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Lawn service I

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This is a first time lesbian story.

My name is Mary, a 5'5" redhead. I live in a middle class suburb where I am married to a black man. My neighbors are OK with that even though we live in the Deep South. My husband has a job where his of traveling. He has no time for yard work so I was looking for someone to mow my lawn. On my way to work, I saw a sign in fron of a house advertising a lawn service. I turned into the driveway and walked up to the door where I was met by a beautiful 5'7" athletic girl. Her hair was golden blond which looked gorgeous next to her bronzed skin. My breathing momentarily stopped as I looked into the most exquisite blue eyes I had ever seen.

"The sign said there was a lawn service here", I managed to stammer. "sure, that me" this goddess replied with a twinle in her eyes and a laugh. "Won't you come in?" she added and stepped aside opening the door wider. For some reason, my heart was racing but I walked in with my knees trembling. "My name is Sonja. Please sit down" as she motioned to a nearby couch. I sat where she pointed and introduced myself as Mrs. Kingston. We agreed on a price for her services and that she would be at my home the next day. As we shook hands, I felt an animal attraction toward her. As I drove away, my pussy was throbbing. I could not explain my reaction to this girl.

The next day arrived and Sonja showed up as promised. She turned out to be a remarkably good worker as I saw her regularly pass in front of my window mowing the grass. It was a warm day so Sonja was getting hot and sweaty. So I filled two glasses of icy lemonade and started outside. Over the noise of the mower, I held up the glasses and mouthed "Want some?" A blush came over me as I realized the doulbe meaning of that statement. Sonja smiled and shut the mower off. As she walked over to me, I was mesmerized at her confident stride and how her sweaty clothes clung to her body.

She accepted the lemonade and we talked about how her goal was to get a tennis scholorship to a nearby university but if that did not work out, she was saving her money from working to get through college. When I asked her about her boyfriends, she just snorted. "All the boys are intimidated by me, I guess. They seem clueless about what I want in a relationship." My own teen years flashed back and I remembered the hormone fueled make out sessions that usually ended with a premature ejaculation.

"Don't worry, someone as pretty as you will someone worthy of you" I said sincerely. Now it was Sonja's turn to blush which showed up even over her tan. "Oh Mrs Kingston, do you think so?" "Yes I do and please call me Mary." She then gave me a big hug and said "OK Mary. Well I had better get back to work." With that she handed me her glass, ran back to the mower, started it, and quickly disappeared around the corner of the house.

I carried the empty glasses and shakily walked back inside. Her hug had me weak-kneed. Now I am being ridiculous, I thought. Why is Sonja affecting me so?

A little later, the lawn mower stopped. When I looked outside, the lawn looked immaculate but Sonja was nowhere in sight. With the excuse that I had to pay her (I really wanted to see her sexy body), I went outside. Turning around a corner of the house, I way Sonja running a water hose over her head. The water drenched her T-shirt revealing her firm 34C breasts. Although I tried to suppress it, I let out a gasp. This startled Sonja and she inadvertently aimed the hose right at me. While the spray missed my head, it hit me squarely in the chest which made my T-shirt as translucent as hers. Both of us stood there looking at each other's tits as though drawn by magnets.

Sonja was first to break the spell. "Oh Mary, I am so sorry" as she shut off the water. My mind was racing seeing the water dripping off her chest and shorts onto her shapely legs. "Lets go inside to dry off", I offered. She quickly agreed.

When we stepped into the air conditioned house, both sets of our nipples popped out long and hard. "Lets get out of these wet shirts" I said to break the tension, "I might have something that will fit you in my bedroom." She followed me obediantly as I walked to the master bedroom. I turned to her and ordered, "Give me your shirt." Sonja pulled her T-shirt over her head freeing her firm breasts. The areolas were large with her nipples fully erect.

My hand reached for Sonja's breasts out of their own volition. I pinched one of her nipples lightly and she let out a moan. Her other nipple was squeezed next. Her eyes met mine and she said, "I've wanted you to do that the first time we met." Sonja then reached for my breasts and she began to message them. "What a beautiful body you have Mary" as she breathed heavily.

"Let me get out of this wet shirt", I panted as I stripped my T-shirt off. Sonja stared at my still perky 36D breasts. Without another word, she bent down and started suckling my left nipple. Her mouth felt warm as I let out a sigh. My pussy becam wet and I could feel my clit enlarging. I pulled her hea in tight to my breast and even though I never could have children, it felt like some milk began to flow into Sonja's mouth.

Her tits begged to be fondled as I found on of her nipples with the tip of my fingers. It was her turn to let out a muffled groan. I pulled her upright and looked into each other's eyes. Her lips parted and I kissed her passionately. My tonjue probed her mouth as Sonja's tongue played with mine. My pussy was drenched and my clit grew almost a large as my little finer. I pushed Sonja onto the be and pulled her shorts off. I started kissing her neck, then moved around her tits, nibbled her belly, and went to her pussy. Although I had never eaten pussy before, my only toght was that I needed to drink this sweet girl's pussy juices.

My tongue played with her labia as she squirmed and moaned. She spread her legs wide and I plunged my tonue deeply into her cunt as she cried out in ecstasy. After a minute of this, Sonja had a tremendous orgasm. She sprayed her tangy and sweet juices which I eagerly drank my fill.

I moved to her swollen clit and started sucking and nibbling it. After several minutes of screaming with pleasure, Sonja came to another mind blowing orgasm.

When she collapsed, I ripped my skirt off and mounted her, pressing my tits to hers. Both of our nipples were still hard and erect. It felt so good to feel my breasts covering Sonja's with our nipples crossing each other. My clit was still engorged and it found Sonja's sopping wet pussy. I rubbed it between her swollen pussy lips until she began bucking back against my strokes. It felt wonderful impling her with my clit.

Sonja had a wild look in her eyes as she started screaming, "Oh yes, fuck me harder Mary! Oh God yes. I love you my sweet Mary!" I felt a rush of power knowing I was fucking this beautiful girl. So this is how a guy must feel when he fuck a girl, I thought.

All the while our eyes were locked on each other until I had an amazing squirting orgasm. My husband has never made me gush the way I did at that moment over and into Sonja's pussy. I then went limp into her arms. She was practically purring as we enjoyed the afterrglow of our pleasure.

Suddenly she looked at the beside clock and said, "Oh my gosh, I am expected home by now so I have got to go. Can I come back later tonight?" There was nothing that I wanted more so we made a date for her to come back later that evening. What happened later toppped our first encounter.

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