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Love Affair

For the past couple of months Mike thought his wife was having an affair. He really thought she was seeing someone else. He kept a look out for all the tell tale signs and found there to be so many such as hours of whispered phone calls at all times of the night, she came home late from work on numerous occasions and was always in a business meeting whenever he called her at work. Mike was quite certain that she was having it off with another guy but he didn't want to make accusations without being sure that she was having an affair.
It was after a late night of business meetings when she arrived home flustered, her cheeks flushed and her hair a mess that Mike decided he really needed to know. Jen ran straight to the bathroom to freshen up before apologising that she had been held up at her business meeting until very late. Mike held her closely and didn't say a word, but with his mind working over time he knew it wasn't true and he decided that he needed to make a plan to follow her the next time she told him that she would be working back at the office.

The following night Jen rang from work and mentioned she was going to be working on a new project and wasn't sure how long it was going to take, and suggested that he shouldn't wait up for her. Mike put his plan into action. He left straight away cause he only had twenty minutes to make his way to where she worked and he wanted to be there before she finished for the day

With the traffic heavier than usual he only just made it in time to see Jen climbing into her car. He managed to follow her keeping well out of her line of vision and he watched her stop off on her way to wherever at the liquor store. She came out with a huge smile on her face and with a bottle of wine under her arm. Next stop was at the florists for a bunch of Forget Me Nots this stop really stumped him, but he kept following to see where it would lead

Her last stop was to a house just outside of town, it was set back from the road in a quiet neighbourhood. She backed her car into the drive making sure she parked near the house for protection he thought when she climbed out of the car she tidied herself up and making sure everything was in place. With bottle of wine under her arm and flowers in hand, Jen made her way up to the front door.

Mike watched as she knocked gently on the front window he waited, eager to catch a glimpse of his woman's secret lover but he couldn't see him at the door, but when he looked towards the half open window he almost caught a glimpse of this guy with his hair pulled back form his face. He just couldn't believe what he was seeing

He was more than a little annoyed, but stood his ground to find out more Leaving his car parked at the side of the road, he crept closer to the house and quietly tiptoed up to the front window, pressed his nose almost against the glass. He was struggling now cause he could barely see underneath the shade that was pulled down, but he did notice that the room was completely empty what a let down

Mike knew now what it was like to be a peeping Tom, but he didn't feel guilty just yet cause he really needed to find out what Jen was playing at. Tiptoeing around to each window, starting at the side of the house he kept peeking but finding no one in any of the rooms, and when he finally reached the back of the house, he thought himself really lucky cause he found a partly open window where he could hear whispered laughter

Mike found a window where the blind was halfway up and so was the window it was the bedroom and here he was looking in at two people who were obviously enjoying themselves

In the glow of the bedside lamp he could see Jen on the bed, his beautiful wife was straddling her lover. He watched as she slowly unbuttoned his shirt, before throwing the shirt flaps to one side before massaging her lover's chest within seconds he was standing watching absolutely mystified at what happened next

Boobs he saw boobs and hardened nipples!!! Real boobs and yes, real nipples!!! Jen wasn't having an affair with another guy she was with another woman

Mike felt a little relaxed and relieved but for some reason he couldn't bring himself to leave and the thought of seeing two women together was a real turn on for him as it had been a fantasy of his for a long time so he decided to stay and watch. The sight of Jen teasing her lover's nipples transfixed him and suddenly he was aware that he had now become a voyeur watching two hot babes together and he loved it.

He could feel his cock coming alive, growing long and hard in his jeans. Two babes together was hot and horny, knowing they were lovers was even better He watched the other woman's hands on Jen's cute ass as they moved as one; their mounds dry humping against each other .

Suddenly the other woman's voice startled him, "Come on babe, suck my nipples," she begged

He watched as his lovely wife lowered her mouth over her hot lover's swollen and erect nipples, gently sucking them at first before hungrily chewing on them vigorously. Without warning she sat straight up, her pelvis rocked back and forth on the mound underneath her, she was crying out through gritted teeth, as she was about to come Watching her, Mike was having a hard time controlling his growing cock in his pants, his hand rubbing his throbbing cock through his jeans

"Cum on babe ride my mound", he heard her lover cry out "That's it babe cum for me now!!"

He watched as Jen's lover dug her fingers into her cute ass sliding her faster and faster across her swollen mound "Oh yes!! Ohhhnnnahhhhhhhh I'm cumming now!!!" Jen screamed . when her cries of pleasure subsided, she leant over and kissed her lover passionately.

"That was good, huh?" her lover asked

"Hmmm, oh yeah it was", Jen smiled, still gasping for breath. She climbed off her friend giving her a huge hug before they both began to remove the rest of their clothes until they were both naked and dripping with excitement, droplets of sweet nectar glistening on their smooth mounds.

"What will be your pleasure tonight my sweet, fingers, tongue or both?" asked Jen

"I'd love to sixty-nine", her lover responded

Mike watched eagerly as both girls got into position. He couldn't see what Jen was doing but he could hear her munching on one sweet pussy underneath her. Jen sat on her lover's face Her lover raised her arms and wound them around Jen's hips, spread her ass cheeks wide with her soft fingers. The lover's tongue darted in and out of Jen's juicy pink cunt, dipping delightfully between her pink folds of flesh and lapping at Jen's sweet honey nectar with the fullness of her tongue.

Mike was staring in disbelief as his wife experienced another mind-blowing orgasm as the soft tongue of her mystery lover worked her magic .

Jen was enjoying the taste of her friend's sweet nectar as her head bobbed up and down between her legs, tasting as much as she could. Mike couldn't handle much more. He left quietly, moving around to where he had parked his car. His hard-on very noticeable, but he managed to drive across town to home. Once there he sat in the lounge watching a video until his babe came home. With his pants open and a lesbian moving playing in the background he imagined the two hot babes muff diving on the screen were his lovely wife and her sweet lover. He couldn't hold off much longer, his throbbing cock pulsated in his hand as he came over and over again Jen came in just as the two hot babes were going to town on each other all she did was smile as Mike took her in his arms and held her tight. She snuggle up with a cheeky smile on her face and her pussy hungry for another hot tonguing

Mike, well he couldn't wait until next time, suggesting to Jen that she should bring her friends home more often which meant while he played his computer games she could entertain her friend and he could sneak a peek at the same time .

End of Story

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