me! I was curious how far you'd go if I pushed you. It
was just a whim on my part. But then when you agreed, and then you actually
did it, for me, from me, that was soooo exciting, sweetie! Ooooh! Even now,
just thinking about it, I'm getting a little wet. You were so eager to please
me! And that's so very thoughtful! I haven't once gone to the toilet since
then without thinking that maybe my sweet Cary should be here, maybe I should
save it for him, maybe I'm depriving him."

"Janet, let's not talk about that now. Lets deal with..."

"Then we'll talk about it later? You promise? You said when you were drinking
your tea and rinsing out your mouth that you didn't know what had come over
you. Well, maybe we can find out, because, you know, that's a whole new kind
of thing for us to explore now, isn't it? You're not just willing for me to
humiliate you, you love it, don't you?"

"Janet, let's deal with Nadine and what our neighbor told her. The facts are
that this neighbor saw my car in the driveway and that the bedroom blinds and
curtains were drawn and that later a strange woman was fixing something in the
kitchen. She wondered who the woman might be."

"I'll bet."

"And she asked Nadine if it was a relative, or something, and told her maybe we
should notify Neighborhood Watch that it's OK. So Nadine told me this, and
then she asked me, who was the woman? You know, the neighbor doesn't know you,
that you're my business partner. She's never seen you here without Bill, those
times when you've both been to our house for dinner or a pool party. Nadine,
she looked very grim when she asked me if I knew anything about a woman in our

"How did you answer her?"

"I should have told her it was you. That would have been innocent enough, I
see that now. But I was afraid to mention you! I was afraid it might wreck
everything. Your friendship with Nadine, our partnership, my marriage, yours
too probably!"

"So you said it was who? A cleaning lady? A pizza delivery girl? Another one
of your many lovers?"

"I don't have any other lovers, Janet! You know that! I wouldn't even have
you, except for a month ago when you came to me, you'd just found out about
Bill and all of his different women and you were so desperate for consolation,
and got out of hand."

"Mmmmm. Yes, Your cock did surely get out of hand, lover. From hand to mouth
to pussy. I remember that night very fondly! I needed some friendly sympathy,
and Nadine was off at some meeting somewhere, so I unburdened everything onto
you. And you heard me out, and then you helped me even the score a little.
And when I left you I was feeling as well-consoled as a girl can get. No more
quarrelling with Bill, not since then. He has his women, and I have you,
lover! But you should have told Nadine it was me. You really could have, you
know. That I'd brought over papers from the office, or something."

"You're right. I could have. But I can't lie to Nadine -- she can always
tell. And I guess I was still feeling a little ashamed of...what you'd gotten
me to do, I guess. I didn't want to mention you. I didn't think of it."

"So, Cary, who did you tell her it was?"

"Please don't be shocked, or amused, or anything."

"Who, Cary?"

"I couldn't think of anyone else!"




"That's right! Me."

"I'm sorry, honey, there's no way any neighbor would confuse you with a woman.
You have the makings, of course. You aren't very...ahhh...manly. Not at all
like Bill. You're about my height, and you've got a small jaw, and all. For a
man. That's what made me wonder how much your mouth could hold, maybe, in
part. But for you to look like a woman? My dear darling, that would take a
lot of work!"

"That's why I'm calling you."

"What? Wait a minute, back up. Why did you think Nadine would believe it was
you the neighbor saw?"

"Well, actually, Nadine sort of suggested it. I was waffling, and thinking
about what we'd done, what I'd just done with you when you crouched over me and
told me I had to do it. It was so embarrassing! I must have been bright red,
and I was I guess incoherent. Because Nadine said, 'Well, who was it, Cary?
What's so hard about that question? Why are you so embarrassed? Are you
ashamed of something? You mean it wasn't someone sent over from your office?'
'No,' I said. I wasn't thinking, but I didn't want her to think it might be

"No, I suppose not."

"'Well then, who?' she asked. 'Who could it be, that you're so tongue-tied?
I've never seen you so flushed! What is it you're so afraid to confess to me?'
And then a light dawned, and she got this crafty look in her eye, and she
said, 'No! Don't tell me!' And then she waited for me to tell her."


"And I had no idea what she was waiting for. I just stood there staring
anywhere but at her, making odd sounds. So she gave me a hint."

"Which was?"

"'Cary,' she said very slowly. 'This woman in our kitchen. Was it somebody I
don't know?'"

"'No!'. A little too quickly, I realized. I didn't want her to think it might
be you. But I had no room to maneuvre."

"'I do know her?'

"'Ah...yes. In a way."

"'Then I'll tell you what I think,' she said. 'This woman is someone I know,
but you're ashamed to say who it is. So it has to be you, all dressed up,
doesn't it? She's you, isn't she?'"

"It was a simple statement of fact. I realized I was in a corner. Either the
woman was no one, or the woman was me. So I stood silent. I must have been
looking pretty pathetic by now, because she said, 'Awww, you poor baby. Of
course! It was you! You're a secret transvestite, and ashamed for me to know

"And she actually came over to me and kissed me, and then she went on, 'I know
about crossdressers, honey. They're on TV a lot these days. Talking about
pride, and guilt, and shame, and all. You poor dear!'"

"She looked at me so sympathetically, and then she suddenly said, 'Of course!
That accounts for your reaction last Halloween, when I suggested we go to Janet
and Bill's party dressed up like a whore and a pimp. You leaped to the notion
that I meant for you to be the whore, and you refused absolutely! I was amazed
that you misunderstood, but now it's clear! Because secretly you really would
like to dress like that, like a whore, and be attractive and sexy. But you're
so ashamed you can't confess it! Isn't that true? Even to yourself? So you
got excited and upset when I suggested it! Even though I meant for me to be
the whore the whole time? Isn't that right?'"

"I wasn't sure what she was talking about now, Janet, but it looked like a way
out. So I just said, 'That's right, dear,' and I waited. You remember, last
Halloween Nadine came to that party you gave, she was dressed like a whore, and
I came dressed to look like her pimp? It was embarrassing! Bill kept putting
his hands on her as if she really were a whore, and he wasn't the only one.
Taking hold of both her breasts I remember, and rubbing her nipples with his
thumbs while she pretended to like it. And whenever I came by to cool things
down, Bill or one of the other men would just say 'Hey, Cary, she's hot, this
wife of yours! What do you get for her by the hour?' And they kept groping her
as if I weren't even there."

Then Nadine looked me straight in the eye, and I didn't dare look away, and she
asked me 'Is that why you were so grumpy all night at that party? You were
jealous of me? You wanted to be the sexy babe?'"

"Well, what could I say? I muttered 'Sort of, I guess.' I was still addled.
But Nadine had come up with an answer that satisfied her, and I thought I could
live with it. That when she's not home I wander around the house in women's
clothing, and that's the woman our neighbor saw."

"Then we're off the hook, lover! She doesn't suspect us. What's your problem
with that? Eh? Cary?"

"She's out of town until tomorrow night."


"She told me she wants me to greet her when she returns wearing 'all my
finery,' she says. 'Make yourself as pretty as you can be,' she told me.
'Maybe we'll go out for dinner and maybe we won't. That depends on whether
you're passable. Though if you fooled our neighbor, probably you can fool
anyone!'" That's what she said."

"So? So borrow some of her clothes and put them on, and put on a little
make-up, and then take her to dinner. Or vice versa. No big deal. She's
probably testing you, to see if you're telling the truth. Or maybe she wants
to indulge you in your secret vice, prove to you she accepts you the way you
are! She should only know what your secret vice really is! Should I tell her?
No, don't worry honey, I'm only teasing! Look, sweetheart, just wear one of
her skirts and some lipstick for an hour, and then you're off the hook!"

"Janet, her clothes don't fit me! She's much shorter and thinner than I am.
And I don't wear women's clothes. I have none of my own. And I don't know
anything about make-up. When she sees me it'll be obvious at a glance that I
have no experience in these matters. That no neighbor could ever imagine I was
a woman! Even seen from next door!"

"So you're asking me to help? You want me to come over with some clothes and
things to make my little toilet slave look like a proper lady? Is that it? So
your wife won't suspect what you really are? What we've really been doing? Is
that it?"

"Since you put it that way, yes."

"Well, I won't do it. Not that way!"

"Janet, what do you mean? What do you mean, you won't do it? Janet! I...!"

"Sweetie, you have the wrong attitude. In fact, as a woman I'm a little
insulted! I can see it now. You're planning to bear up, to endure your
humiliating ordeal, to seem to be a mere woman like me, in order to persuade
your wife that you like to wander around in dresses. I bet you're already
thinking you're a martyr to our torrid love affair. I bet you already regret
it, that you're being punished for it by being forced to look like a girl for
one evening. So she won't suspect it's really something even worse!"

"Well, I love you, Cary, in my odd way. If you're going to feel humiliated, I
want you to love it, like last Tuesday, not just endure it. I can't condone
anyone's suffering or martyrdom. You'll have to pretend to be a woman for the
right reasons, if you want my help! I want you to be happy. If you could be
happy doing what you did the other afternoon, you can be happy looking like a
woman. You were happy, weren't you, even when it was squishing onto your lips
and chin and you had to go yummy with your fingers and lick it all up, you were
happy doing that then, weren't you? Because it was something I wanted you to

"Yes, Janet. Because you wanted it. I suppose."

"Well, if you have to seem to get off pretending to be a woman, I want you to
be glad of it. Use the opportunity to discover and express your real
femininity. Every man has some, even though most would rather die than confess
it! So be a man! Be bold! Find some way to enjoy looking like a woman and
doing the things women do. Let wearing a dress complete you! I don't believe
in ordeals. I believe in fulfillments! Can you try to fulfill yourself?"

"If you want me to, Janet."

"That's just lovely, sweetheart, but that's not the answer I need to hear. I
want you to want to! Say 'Yes, I will wholeheartedly do everything I am asked
to do as a woman, because to some degree I am already a woman!'"

"Yes. I will. I agree to that!"

"All right. Remember it! Say it over and over tonight when you're going to
sleep. Clear your day tomorrow and I'll be over at 9:00am to get you started.
What time is Nadine due home?"

"Around 5:00pm."

"Good. That's plenty of time. You'll greet her at the door with a kiss and a
cocktail, and you'll look just ravishing. I've got just the dress for you!
You'll see!"

"All right."

"Bye now, honey. And cheer up. You're about to enter a whole new world. Be
eager to explore the wonders you'll find there!"

"All right."

"Wrong reply!"

"I'll try, Janet. I'll really try very hard! I'm eager to explore this new
world! Just the way you say!"

"Everything in this new world!"

"Yes, everything!"

"Good. See you promptly at nine. Don't shave -- we'll see about removing your
body hairs some more permanent way. Bye now!"



"When you hear the tone, please leave a message of any length. <Beep!>"

"Hello, Nadine? You're probably somewhere else enjoying your little vacation
from your marriage. Isn't Bill something? Well, I warned you! Absolutely
insatiable, that man! Indefatigable! Tits, cunts, assholes, he'll stroke that
thing of his into anything slippery that moves! But you know that all too well
by now, I'm sure! I miss you, but God, I'm grateful to you for getting him off
my back, and my stomach, and my ass, and all those other places he loves to rub
himself. It's been a whole day for you now, and a whole day off for me. I'll
bet all of your openings are already sore, with another day to go! The man
just won't quit, will he? Well, you'll be back tomorrow, and we'll see each
other then, won't we? I can't wait!"

"I think Cary'll enjoy Bill too, when he's ready. Maybe even as early as
tomorrow night, though that's probably pushing it. Your little hubby has
depths no one has plumbed yet. Not even me, and you know how far I pushed him
just this past Tuesday! And he went there willingly! Yuck! With no regret
even now! I can't imagine what Bill can get him to do when his fat cock is
plugged tight into Cary's ass and there's no wriggle room!"

"I thought you'd want to know right away, though, that the whole scheme worked
perfectly. He called me the way you thought he would. Why not, he had nowhere
else to turn! So tomorrow I'll set him up to get the works and a half at
Elizabeth Arden's. We'll want him to look his best, and they're the best,
right? I'll tell them sassy blonde, to give him that innocent but eager
Marilyn Monroe look we talked about -- he won't recognize himself when they're
done, trust me!"

"Then when he know longer knows who he is, we'll just make sure we keep him off
balance. So tomorrow night at dinner, Monte's, I've already made our
reservations, I'll bring Bill over to your table, the way we discussed it, and
we'll introduce the two of them into their new relationship then and there.
Bill will offer to teach your reluctant Cary how to become the passionate woman
he wants to be, and so forth. Oh, yes, tomorrow morning I'll bring over that
skimpy little black dress you bought for him, and pretend that it's mine but
now it's his. You're sure his heels will fit?"

"You know, when that pimp and whore scenario we cooked up last Halloween didn't
work, Bill was very disappointed. He'd been hoping that all three of us would
be available to that priapic cock of his even that very night, so you wouldn't
need to sneak around behind Cary's back any more. He really wanted to get back
to the bisexuality he'd enjoyed before we got married. I promised him he could
when I started up again on mine, but I never really delivered on the promise.
But this can't fail! Your Cary is hooked now, and he doesn't even know it! No
more than he knows about you and Bill, that you've been lusting after Bill for
how long now? He was so concerned you'd leave him if you found out about me!
Well, after tomorrow, I'll bet we'll be the prettiest foursome imaginable!
Three nicely turned-out girls with a real hunk of a guy!"

"Here, I'll leave you a copy of my whole phone conversation with your hubby, so
you can hear how well it went for yourself. I must say, hon, you seem to have
played your part beautifully. Not a transvestite bone in his body, and yet I
bet when we're finished with him he'll be ecstatic about his new tits and cunt,
and eager to pass all the rest of his days in a perfumed haze waiting for one
more man to come by and fill him up. He'll want to because we'll want him to.
I bet eventually it'll be just because Bill will want him to. He's sweet, a
real dear. But Nadine, he's so very gullible! Not that most men aren't. Bill
for example has never for a moment asked me why you and I see so much of each
other, how come we enjoy each other's company the way we do. He hasn't the
foggiest idea how we enjoy each other. Maybe that's why we love our hubbies so
much! They trust us!"

"Anyhow, we'll talk later. Here's how it went."

"'<ring> <ring>'"


"'Janet, thank God you're home!'"


"'Yes. You've got to help me!'"

"'Oh? Help you?'"


"'Now calm down, Cary! Help you how? What's wrong?'"

"'Everything! Nadine has found out about us!'"

"'Found out? Found out exactly what?'"

End of Story

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