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Just Some Ideas I Come Up With

Jessica bites her lip as Melissa kisses the back of her neck. Slowly sliding her tongue along her collar bone. Melissa starts breathing on Jessica's neck to let her know shes enjoying every second of it. Jennifer turns around and starts to kiss Melissa on the juicy plump red lips that she had. She takes her hand and guides it to her breast. (Melissa takes Jessica's hand and guides it to her breast.)

The womans hair fell down her back, just to barely touch the crack that runs between the most perfect ass cheeks you ever set your eyes on. It was as red as blood and as straight as a razor.


baby girl got down on her knees and lifted Toni's left leg to the table then started to slowly lick around her clit. Tickling her inner thigh, she then started to kiss her pussy. Gently pushin her finger in and out, in and out of her wet pussy.

End of Story