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"Oh God, that was great." Michelle panted as the two woman laid side by side.

The two spent long minutes just silently kissing and licking each other clean.
No further words were shared, just an occasional shared laughter.

Finally, looking up at the large 18 inch clock on the wall, the military woman
noted that they had already been at it for over a half hour. Time was running
so fast.

Kelly meanwhile was oblivious to the passage of time, she was having to much
fun. She never realized how good it could feel to just let someone else take
control, even if just for a little while.

"I've got a little surprise for you." Michelle laughed as she reached under
the bed and pulled out her flight bag. Kelly watched, first in fascination,
then in shock, as Michelle produced a large 9" dildo from the dark blue bag.
In her own luggage, she kept a smaller vibrator, but nothing like this. It was
the strap on kind, and it was obvious that Michelle planned to wear it.

"I don't know about this..." Kelly said with more than a touch of hesitation
in her voice.

"Didn't you say in your emails that it's always been your fantasy to be fucked
by a monster cock?" Michelle asked as she jumped back onto the bed. "How you
always dreamed about it but would never do it with a man other than your

Kelly bit down on her lower lips as she studied the formidable rubber phallic.
It had been her fantasy to be totally ravaged at least once in her life. She
loved her husband, she really did. Yet sometimes she so much wanted something
more than his 7" in her.

"I guess that sometimes you can fantasize about something knowing its never
going to happen, that way its a safe obsession." Came her reply.

"All right." Michelle said, a little disappointed. "I'll just put this away

"Wait...." Kelly said, taking the time to measure her words.

"I'd really like to try it....honestly."

The look of disappointment on Michelle's face instantly turned to joy. It
resembled nothing else if not that of the cat that ate the canary. She quickly
secured the straps of her artificial manhood around and between her legs. She
held out her hand to Kelly and guided her to the floor, it was always more fun
down there.

She again started with kisses, first her cheeks, then her mouth. She continued
down her body, taking the time to once again enjoy the fullness of Kelly's
breasts. Eventually she reached her still moist mound, glistening with shiny
droplets of her earlier eruption.

Spreading her cunt lips, Michelle wasted no time in exploring the inner reaches
of her new lover's sexuality. The scent of their recent sex filled her
nostrils as much as the taste of it filled assaulted her tongue. Michelle took
a firm grip on Kelly's buttocks and pulled her closer.

"Oh yes.." Kelly said as the frequency of Michelle's withdrawals and
re-insertions increased with each passing moment. Michelle continued with her
oral ministrations, always aware of the ticking of the clock above her. And
with each passing minute, Kelly's moans became louder and louder. Michelle
was pleased that she was having such an effect on her lover, but was becoming
concerned that someone might hear her. True, they were in a private section of
the terminal, but there were still workers in the building. What if someone
heard them and decided to investigate?

"Not so loud!" Michelle commanded as she paused for a moment. "We don't want
to draw company."

Kelly nodded in agreement and obeyed for a few minutes. But finally the wet,
moist tongue buried inside her cause her to resume her cries, in an even
louder volume.

"Oh God...oh my God...oh it' s so good... faster...faster...!" Kelly suddenly
yelled so loud that it caused Michelle to jump.

In all her letters, Kelly had never mentioned that she was a screamer. Michelle
immediately realized that Kelly couldn't help herself. As the woman beneath
her let out a second equally loud shout, Michelle grabbed the closest thing at
hand off the floor and pushed it into Kelly's mouth. What it turned out to be
was her own panties, still wet with her anticipation over Kelly's visit.

"Kelly, you have to quiet down..." She said in her most commanding tone. "If
you can't stop I'll have to leave that gag in place...either that or we'll
have to stop. If I leave it there, then you can moan as loud as you want. Do
you want me to take it out and stop?"

Kelly shook her head side to side in a violent motion. No matter what it took,
she wanted Michelle to keep on going. Assuming the classic missionary
position, Michelle took hold of the large rod dangling between her legs and
positioned it at the entrance of Kelly's now very lubricated pussy. She pushed
forward ever so slightly, opening wide the folds of her womanhood.

Kelly let out a grunt that was heard even through her makeshift gag. She was far
from a virgin having lost that distinction some 23 years before, but she had
never ever taken anything that big inside her before. Michelle looked up from
her view of the cockhead disappearing inside Kelly's pussy at the sound. She
looked into Kelly's brown eyes to see if she wanted her to stop. It only took a
second for Kelly to bob her head up and down for Michelle to continue.

Over the next several minutes, Michelle slowly entered and re-entered Kelly,
measuring the force of her thrusts with the display of discomfort shown on the
businesswoman's face. She really didn't want to hurt her and was relieved when
her facial expression changed from one of determined acceptance to one of
enjoyment. If the blonde haired woman needed any other encouragement, she felt
Kelly's hands against her ass, pushing her inside her.

Now freed from that worry, Michelle began to pump away in earnest. Faster and
faster she thrusted, driving almost the full length of her fake cock into her
lover. The pressure of the small protrusion on the underside of the rubber
that caressed her own clit, sending oscillating waves through her own form.
Thus each powerful stroke was felt by both women.

Michelle had started with the missionary position because it was the easiest
for entry. Now to was time to just really have fun. She pulled out of Kelly
and barked out an order that would've made her instructor back in basic
training proud.

"Get on all fours!" She commanded.

So wrapped up in the wonderful feeling she was getting from Michelle's robust
penetrations, Kelly quickly moved to respond. Without really taking the time
to think about it, she flipped over and assumed the position, lifting her
bottom up into the air as to invite easy access. She just wanted Michelle back
inside her.

In that she wasn't disappointed. Michelle grabbed her legs and spread them
even wider. Then with a lust filled thrust, rammed the cock back inside her.
Harder and harder she pushed, taking both of them to the heights of passion.

Both women could feel the rising explosion that would consume them both. Kelly
was more than content to just lie there and await it, but Michelle was
determined to meet it head-on.

Pushing Kelly's head to the floor, Michelle straddled her, planted her cock
ever deeper with each effort. Now it was Michelle who was grunting ever louder
as sweat poured from her pores and her breasts bounced back and forth. Kelly
was totally pinned, she tried to shift to a more comfortable position was
helpless against the younger woman's strength.

It was Kelly who erupted first. Michelle could feel her pussy contract around
the fake cock as she pulled and pushed it in with a single fluid motion. Her
own orgasm followed two strokes later.

End of Story

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