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My Lovely Roommate

Hey, I've just got to tell you about my roommate, Marie. What a lady--and
what a lay! Soft, sweet, succulent womanhood. You'd never guess she's
if you saw her on the street. By day, she's the picture of a modern
business woman. Straight, professional, and no-nonsense about it. But
when we get between the sheets at night, well...

Ah, but I'm getting ahead of myself. You probably want to hear about how
first got my hands on her luscious body...and what we did next. Well,
you're in luck; I'm in a story-telling mood tonight.

You see, we'd known each other back in college and kind of kept in touch
after graduation. When Marie got a job in Seattle, I offered her the
chance to move into the spare bedroom in the house I rent. No ulterior
motive. We were friends. The fact that I had always lusted after Marie's
firm, healthy body and then suddenly having the chance to have that
beautiful woman in my house--all to myself--had nothing to do with it...
Yeah, sure, all right--I'm a liar. But she didn't seem to know about my
feelings; or, at least she had never let on that she did!

I've got a decent-sized place, so there's plenty of space for the two of
us. Once Marie had moved all the way in, life got into kind of a rhythm:
get up, go to work, come home after dinner out and watch TV or listen to
music. Sometimes she or I go out for a movie or meet with some friends,
but we're mostly homebodies.

We're pretty casual around the house. In fact, Marie is in the habit of
tossing off her work outfit as soon as she gets home and usually spends
rest of the night walking around in a t-shirt and panties. It didn't take
me long to adopt similar attire--partly because it's damn comfortable to
walk around nearly half-naked. And sexy, too. Also, I certainly didn't
want to discourage Marie out of the show she (maybe unwittingly) was
putting on for me. I love watching her prance around the room, her wavy
brown hair tumbling down over her shoulders as her tight buns flex back
forth in two smooth curves beneath her stretchy cotton underwear... it's
downright distracting, I tell you.

I guess my interest must have showed, too, because Marie picked up on it.
She's known since our college days that I'm more interested in girls than
guys. That never seemed to bother her, but I never thought she was into
making it with other women. A girl can always hope, though! And as we
went on living together, day by day, night by night, it seemed like there
might be some hope that my dream might be finally realized.

You see, at first we'd sit politely far apart when we watched TV--one of
on the couch and the other in the easy chair. After a while, though, we
got more comfortable around each other and began sharing the couch. It
nice to have her close like that. On occasion, I'd let my arm or leg
casually slide over to touch her body. She wouldn't move away, but I
didn't go any further, either. I didn't want to push my luck too fast.
But there were times--during especially tense parts of a movie or
something--that Marie would put her hand on my leg, or I'd put my arm
around her shoulder, or we'd even hold hands to reassure each other.

Having a pretty woman like Marie in the house made me want to look my
too, so I took up jogging again. She jogs in the morning, but I can't get
up and run that early. I'm in good shape, don't get me wrong. Plenty of
heads turn when I pass by a group of guys (and I always feel a thrill when
I catch the gals looking, too). I'm good looking and healthy--I just want
to keep it that way.

Well, anyway, one day after an evening jog I came back to the house and
heard a familiar sound through the door. Instead of opening it, I got
quiet and listened. The sound of ecstatic moans and gasps drifted out
the doorway and I recognized them immediately. Sure enough, someone was
playing one of the erotic video tapes that I keep in my room. There's
girl/girl scenes on those tapes, you see, so I keep them out of sight. I
suddenly realized that Marie must have found them and put one in the VCR!

I didn't want to embarass my roommate by barging in on her, so I took
another run around the block. Finally I had to come in, though, so I made
a bunch of noise fumbling around on the porch to let her know I was coming
back. When I got inside the TV was off and Marie was perched on the couch
with her arms around her knees.

"How was the jog?" she said, just a little too loudly, obviously startled
at my return.

"Oh, just fine," I replied, standing there in my sweaty sports bra and
shorts. Marie seemed nervous or uncomfortable and I wanted to give her
some space. I went into the bathroom and took a shower. While I was
inside I heard Marie eject the tape from the VCR and walk by the bathroom
door, down the hall to the bedrooms. 'Covering your tracks, huh?' I
thought to myself. But I didn't say anything. No reason to embarass her
about her desires; if Marie likes lesbians, well, that's the very thing I
had been hoping for!

When I got out of the shower Marie was back on the couch. She'd changed
her panties, I noticed ('must have gotten turned on--a wet pussy is a good
sign!'). As I walked by the couch I couldn't resist reaching out to touch
her shoulder and run my finger coyly along and up her neck.

"What've you been up to?" I asked, innocently.

"Nothing much," she replied. That was it. She wasn't going to say
anything about what she'd been doing and I decided that was fine. All in
good time.

I didn't have to wait long, it turned out. Just that Friday night, as I
was getting ready to go out for my run, Marie came back from work, quickly
changed into a lavender chemise and lace panties, poured herself a glass
wine and sat down on the couch.

"Starting early tonight, huh?" I said.

"I'm just in the mood. See you when you get back." She seemed anxious
me to go, and I knew why--she wanted to watch the tapes of those lusty
ladies making love to each other on video.

I couldn't resisy a sly smile, "Have a good time," I said as I left. 'I
know you will!' I thought to myself.

It was a warm, humid night and the sultry air felt as though it was
caressing my skin as I ran. It was sensuous, and I got excited about
getting back home. Thinking about what Marie must be up to was turning me
on. My nipples began to stand up on my bouncing breasts as I imagined her
back on the couch, fingering her pussy while she gazed at the lesbian
sex show. My own twat was getting warm now, partly from the exercise but
mostly from anticipation of how hot Marie would be when I got back to the

'This has got to be the night that we finally get it on,' I thought to
myself. It was the perfect time of the month for both of us (one
of living together--I learned that our periods are pretty much in synch).
Marie would have worked herself up to a fever pitch by now, I figured and
couldn't wait any longer. Cutting my jog short by five minutes, I turned
and headed for home.

I made my usual noisy entrance and found Marie sprawled on the couch.
Although the TV was off, the VCR light was on. I had guessed right. A
bottle of wine was on the table now--half empty. Marie looked up at me
with a naughty look in her eyes. Her shapely legs were crossed and her
tossled top gave me a good view of her cleavage.

"Hi," she said, staring at me with a smoldering look in her eyes that I'd
never seen before.

"Hello... You look comfortable," I replied as I stood in front of her. My
muscles tingled from the run. I felt like a hot Amazon, facing her there
with my hands on my hips.

"Mmmm. Feeling good," Marie purred, shifting her body directly toward me
and letting her legs slide apart to reveal a panty-covered twat. She
seemed ready to do it. I was tempted to jump on her right then and there,
but I wanted to wash up first.

"I'm going to jump in the shower."

Marie's reply confirmed my fondest hopes, "Don't be away too long," she
said with an inviting smile.

"I won't, babe. You can count on that"

After washing up, I pulled on some sleek, high-cut bikini panties and a
risque half tank top that teasingly showed off the bottom of my breasts.
got back to the living room as quick as I could, grabbed a glass and
some wine as I sat down on the couch next to her. Marie sidled up next to
me and cuddled. She was a bit tipsy; but she seemed determined, too.

"I have a confession to make," she said, lowering her eyes.I was hoping
that she liked what she saw as she stared down at my lap.

"I...I've been watching your videos," she said. "You know, the ones with
the women... the ones you keep in your room?" Marie looked up at me as
said this, her thin eyebrows raised high as her eyes pleaded with mine to
be understanding. I was only too happy to accomodate.

"Hey, that's fine, honey," I said reassuringly, reaching over to touch her
cheek softly. "They're there for the taking. I only keep them in my room
because I didn't want to offend you."

"They don't offend me...," she said. Her voice trailed off as the sexual
tension between us began to build. Our eyes were locked on each other.
The scent of Marie's musky perfume mixed with mine as our bodies drew
closer together. The room seemed to be getting warmer, and I was sure we
both knew what was coming next.

"The videos don't offend me; they turn me on," Marie breathed as she
her hand on my leg and slid it slowly up along the inside of my thigh.

It felt marvelous to have her touch me there, less than a foot from my
now-tingling pussy.There was no longer any question of holding back. She
wanted it--now. I ran my hand back from her cheek to cup her neck and
pulled her face to mine. Marie's eyelids closed as our lips met. It was
our first kiss ever, and it was wonderful. The touch of her lips gave me
magic feeling that seemed to bring back everything I had ever thought
this lovely lady: how I had wanted her, longed to hold her, how much I
cared for her, and how sexy she was--especially now. My heart welled up
with emotion and, just at that moment, our mouths opened as one.

Marie's tounge slipped through my lips and met my own in a loving caress.
At first we frenched slowly, but soon the improbably wet fire of our lust
ignited in mutual passion. Our lips opened wide to accomodate the
love-play of our toungues, which began to move faster and faster against
each other. I felt her run her hands up my belly to touch my tits under
shirt. It was heavenly. Only a woman really knows how to hold them.
'Only a woman...' I thought happily.

Suddenly, I felt a powerful butch impulse rush through me. Grasping her
head gently but firmly, I pulled Marie's lips hard down on mine and tensed
my toungue into a firm cone. I began to fuck her mouth with it as if I
fucking her cunt. Marie surrendered gratefully under the onslaught as I
repeatedly impaled her mouth with the hot, sodden tongue-piston and she
began to lay back on the couch, wrapping her arms around my torso and
drawing me down with her.

Like leaves in Autumn, I fell down softly upon her lovely reclining
figure--first the strands of my hair made contact, then my pointing
breasts, then my arms, my hips, till finally I lay full upon her. The
thrusts of my tounge slowed as I started to grind my pussy over her thigh.
With each pump I felt myself getting damper. Marie began to take control
now. Her toungue was now the agressor, licking and probing my waiting
mouth. Meanwhile, she reached up around and grasped my butt in her
fingers, raising her thigh even harder into my crotch.

Oh, it felt so good to have her hold me like that, her hands kneading my
ass as we rocked back and forth together on the couch. It felt so good to
finally be able to physically express my lust for Marie and to feel her so
lovingly reciprocate. I knew she felt the same way... our hearts were
to each other and the love flowing between us was powerfully real.

Since then, we havn't done much but spend time with each other. But
a story for another day...

End of Story

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