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Kathy And Ellen

It was the summer between high school and college, that I first noticed Ellen. I
was at the beach, with some friends, mostly tanning and watching the people.
Since the week that spring at my Aunt Judy's house, I was noticing the girls as
much as if not more than the boys. Ellen came out of the water to my right, her
long black hair in a braid down her back, almost to her waist, a wet, green,
one-piece bathing suit clinging to her body. As she jogged in front of me to
where her blanket was, I couldn't help but follow her with my eyes. She was a
few of years older than I was, maybe 22, had a beautiful smile and a lovely
shape. I remember thinking then how nice it would be to kiss her lips and caress
her body.

I was horny for the rest of the afternoon. While I was driving myself home I
kept finding my hand reaching up to caress my nipples through my swim suit. When
I got home I rushed right up to my room and closed the door, leaning back
against it as I closed it. I looked across the room at my mirror and watched
myself as I reached behind me and untied the straps to my swimsuit's bra. First
the back, then the neck. As the bra dropped to the floor, I reached a hand to
each tit. My nipples always get very sensitive when I get horny. I started with
the palms of my hands, just caressing my nipples, around in circles. First one
way, then the other. Then my hands closed on my whole tits. One in each hand, I
squeezed them from the base outwards, like I was milking them. My thumb and
forefinger grabbed each nipple momentarily as I squeezed and it seemed that each
squeeze was felt from my tit to my pussy. I reached my left hand down and rubbed
my pussy through my bottoms. They were wet, and not from swimming.

I stumbled over to my bed, pulling my bottoms down as I went. I collapsed back
on the bed, ass first and with my legs up in the air, pulled off my bottoms and
just tossed them across them room. My right hand was quickly between my legs and
my left hand at my tits. As my right rubbed back and forth, pressing down, on
the outside of my pussy, and onto my clit, my left was concentrating now on my
nipples. Back and forth, I had a good rhythm going on my clit. I could feel the
pressure building. Every squeeze of my tits, every twist and pull on my nipples,
caused a ripple right down to my cunt. I switched hands, using the lubrication
on my now soaked right fingers to cause a new sensation on my tits. Meanwhile my
left hand started deeper into my pussy, moving back and forth, deeper with every
thrust, first one finger, then two.

I could feel the climax building. Then I started thinking about Ellen again. I
replayed in my mind the beautiful sight of her running across the beach. Her
tits bouncing in front of her. Her smooth thighs moving back and forth. I
imagined her mouth and her pussy, the feel of her ass. I could hold back no
longer. My right hand moved back to the top of my pussy, my left was still
inside. Both moved of their own free will: the right hand in quick circles, the
left in deep thrusts. The climax came and I barely choked back a scream. I felt
more waiting and I kept up my movements. I came a number of times again. It took
me fifteen minutes to recover my self enough that I could go take a shower.

A couple of days later, I joined an aerobics class at the Y near my house. When
I walked into the class room, who should I see stretching out, but Ellen. I took
a spot next to her and said "Hi," when she glanced up, and looked into her eyes.
Her eyes were a dark color, almost a black as her hair. She said Hi back and

I watched her during class. I admired the way her body moved during the
exercises, how her tight muscles moved, and her ass wiggled under her tights,
and I began to want her even more. We talked a little during the break that day,
and quickly became friends.

One afternoon, in the middle of a week soon after, I ran into Ellen at the mall
near my house. She was just getting off work, and asked if I would like to come
over to her apartment for a drink and a gab session. Of course I accepted, and I
started making plans as I followed her car to her apartment.

When we got there, she went into the kitchen to grab a couple of glasses of wine
and told me to put some music on the stereo. I looked through her collection
quickly and found something that you could dance to. The music started just as
she was coming back into the living room with two large glasses of wine. I
started to dance and took the wine, "Come on, Ellen, dance, it will unwind you
after work." Ellen took a big swallow of wine and agreed. She kicked off her
heels, and started gyrating to the music. Ellen worked at a department store at
the mall and so was well dressed. She wore a pretty blue skirt and a light
blouse that buttoned in back. It was too warm for stockings. Her black hair was
braided, as usual, but the braid was wrapped up so it hung in a loop from the
back of her head. Her makeup was impeccable. She was lovely. I was much less
formally dressed, wearing a denim mini-skirt and a red blouse. We were about the
same height, and while neither of us had large breasts, Ellen's were larger.
Both of us were skinny, but my ass and hips were slightly bigger.

The next couple of songs picked up the beat and we were soon dancing wildly,
drinking our wine and having a great time. I loved watching her dance, the way
her hips moved, the way her breasts bounced. She had let her braid down in back
and it swung in counter point to her movement, as if it were itself alive. We
were really getting in sync with each other the way you can get dancing. Only, I
don't think Ellen was used to this with another girl.

Then the music changed tempo. Something slow came on. Ellen stopped, and took a
swig of wine. But I swayed over to her, still wanting to dance. I put my hands
on her waist and drew her back into the middle of the room, keeping my eyes
locked on hers. Soon, she started to dance with me putting her hands on my
shoulders. She didn't seem ready to break eye contact. As the dance continued, I
pulled her closer. Our hips met, swaying together to the slow beat. Our upper
bodies came slowly together, our tits pressing against each other. Finally, I
leaned forward, opened my mouth and started to kiss her.She kissed back at
first, maybe out of habit. Then suddenly she pulled back, and half pulled out of
my arms. "Kathy, no. We shouldn't be doing this. Why are we doing this?"

"Because, Ellen. Because it feels good." I responded, and kissed her again, and
she responded. She was wearing a musky perfume. It was driving me crazy. My
tongue sought hers and hers sought mine. She wasn't fighting me at all, wasn't
pulling away from me. I reached to her back and unbuttoned her blouse. We
separated enough to let it drop to the floor. My hands came up to her front and
ran lightly over her bra, over her breasts. Ellen's hands were in my hair, God!
it felt good, her fingers in my hair, on my ears.

I found the clasp for her bra in the front, and undid it. There is something
exciting in taking off another woman's bra. An anticipation, a quickening, my
stomach gave a little quiver. I pushed the straps off her arms and it too fell
to the floor. My hands quickly went to her breasts. I started rubbing around the
base of her breasts and made squeezing motions around and up until I reached
her nipples. Her nipples were hard when I reached them. I flicked them with my
thumb, pinched them, and rubbed them. I felt them with them base of my hand and
with my fingers. I wanted to suck them so badly. Ellen was making a sound from
the bottom of her throat. It started out as a moan but soon began to be a purr.
I was making this lovely lady purr! I wanted to know what other sounds she would

I broke away and took her by one hand. "C'mon pussy cat, let's go to your
bedroom and continue this." I think that she was still confused about what we
were doing. Lord knows that I was new at this seduction thing, but I also knew
how badly I wanted her. Without another word we went to her room.Once there, I
took her in my arms again and tumbled her onto the bed. I had to suck on those
nipples. I started kissing her on her mouth, but I quickly started to move to
her neck. I nibbled on the side of her neck for just a moment then lifted myself
enough so I could skim down to her tits. Her nipples were erect and waiting for
my mouth. As I began to suck on her right nipple, Ellen inhaled sharply, then
let out her breath in one long slow sigh.I spent a few moments just playing
with her breasts with my mouth. I kissed them, and flicked the nipples with my
tongue. I sucked first on one nipple, and then on the other. I bit them gently,
I bit them harder. Ellen's hands were in my hair stroking it, playing with it.
That purr was coming from her throat again.

I reached down with my hand to the bottom of her skirt, and slowly moved back up
her thigh underneath it. "Oh, please..." she whispered. I reached the top of her
leg and started rubbing her pussy through her cotton panties. They were damp
already, and I was just getting them damper by rubbing them into her pussy. I
pushed them aside and reached a couple of fingers into her as I moved my mouth
back to her lips.

Ellen's eyes grew wide as I started moving my fingers in and out of her pussy.
Her kissing grew more intense and she moved her hands out of my hair. One moved
down my back and rested on my ass. With the other hand she reached for my free
hand and was holding it tightly. I increased my pace and felt an orgasm
building. Soon she broke our kiss and let out a moan as her pussy clenched my
fingers in orgasm.

"Oh, you are pretty when you come!" I whispered to her. Then I pulled away for a
moment. She watched me, panting slowly, as I removed my top and my bra, then I
slid down the bed between her legs. I pushed her skirt up around her waist, then
pulled off her panties. The hair on her cunt was dark and thick. It had been
shaved back from her thighs so it wouldn't show when she wore her high cut
bathing suit. It was very pretty. Since I had started noticing, I hadn't seen
many pussies that weren't.

I watched her, my eyes up, as I brought my mouth down to her. She kept her eyes
on mine until I reached her pussy with my tongue. Then her head went back with
an intake of breath and her eyes closed. I like to start at the top of a woman's
slit, teasing, promising, licking and wiggling my tongue. "Oh, Kathy," she
breathed. I moved to the sides, licking where she had shaved, recently, near her
thighs. Up and down the smooth, sensitive skin, licking and nibbling a little. A
quick bite on her inner thigh, then back. Then I bring my hand up and start
rubbing her mound from the top, while my tongue plunges into her, first short
quick strokes, then longer ones, as deeply as I can go. My rubbing goes faster,
as does her panting, I lick and suck, and kiss her pussy. I slip a couple of
fingers from my other hand past my mouth, into her and then quickly out. I bring
them down, and rub her asshole. Suddenly she explodes! Writhing back and forth,
I can't keep my mouth on her. She practically screams, "Ohh, Ohh, yes!" over and
over. Then she is still. My god, she is magnificent!

When she opened her eyes again and looked at me, I slid off the bed and stood
up, still mostly between her legs. She propped a pillow under her head and
watched as I unhooked and unzipped my skirt and dropped it and my panties to the
floor. My pussy was soaking. I climbed back onto the bed, and on top of Ellen,
between her legs, pussy to pussy. "Kiss me, Ellen"!

"Yes, Kathy, anything."

She reached forward with her mouth and met mine, and our tongues went back and
forth between us. I pushed my mound into her, and started moving back and forth,
sort of like a man would, rubbing my pussy into her's and her's into mine. My
hands were on her ears, and her neck, and feeling her beautiful hair. Her hands
roamed my back, finally settling firmly on my ass, squeezing, pulling me closer,
moving in rhythm with me. I moved faster as I felt a climax building, then
sighed, and collapsed as a small orgasm moved through me. Ellen pulled back a
little and looked at me for a second, then whispered,

"Lie back Kathy. It's your turn. Or maybe it's my turn." She smiled. As I rolled
over onto my back, she pulled her skirt off and tossed it on the floor, then
turned on her side to face me, propped up on one arm. "You're very pretty you
know," she said. I just shrugged. Her hand started roaming my chest, feeling my
nipples, skirting down to my belly, almost to my pussy. "I've never done this
before, with a woman, I mean. I'd like to just explore a little," she said as
she briefly reached my pussy.

"It feels nice, explore all you want."

"I'm sure this isn't your first time. Have you done this much before? You don't
look like a dyke."

I laughed. "C'mon Ellen, your smarter then that. Some women look like `dykes'
because they like to. My aunt seduced me for the first time this spring, and she
certainly didn't look like that. She looked as normal as you and me."

She was playing with my breasts now. Feeling them, squeezing them, rubbing them,
playing with the smallness of them. She flicked her head and brought her braid
to the front. With the end of it she tickled my breasts and my belly. I
shivered. "Oh, Ellen, you can explore me any time you want."

She laughed at that. Then she dropped her braid and moved her hand right to my
pussy, moving around more or less at random. "Does this feel as nice to you as
it does to me?" she asked. I moaned in response. She started moving her hand
with purpose then, back and forth, in and out, slowly building up speed. She
brought her mouth down to my breasts. I felt the heat starting to build in my
pussy, then spread up into my belly and my breasts. I couldn't keep my legs
still, as she increased her speed and moved further in to me. Then the orgasm
crested like a wave and I think I let out a little scream. My pussy clenched on
her fingers, and then I came again, and again, while she kept it up. Finally I
could take no more and grabbed her hand to stop her.I pulled her down on top of
me and held her for a long time after that. Neither of us wanted to move much,
just a little stroking.

Later, I got up and called home to tell them that I would be spending the night
with a friend. We spent the night together, and got together as often as we
could all that summer. When I went to college that fall, I lost track of Ellen,
but I always will remember her fondly.

End of Story

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