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Mary went out the door and that gave me time to do some thinking...It was something different being with another woman...My pussy had never gotten that wet before even when I played with it and thought about my boyfriend Dewayne...I thought that he was the greates...But now I think differently..It was just so involved to have another womans nipples up against mines and the feeling that went down to my pussy and the hardness of my clit...I had seen my mom naked many of times and never did she have that effect on my...During gym class I really did not pay to much attention to the other girls in the locker room when we showered and dressed..It was just us girls...So what has made it so different with Mary?..I had only know her for part of the school year and she and I became friends...Sure I make friends wherever I go but this happened so fast and quickly...Reaching up to touch her nipples just sent shiver to my pussy and I could feel my clit growing hard...Looking down she saw that she still had her skirt and panties...Silly me when Mary comes back she will be expecting me to get in the shower and here I am almost fully dressed the way that she left me...Sitting down on the bed I started removing my shoes and started pulling down my panty hose...My hand reached back and felt something wet...It was Mary's panties and they were wet in the crouch.

They were not the sexy ones but the ones that were cotton with that thick crouch padding...Now what in the hell am I doing...I dont even like girls and now I want to see just how wet Mary's panties are...No, No...This is all wrong...Throwing the panties back on the bed..I need to finish getting undressed so I can get in the shower, just maybe the cold water will wake me up and this will all seem like a dream...Tiffany starts drifting off...In a dream state...Running back in her mind what had transpired a moment ago....Unknow to Tiffany her hands start moving back to her nipples just as she does when she is at home and ready to go to sleep...She feels the juices wetting her thighs and open her legs wider and lets her fingers start lightly touching her clit...She starts remembering Marys holding her nipples between her fingers and how good they felt to have someone touching them and paying attention to them nice and gentle...Her hips start lifting up from off the bed...Her hand reaches for the rag that she usually puts over her mouth to not let the loud moan escape her lips.

The rag has a new taste...One that Tiffany has never tasted before...Had her mom used a different soap...MMM the taste was starting to make Tiffany think more and more about what mary's pussy tasted like. Deep moans were coming from within Tiffany throat...Oh gawd....Oh gawd...I need you Mary...Tiffany starts rubbing her clit faster and faster...She can feel the orgasm deep within her belly...So hard that she has to have the release...Tiffany sticks the rag deeper so that her mom and the rest of the family does not hear her....One finger and then the second finger enters Tiffany's pussy...Making her finger so wet that she brings them up and starts rubbing her own juices on her breast...There is a soft knock on the door, but Tiffany does not hear it...The door opens and it is Mary's younger sister Sarah....She see Tiffany rubbing her clit and the juices on her breast...Sarah seventeen is a junior at the same school but hangs with a different crowd...

She is always into Mary's clothes and was not aware that someone was in the room...She knew that Mary was in the shower..Her plan was to go and borrow a pair of Mary's thongs...And to her susprise she see Tiffany with her finger going in and out of her pussy at a fast paste...Also she see that Tiffany also has a pair of Mary's panties stuffed into her mouth...Sarah knew that she was a lesbian and had been that way since she was thirteen and was able to go to her first slumber party...She had sworn off boys after that night with her best friend Tina...It was all fun and games at the time that they played truth or dare...And that the dare was to fine Tina's girlie clit with her tongue..

Now she see's a total stranger laying in her sisters bed and digging deeply into her pussy...Of course the whole idea of coming into Mary's room was to put on a pair of Mary's thongs...She had just finished shaving her pussy and now looking at Tiffany fingers all wet makes her pussy start getting wet and dripping...she could hear her calling out a name....Mary oh gawd Mary...Pleae eat me Mary...Gawd Mary I need to have an orgasm...Her head was going from side to sidePulling tyeh rag from her mouth Tiffany reaches down and opens her pussy...Oh Mary look how wet I am for you....Oh Mary I want to make girl to girll love to you....Look at my clit Mary...Oh gawd plase Mary she says in whispers...Pulling her legs back Tiffany places them on the edge of the bed still calling out Mary's name.

Oh gawd Mary you made me so horney playing with my nipples...Making me all wet...This is something that Sarah kept in mine as she listen...So her sister was a lesbian also....sarah got down on her knees trying not to make a sound...She did not want to get caught...As she got closer to teh bed she could see all inside of Tiffany to include seeing the juices that were runnign down bewtween the crack of her ass...She knew that she had to be quick so that she di not get caught by her sister...Not now...she would make a plan for her sister later...Sarah could see Tiffany's clit sticking out from it's hood...Big aand hard..looking just like a minature penis...Without out touching the bed she placed her tongue on Tiffany's clit and her own hands sought her own pussy...Lightly she flicked the clit back and forth..while she rubbed her clit hard..She just loved doing her clit as hard as she could...At times she would put clothes pins on it to have the pain shoot through her body...Tiffany started lifting her body off the bed to meet the tongue that was touching her clit...This is the best dream that Tiffany had ever had...sarah's tongue kept going faster and faster keeping up with the movement that shee had on her clit...she wanted them both to cum at the same time...Oh gawd Mary I am gonna cumm...As soon as she said that Tiffany started squirting all over Sarah's face...The reaction made Sarah start also...Both having large orgasm at the same time...Sarah was losing her balance and touched Tiffanys's thigh..Tiffany was breathing hard and looked up to see...She saw something in front of her...But before she could get a good look the door was closing.

Tiffany sat up and looked around..Seeing that she was not in her own room...Now she remember that she was spending the night with Mary...Reaching back she touches something wet...Picking up the rag she see's that they are Mary's panties and that they are now soaked...Soaked more then the first time that she held them in her hands...No it can't be...Feeling between her legs she feels that the bed spread is soaked just as much...No I didn't just have a orgasm in my best friends bed....She will never invite me here again...Did she see me naked like this having a orgasm...I could have sworn that I could feel someone licking my clit or something...It was so real..How will I expalin the wet spot on her bed...My gawd I went through to the sheets..

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