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Nicky's Lingerie

I went into the shop on my way home from work on a whim. I was going to
surprise my husband with some new lingerie. My husband usually bought my
lingerie, I don't see the point to it, no sooner have I put in on when
he immediately begins to remove it again. It was a small shop, narrow
but it stretched back along way from the doorway. I was the only
customer in the place, it was getting close to closing time. I was only
still in the downtown area as I had been kept late at work because of a
I don't even know why I had been told to attend the meeting it had
nothing to do with my department. Most of the stuff I found very boring.
My mind was constantly wandering. Maybe that was why I had decided to
buy some lingerie on the way home. I had been doing a lot of thinking
about my husband. I loved the feel of his hands on my body, caressing my
breasts, sliding down between my legs. I loved the feel as his tongue
gently flicked across my clit. I didn't like him sticking his tongue
inside me. So when he went down on me he would usually trace his tongue
lightly around my labia occasionally brushing my clit. Then he would
begin to focus more on my clit, flitting his tongue across it. Teasing
me. As I begin to moan in pleasure he increases the pressure. I need
more, I press his head down into my crotch. He spreads my legs with his
powerful hands, holding me open to his tongue. As he increases the
pressure on my clit I feel the wave of my orgasm building. Sliding his
hands under my buttocks he pulls me up against his tongue. The extra
pressure sends me over the edge, I moan loudly. I feel the pressure of
my husband's tongue let up, but he licks faster prolonging my orgasm.
With thoughts like these it you can see why it had been hard to
concentrate during the meeting. At one point in the meeting I pulled my
chair in closer to the table. This was so I could slip my hand down to
my crotch without anybody noticing. My skirt, cut just a little above
the knee, had a slit at the front which made my job easier. I traced my
finger lightly over my silk underwear up and down my pussy lips. My
panties are wet. I push the silk material down into my cleft as I
increase the pressure on my clit. I want to get off, but I don't think I
could do it quietly. I will myself to stop. It's difficult. I find my
mind and hands keep drifting back to my crotch throughout the meeting.
The sales assistant appears from behind a curtain at the back of the
shop and walks up to the small display counter with the cash register on
top. "Hi, I'm Nicky, is there anything I can help you with?". She's
cute, mid-twenties, with short bobbed blonde hair. I walk up to the
counter. It has a glass see through top, the lower shelves are mirrors
with silk panties displayed on them. "I just came in to browse" I say. I
look down into the display case, there is a bright red pair of panties,
my husband likes me to wear red. I notice that I can look up under
Nicky's short cotton dress because of the mirrored shelf. She is wearing
a red pair of panties, only they look skimpier that the ones in the
display case. There is a small triangle of red silk fabric stretched
tightly over her pussy. I bend over to get a closer look, "I like the
red ones, are they pure silk?".
"One hundred percent. Don't you love the feel of pure silk against your
skin? Would you like to try them on?".
"I'll just browse for a few minutes" I say. I'm still bent over looking
up Nicky's dress. She can't be sure where I'm looking, but she knows
that what she is showing. I pretend to look at the other things in the
display case by moving my head, but my eyes remain fixed on the tight
triangle of red. Nicky shifts around behind the counter. She turns and I
can see a thin red thong running up between her rounded buttocks. Her
skin is wonderfully smooth, her ass looks firm. She bends down slightly,
pushing her buttocks towards me. Nicky's putting on a show.
"I have to go and rearrange some of the displays. When you would like to
try something, let me know." With that Nicky walks from behind the
counter into the main body of the store. The show's over. On the left
wall there are a series of shelves with half mannequins on the very top.
These are the ones Nicky decides to rearrange. Using a small ladder she
climbs up to redress one of the mannequins. As she climbs I get and even
better view of her firm ass. I walk over to where she is working.
Nicky's putting on a display I don't want to miss. I want to get a
closer look at her gorgeous ass, I try not to be too obvious but she
knows what I came over to look at. I'm standing at the foot of the
ladder pretending to look at items on the shelf. Nicky's buttocks are
about eighteen inches diagonally up to my left. Her legs are just as
firm as her buttocks, both of which are lightly tanned, no lines.
"While you're there do you mind passing me those white lace panties from
the shelf right in front of you?" She's looking down at me, she can see
where I've been looking. A little flustered I reach for the panties.
They're very soft, flimsy. As I pass them up to her. my eyes follow her
legs up under her dress. Nicky's turned slightly towards me, I catch a
glimpse of the small red triangle covering her pussy. As I look up Nicky
is smiling down at me. "Nice aren't they? The red ones, I mean"
"Very attractive" I say. My pussy is getting wet again. I want to reach
down and rub it as I did in the meeting. Nicky turns back to finish her
work on the mannequin. With one last glance up her skirt I wander off to
look for a pair of panties like the ones Nicky has on. If they have this
effect on me they will work wonders for my husband.
As I walk to the wall opposite Nicky I slip my hand in through the slit
in my skirt and give my pussy a rub. I'm dying to get off. The wet silk
clings to my slit. I give my clit a few gentle strokes. I glance over my
shoulder, Nicky is still working up on the ladder. Although now I'm too
far away to get a good look up her skirt. I turn back to the display
case in front of me My clit wants to be stroked again. I can't do it
here. My hand goes down, I press my skirt up against my crotch. The
pressure feels good against my pussy.
"Would you like to try these on" says Nicky. I hadn't noticed her come
over. As I turn to her I see she is holding out a pair of red thong
panties like the ones she is wearing. Automatically I reach for them. I
hadn't told her I wanted to try them on. My hand feels the soft silk of
the panties, they're warm, there's no tag on them. I hold the silk up my
cheek it's soft, smooth. The panties still smell warm, they smell of
"Shall we see if they fit?" I nod. Nicky takes the panties from my hand,
kneels in front of me. Her hands reach up under my skirt and begin to
pull my panties down.
"No, what if someone comes in."
"The doors locked and I've closed the shutters" Nicky says as she smiles
up at me. "I thought you might need a little more personal attention in
picking something out. I thought it best if we weren't interrupted. Its
pretty much closing time anyway."
Nicky pulls my panties down. As I step out of them Nicky lifts them up
to her face. She rubs them against her face. "These are good quality"
she says. "They smell good too." I'm sure she noticed the wet patch, but
she made no comment.
"Why don't we take your skirt off, that way we'll be able to see how
these panties really fit you." With that Nicky unfastens my business
skirt and lets it fall to the floor. Except for my shoes I'm naked from
the waist down, with a cute blond kneeling at my feet, my wet panties in
her hand. I'm glad I decided to buy something for my husband.
Nicky holds out the red panties for me to step into. She slides them
slowly up my legs. She's caressing my legs. Although they aren't as firm
as hers I'm in pretty good shape. She pulls the waist band up over my
hips. The thong settles in the cleft between my buttocks. A few of my
pubic hairs are sticking out even though I keep my bush neatly trimmed.
Nicky's fingers reach behind the silk touching my bush as she spreads
the fabric. My hairs disappear. Then she pushes the fabric against me
smoothing it out. She slides her hands between my legs pulling the thong
up between my buttocks. Her hands sliding over the silk feels wonderful.
"How do those feel?" she says as she gets to her feet.
"Sexy" I say.
Nicky reaches down with her hand smoothing out the panties. She uses
slightly more pressure this time. One of her fingers pushes the material
into my cleft, brushing my clit. I'm wetting these panties too.
"That does feel sexy doesn't it." She says. "Go see how they look in
that mirror while I go and get a few more things for you to try on."
I turn to the mirror. The panties look pretty good on me. As I said
before I'm in good shape. I look a little silly though, standing in my
shoes, red thong panties and my business shirt. I slip my shoes off and
begin to undo my shirt. By the time Nicky gets back I only have a bra
and panties on. I look pretty good in the mirror. My breasts are firm
and don't need a lot of support. The lacy bra I'm wearing is all I need.
Lace makes me feel sexy. Occasionally I'll undo an extra button while
I'm at work. I like to tease some of the men who come to my office with
an eyeful of my firm breasts nestled in flimsy lace. It's fun to see
them maneuver around as they try to get a second look.
Nicky is standing behind me looking in the mirror. "You look great. Try
this bra on, I think it's the right size." The bra she's holding is
white lace, underwired, there's also less fabric than the one I'm
already wearing. "This will make you even more eye catching" she says.
She places the clothes she's brought on the chair next to the mirror.
Sliding her arms around me from behind she releases my breasts from the
"front loader" as my husband likes bras with a clasp at the front.
"You're firm" Nicky says as she cradles by breasts. My nipples begin to
harden. I can feel Nicky's breasts pressing against my back. Her soft
hands feel totally different than my husbands rough hands. Warm,
caressing my breasts, brushing my nipples lightly. Different is good.
"Why don't I try that bra on a little later. I'd like to feel something
a little softer." I like my breasts being free. Nicky slides her hands
down over my stomach, pressing her breasts harder against my back. She's
looking into my eyes in the mirror as her hands smooth out my panties
again. First she spreads the fabric out the fabric over my pussy. Then
she reaches her right hand down between my legs, slowly bringing it back
up, one finger applying more pressure between my lips, tracing upwards
over my clit. I close my eyes and let out a slight moan. Nicky presses
down between my legs again, harder this time, than lightly brings her
finger back up. Her left hand reaches up to cradle my right breast,
pulling my body back against her breasts. I reach back, slide my hands
up her legs, going up under her dress until I have her firm round
buttocks in my hands. I pull her crotch tight up against my bare
buttocks. I open my eyes, Nicky is smiling at me in the mirror.
Nicky releases me and takes a soft cotton night shirt she had brought
over off the chair. She spreads it on the ground at her feet. Next she
pulls her cotton dress off over her head and spreads this on the floor.
She has no bra on. She doesn't need one. Her breasts are smaller than
mine and firmer, pert. On top of the clothes on the floor, Nicky spreads
a couple of silk camisoles. Taking my hand she draws me down to the
I lie back on the silk. Nicky leans over me lowering her mouth to my
right nipple, the more sensitive one. She flicks it lightly with her
tongue. Her left hand traces it way down my abdomen. She slides it under
the panties. I'm very wet. Her finger slides easily into my slit. Down
it slides between my legs. I spread my legs and push up against her
hand. Her finger slick from my juices comes to rest against my puckered
asshole. My husband's never done this. It feels good, Nicky just applies
gentle pressure, then her hand moves back up between my lips. As it
grazes my clit I let out another moan of pleasure, louder this time.
Nicky's head moves from my breast. I can feel her warm breath moving
down my belly. Pulling the panty fabric to one side her hands are
caressing my pussy. Pushing her fingers down into my cleft. Teasing my
clit. She doesn't try to penetrate me, I'm glad, that would be a
distraction. She spreads my legs further, her tongue brushes my clit. A
jolt passes through me. Again her tongue passes over my clit, down
between my legs. As she brings her head back up she covers my clit with
her mouth, lightly sucking on it. After only a few seconds I come. I've
needed that all afternoon.
Nicky lies down next to me her head resting on my leg. She smiles up at
me then begins to lightly run her fingers over my pussy lips,
occasionally brushing my clit. I'm very sensitive down there, even the
lightest touch sends shivers through me. Turning on my side towards her
I rest my head on her leg. I can see moisture on her blond pussy hairs.
Her clit is moist and protruding. I spread her pussy lips revealing her
tantalizing moist coral colored inner flesh. I lick my finger and run it
up her slit, teasing. She spreads her legs wider. I move my head towards
her pussy. My tongue flits rapidly, yet lightly across her clit. Nicky
moans loudly. Her fingers press between my legs. She's close to coming.
I lighten the pressure on her clit, teasing her. Her hand moves to the
back of my head, she wants more pressure. I resist, teasing her lightly.
Her moaning gets louder. She is about to go over the edge. I can feel
her tongue on my clit again, pressing, insistent. My mouth engulfs her
clit. I increase the pressure. Her hand presses me on. Her pussy presses
against my face. I feel her body shudder as she comes. As I feel the
pressure on the back of my head lessen, Nicky moves her hands to my
bottom pulling my pussy tightly against her mouth. I come again.
Needless to say I bought the red panties. My husband was very pleased
with them. He was surprised that I had bought them. "Not like you" he
said. I told him not to be surprised if I bought some more.

End of Story

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