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Once A Lesbian Always A Lesbian Mistress

I discovered I had a thing for girls when I had a bad relationship with my ex-husband. I think we married to early. Anyway he used to abuse me sexually. So I decided I was through with men for good.

I had wonderful relationships with women. I was flipping through my contacts when I ran over my old BFF Tori Smith. I decided to ring her up.

"Hello." a velvet voice answered

"Tori?" I asked

"OMG Vanessa is that you." she asked in a excited voice.

"Yeah it's me."

"How long has it been."

"It's been a couple of years."

We catched up a bit and agreed to talk over some drinks and dinner.

I decided to put on tight lacy red bra that kept my 34Cs pushed up and in place. And I put on the matching red tight lacy thongs. I wore a slimy see
through red cocktail dress with the matching red stiletos.

We decided to meet a real exclusive club.
I saw Tori when I first walked in, she was sitting at the bar.
She still looked the same fine as hell.
Good 5'9 I beat her only by a couple of feet.
She had silky jet black hair as dark as a raven.
Long creamy legs. Her cup size looked like a good D size.
Once she saw me her bright showed in the light.
"Damn." I said under my breath.
I felt the wetness seep out of my cunt already.

"Hey girl, you looking good." she said
"You're not to bad yourself."
She knew I was playing but her cheeks turned scarlet red.
We caught up and I told her about my divorce.
"Ah sweetie." she said as she put a ressurring hand on my leg and rubbed it up and down.
She doesn't know what that's doing to me I want to pull that sexy dress off her and have hot steamy lesbian sex on the bar.

"Tjhat basically happened to me but my husband threw me around like a rag doll , that's why I'm strictly pussy now."
I nearly choked on my apple martina.
"oh I didn't mean to startle you!"
"No, it's not that it just I am too."
"No way."
After that we got a little drunk and flirted the whole night.
She said she wanted to come over to my house.
I said 'Of course'
I had a big surpise for her.
I'm a bondage mistress

I knew she probably was gauging at my house since it was a ten story house with eight different wings.
I parked my red convertible in my curvy driveway Tori followed suit.
'Oh my your house or should I say mansion is huge i can put my damn flat in here."
I busted out laughing
I walked up the steps with her holding my hand I didn't even realize it.
As soon as I closed the door Tori smashed her soft lips against mine.
A chill shot through me but it was so warm.
I moaned.
I had to pull away.
Her lips were swollen and her eyes were lust filled.
"Come with me." I purred
I led her down to the basement.
I heard her quicky gasp.
I let her get adjusted to the whips,collars,a bondage wheel,didlos,ass plugs,vibrators,and sexual ejections.
"Wow." she said
I grinned proudly at her reaction.
She turned to me.
"When can we start baby."
When she said that I was soaking.
"Let's go get dress my slave."
"Yes, mistress." she said
I dressed Tori in a collar with a chain a cute little sexy maid outfit.
I myself in dressed in a hot corsnet with fishnet stockings and I had a whip in my hand.
"Come slave." I said as I pulled lightly On her leash.
I walked her over to a cushy chair/table which had hand and ankle restraints.
I made sure they were tight and I covered her eyes with a silky blindfold.
I heard her breath quickened.
I rolled my table full of toys over to her.
First, I was going to put nipple clamps and a cunt clamp on her they were all connected so when she spuirmes she would feel them.
"ahhhhh." she scremed.
I quickly smacked my whip on her tits then her pussy.
She whimpered.
"shutup bitch." I growled.
She quickly closed her mouth.
I put a gager in her mouth.
I lit a candle.
Once the wax started to melt I put threw all on her body.
She screamed but the gager was muffling it.
I grinned deviliousy.
I then grabbed a syringe.
"This will make your pussy want to cum and when you do you'll do it hard."
I then stuck a lubricated butt plug (which vibrates).
When she got use to the feeling of it i turned it on.
She went crazy.I love what what was happening to her I then put in a 10' didlo inside her I set the speed on high.
She was cumming so much a huge puddle was underneath her.
I let her rest then I had her eat me out the rest of the night.
Then we fell asleep in each other arms.
Now we do that everynight I love it when she the mistress

End of Story