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Into The Maelstrom Part Iv

Carolyn Lord soon felt a further indignity to her
person. Her panties had somehow worked their way into
the crevice of her behind (she knew that this was going
to happen after the well-meaning Tamiko had pulled them
up too high), leaving her ass-cheeks completely uncovered
underneath her slacks. Even worse, the crotch band of
her panties was now putting a very strong pressure on
her vulva and she was starting to feel very wet down
"Oh, damn!" she thought. She had been so intent
on her secret pleasure that she must have worked her
panties up. Now her secret pleasure was worse than ever.
She felt like such a slut.
More than anything else, she wanted to undo her
slacks and fix her underwear to a more comfortable and
modest setting, but she couldn't! Not with all of those
women surrounding her! Besides, if they saw her
fiddling with her underwear they might even think she
was being affected in some way by all the unusual
activity going on here tonight.
She tried repeatedly to stop moving her hips, but
something down there was causing her to continue.
Something she couldn't define, couldn't locate. With
Fawn and Samantha standing right next to her, she really
couldn't do anything without attracting their unwanted
She was so nervous from the close, half-nude presence
of Fawn and Samantha that she found it impossible to
stand still. She kept shifting her weight from one leg
to the other.
Because of Carolyn's constant movements, and some
tugging by Tamiko, her slacks had slowly worked their
way down to the tops of her thighs. Carolyn knew that
something wasn't right with her slacks but couldn't
understand what it was. She tried to see what the
problem might be but her blouse covered everything.
The perplexed Carolyn wasn't sure what was happening
around her waist, but she dared not move her arms to
find out. Every time she took her arms away from her
chest, hands would appear as if by magic on her breasts!
At least once even her bra had become undone and she had
to refasten it. She felt that it was really time for
her to leave, at least to find the bathroom so she could
mentally get herself together, to regain control of her
proud untouched body, but Samantha and Fawn were
keeping a close hold on her and she couldn't move.
She tried moving her legs, as she was shifting her
weight from one to the other in order to at least to try
to relieve that strange pressure building in her vagina
caused by her bunched panties, when she noticed that the
tops of her legs seemed tied together somehow.
Carolyn's firm buttocks were fully exposed to
Tamiko's lustful gaze, the woman's panties still tightly
drawn up into the narrow crevice. She watched
fascinated as the buttocks repeatedly tightened and
relaxed in the dim candlelight, as the nervous Carolyn
kept up her movements. Overcome with the sight, Tamiko
pursed her lips for a kiss, but instead blew a stream of
cool air onto the delectable mounds. As she heard
Carolyn's gasp of surprise from above, she saw to her
delight the instant formation of goose-pimples across the
tantalizing expanse of round firm flesh.
"Oh my God!" Carolyn accidentally blurted out. That
cool breeze she just felt across her behind could only
mean that her slacks were slipping off! "What a time for
this to happen!" she thought.
"What's wrong, Carolyn?" Samantha asked with great
"Uh... Oh, nothing," the distraught woman muttered.
No one must have noticed yet, or they would surely have
said something. Perhaps they might have even taken
advantage of her predicament if they knew, using this to
make fun of her! That would be especially intolerable
with this group. Children could be so cruel, sometimes.
The snap must have broken or something. She was
always having trouble with it. The slacks were really a
size too large for her to wear properly. If they would
just leave her alone for a moment she could discreetly
bend down and quickly pull them back up again.
But Fawn and Samantha stayed right with her, still
whispering hidden forbidden things to her, still intend
on their role of examining her if only she gave them a
"What about your nipples, Carolyn? Are they
sensitive, too? Are they hard?" asked Fawn as the girls
now began to trace the clearly protruding nipples.
Shocked by the sensation radiating from her touched
nipples, Carolyn quickly crossed her arms over her
abused chest. When her covering hands felt her bra
instead of silk, she looked down and was shocked to
discover that her blouse was completely unbuttoned!
"So, they are sensitive, aren't they?" Samantha
Again, all Carolyn could do was nod her head, as her
trembling fingers fumbled with the opened buttons,
trying to refasten them. How could this have happened?
She had almost been undressed by these two kids -- total
strangers in a room full of semi-naked women!
"I must be losing my mind," she thought. And how
could this almost child-like woman Fawn know so much
about her intimate, private self, wondered the increasingly
befuddled Carolyn. "It's as if she's inside my head, reading
my thoughts!" she thought.
"I'll bet they're very sensitive," cooed Fawn, as she
deliberately licked Carolyn's well-formed ear.
Carolyn was rocked to the very core of her being. No
one had ever done that to her.
She dropped her hands and forgot about her now
semi-opened blouse. She forgot about the half-felt
sensations she had been getting from her strangely sensitive
vagina. She even forgot about Tiffany and Maria. No-one
had ever been that intimate with her. She could only stare
dumfounded at the close smiling face of Fawn, shocked
senseless by the act and by her reaction to it.
After what Fawn had done to her, Carolyn couldn't
help thinking about her slacks. She could feel them
slipping further and further down her legs with every
move she made. Soon they would be around her ankles and
her humiliation would be complete. She couldn't leave
until they were back were they belonged.
She couldn't help it any longer, she just had to tell
someone. She would tell the more sympathetic Samantha.
"Samantha, I need your help. It's slacks.
The snap must have broken because they're falling down."
"Oh, honey. You poor thing. Let me check."
"No!" Carolyn cried. "I can do it..."
But Carolyn was too late. To the woman's extreme
discomfort, Samantha had already knelt in front of her
and was looking at the fastener of her slacks, having
pulled the slacks down to Carolyn's ankles in the
"Nooo!" the humiliated Carolyn moaned softly, so no
one but Samantha and Fawn could hear. "I can do it,
"Oh, no. It's no bother."
"Just let me pull..." Carolyn couldn't finish
because she found herself suddenly off balance.
Samantha had reach behind the distressed woman and
pushed her left knee forward, making her off-balance.
Carolyn was forced to raise her left foot enough for
Samantha to remove Carolyn's left shoe and the left leg
of her slacks. Carolyn quickly put her arms around
Fawn's slender waist for support. Fawn used Carolyn's
distraction to reach behind the woman and press
Carolyn's body fully against hers. Samantha meanwhile
pushed the back of the off-balanced Carolyn's right leg,
and was soon standing in front of the mortified woman
holding her slacks and shoes.
Carolyn looked in dismay at Samantha, not realizing
she was still holding herself tightly to the semi-nude
"Yes, the snap's gone, all right," lied Samantha
smoothly. "Zipper looks a little ripped too. But don't
worry, there's a sewing machine here that can fix
"I...I really should look at them myself. They are
very expensive."
"Don't worry. Tamiko is an excellent seamstress.
That's what she does when she's not in school."
"Well, if I could just take them myself into another
"Carolyn!" Fawn said in a quiet yet commanding tone.
"Let her take them. Your place is here. Your here for
Tiffany, remember."
"I can't just stand here undressed like this. I feel
so exposed!" she said despondently as she watched
Samantha take her clothes down the hall towards the
bedroom. In her despair she pressed her body ever
tighter to the secretly exalting Fawn.
"Let me go with her. Please..."
Fawn started to kiss the distraught Carolyn on the
"Why? Why is it so important to you to leave now?"
"Because you're all driving me crazy, that's why!
What is going on here? My head's swimming. I can't
think anymore. I can't even breathe! And I keep losing
my clothes! What is happening here? I don't
"Easy, honey," Fawn murmured as she continued to
nibble on Carolyn's sleek aristocratic neck.

Tamiko slid her right small hand between the tops of
her prey's soft inner thighs. She found that the
crotch band of Carolyn's panties, still cruelly embedded
into her sensitive cuntal flesh, were completely soaked
with vaginal lubricants. Not satisfied, she used her
middle finger Tamiko to tuck the material directly into
the steaming vagina, until all that remained was a thin
double-band of elastic running down the center of the
stunned woman's crotch.
"I have to leave..." Carolyn moaned, helpless.
"You're safe here," Fawn said as her hands moved down
Carolyn's back to her flaring hips. She then began
kneading each firm buttock through the over-hanging
Tamiko began working the panties' waistband slowly
down the trembling woman's hips, stopping so that the
band was just above Carolyn's lush pubic growth.
"Why...are you doing that?" Carolyn gasped.
"Please stop it."
"Doing what, baby?" Fawn innocently replied, her
mouth pressed hotly against the trembling Carolyn's
"What you are doing me. To my body. makes me want to melt."
"Haven't you ever felt this way before?" Fawn
whispered as she continued working, dragging her lips
moistly slowly over the hypersensitive neck, her hands
deliberately squeezing the firm buttocks through the
shirt. Feeling a signal from Tamiko, she moved her
hands away from the delicious buttocks and had them
firmly move up and down Carolyn's back as Tamiko once
more started Carolyn's panties on their downward
"No, not ever. Please, you must stop. I can't think
when you do that..." Carolyn lapsed into silence as she
continued to be overwhelmed with sensations.
"Carolyn, you have to stay for Tiffany," whispered
Fawn between kisses. "If she sees you leave for any
reason, it will spoil everything! It's very dark in
here. Besides, your blouse is long enough that it acts
like a skirt. Everything's covered, really! See?"
Fawn slid her right hand from Carolyn's back to a
spot directly over the front of Carolyn's blouse. To
Carolyn's despair, Fawn slid her hand from the bottom
hemline up over the front of Carolyn's half-open blouse,
pausing to press her hand deliberately over her bulging
pubic mound, her fingers directly on Carolyn's abused
pussy lips, covered now only by the blouse's the thin
"OH!!" Carolyn gasped as she felt Fawn's hand on her
most intimate of places. No had ever deliberately
touched her there before. Carolyn almost collapsed when
she realized that Fawn's hand wasn't moving away. It
remained there! "OH MY GOD!" her mind screamed. She
was being held by her pussy!!
"See? What did I tell you? No one can see," the
victorious Fawn murmured sweetly, pressing her hand
firmly against Carolyn's steaming crotch, her fingers
working the soft labia.
"But you're not supposed to..." The humiliated
Carolyn couldn't tell Fawn that she was holding her by
her crotch!
Fawn's hand continued its deliberate manipulation of
Carolyn's helpless pussy. The confused Greek-American
could only hold Fawn in desperation as what was
happening between her legs tried to take over her very
"Yes, yes! I believe you!" the woman finally gasped,
desperate for the girl to remove her hand. "You're
right. Nothing shows!"
To Carolyn's infinite relief, Fawn's hand finally
resumed its journey, moving up between the two tightly
pressed women. It went up over Carolyn's soft stomach,
past her full breasts until it rested on her left cheek.
In Carolyn's highly flustered state, she didn't even
notice that Fawn had used the opportunity to once again
completely unbutton her blouse.
Carolyn felt close to the end.
Fawn's hand had nearly overwhelmed her. She had
to leave this place before it was too late for her, yet she
couldn't go without her clothes. Carolyn knew that,
despite what Fawn was saying, her blouse wasn't that
long at all. It barely came to the tops of her thighs. She
couldn't even sit down now without everything showing!
This was just great, she thought bitterly. She would have
to stand until Tamiko (where was she, anyway?) returned
with her slacks. And who knew when that would be!
She knew she was still in control of the situation, but she
wasn't sure for how long. Her body was rapidly going out
of control, acting in ways she never knew possible.
Tamiko continued to remove the totally distracted
Carolyn's panties. She lowered the back of the
waistband, gently pulling on the material out which had
been embedded between the crack in the woman's ass.
Next, she lowered the front, and carefully began
removing all of the soaked material from between
Carolyn's now swollen pussy lips.
Carolyn stood there, conscious of sweat pouring from
her every pore. She knew that what few clothes she had
left were quite soaked. Her wet bra was becoming
terribly uncomfortable, her swollen breasts feeling very
sore from the constant manipulation from her two
companions. Carolyn found she was having trouble
breathing, having been reduced to simply gasping for
air, her chest fighting the tight constriction of her
bra strap.
Her panties felt very wet as well, but at least they
didn't feel quite so tight anymore. Even the bunched
fabric was thankfully no longer pressing deep into her.
Carolyn continued to cling to the girl in front of
her. She no longer really heard or cared what the
continuously whispering girl was saying. Fawn had
established a direct line into Carolyn's brain and
Carolyn couldn't do a thing about it.
When she found her bra undone for the umpteenth time
that night, Carolyn didn't really care anymore. For the
moment she was just grateful to be free of its terrible
constriction. She would fix it in a moment.
Now she felt someone's hands pushing her bra cups
away from her breasts. Her long suffering breasts were
exposed at last into the hot air of the apartment.
Framed by the open blouse and now-useless bra, her
stiffened over-heated breasts seemed to seek the night
air eagerly. The nipples, excruciatingly stiff and
sensitive, grew even longer in their new-found freedom.
In her relief at momentarily being free of her
tight, constricting bra, Carolyn forgot that her proud
breasts were now defenseless.
Her one moment of comfort was abruptly shattered when
the true assault on her hyper-sensitive nipples began.
Samantha gently tormented Carolyn's left nipple. She
grasped the erect tissue between her pure white teeth.
She then slowly bit down until Carolyn cried out a
little in pain. By moving her head, she twisted the
nipple first left then right, then tugged playfully on
it until Carolyn's entire breast became taut, her nipple
feeling as if it were supporting the entire weight of
her full breast. The times that Samantha would
momentarily release her bite, Carolyn's nipple would
seem to become even more erect, as if (to Carolyn's
dismay) it enjoyed this strange and unaccustomed
Carolyn didn't protest this outrageous conduct against
her person because of what Fawn was doing to her
right nipple.
While Samantha was carefully tormenting Carolyn's
left nipple, Fawn was gently loving the other. Fawn
suckled on the erect nipple, when she wasn't tweaking it
gently between her slender fingers. She would
periodically bathe the hard nipple in her warm saliva,
being careful to include to surrounding aureole as well.
This nipple too responded in an astounding way to Fawn's
careful ministrations.
The sensations radiating from her vulnerable nipples
shot through Carolyn's entire over-stimulated body like
lightning. Even Tamiko's half-sensed and increasingly
bold (yet still undetected) workings on her most private
of places were totally drowned out by this new raging
torrent of sensations.
For once in her life, the always-in-control Carolyn
didn't know what to do. This dual assault on her
breasts was driving her crazy! Not just that, but the
girls' hands now seemed to be everywhere on her,
although they still seemed to be especially fascinated
by her poor breasts and nipples. Somehow she knew that
they had by now even gotten into her panties. She could
feel how someone, probably Samantha, had dipped her hands
under the elastic waistband her panties and was now
kneading her buttock-flesh directly. Someone's hands
were actually touching her increasingly sensitive
Even her most private of areas, her vulva and vagina,
was not immune to their reach. She was now sure that
something was definitely happening there, but what it
was her bewildered mind had not a clue.
Oh, damn this stupid idea of hers! It was just to
have that silly bitch Tiffany become part of a group,
but it was really spinning out of control. All she
could do was to cling to Fawn like a drowning person
would cling to a raft, as Fawn and Samantha continued to
drive her mad.
Carolyn knew that her ordeal would end only when
Tiffany's initiation was complete. And the way Tiffany
was reacting, this could go on all night!

Tiffany's initiation had finally ended and she was now
an official member of the group.
Tiffany felt totally drained. Covered in sweat and
vaginal fluid, she lay sprawled in a warm glow of total
satisfaction on the couch, not caring for the moment of
her surroundings. Her simple acts of juvenile
masturbation were nothing compared to the mind-blowing
experience of this evening. Already, the first twinges
of guilt were entering her mind. She was only beginning
to realize that, like it or not, she had just given
herself totally to a group of women! "My God!" she
thought. She had never even thought about doing it with
one, let alone a group! And what if it shows in the
morning? What could she do then? How would she ever
face her parents after that?
Finally, the sound of a woman's groaning caused her to
thankfully leave her disquieting thoughts. She sat up
and looked around the apartment. In her part of the
room, she was alone. However, she noticed in the semi-
darkness that there was a large crowd of naked women
over in that part of the room where she had last seen
Carolyn Lord.
She rose from the couch and padded barefoot over to
the group. Maria turned her head and, smiling,
indicated that Tiffany should come and stand with her.
Cautiously, Tiffany went to stand with her new friend,
in fact (as she now remembered the group's term) her new
When she reached Maria, the woman silently indicated
that Tiffany should stand in front of her. As soon as
she did so, she was finally able to see what was going
on and gasped with shock and delight at the sight.
Carolyn Lord stood almost naked, in the center of a
circle of nude women. In the circle's center, she was
virtually surrounded by three girls. The non-involved
watchers all seemed to be either touching themselves or
someone else as they stared fascinated at the scene.
The girl directly facing Carolyn, to whom the dazed
woman seemed to be hanging on to desperately, moved to
the side, thereby giving the group a better view of the
action. Carolyn was only wearing her blouse, which
Tiffany saw was completely unbuttoned. Through the open
blouse she saw that Carolyn's bra was undone and that
two hands covered her breasts. Her panties had been
lowered to her thighs and there was another hand between
her thighs coming from behind now over her pubic area.
As the dumbfounded Tiffany watched Carolyn being
worked on by the three lesbians, Maria pressed her nude
form directly onto the teenager's body standing in front
of her. Maria reached around the naked girl to grasp
and contentedly knead Tiffany's pert breasts as they
both waited for the glorious finale.

Carolyn felt her knees go weak. She knew had to
break free of this torment or she would soon collapse to
the floor. She had to leave. She had to!
Tamiko gazed in rapture at the firm naked buttocks
quivering before her eyes, the now useless panties half-
way down Carolyn's thighs, and decided that it wasn't
such a bad job at that. Even if it did represent only a
single evening's work, this proud Greek-American bitch
was a fitting trophy to her skills. She who never even
knew who or what had hit her!
Tamiko decided suddenly that it was Carolyn's time.
While her left hand pushed three slim fingers deep into
Carolyn's grasping vagina, her right hand reached
underneath and, for the first time, paid loving tribute
to Carolyn's clitoris.
"AAAaaahhhhh!" Carolyn's cunt consumed her
totally! Her legs buckled and she almost fell. She was
completely unable to do anything now except ride out the
searing waves of raw sensation that was flooding her
very being, as her vagina clamped strongly at the
invading fingers.
Sensations were flooding the inexperienced Carolyn.
She felt that if she couldn't sit down soon she would
faint on the spot. Drawing on a surprising reserve of
strength, she gasped "NO!" and broke free of the deadly
grasp of Samantha and Fawn. Holding her unbuttoned
blouse closed she staggered stiff-legged over to a
nearby chair. As she moved off, the startled Tamiko
withdrew her hand from Carolyn's vagina. She just had
enough time to give Carolyn's lowered panties a quick
pull and they fell down the moving Carolyn's legs.
Tamiko looked at the forgotten panties lying on the
floor with a quiet satisfaction. "Finally!" she thought.
"This woman is mine!" Later she would carefully clean
them and add them to her collection. For now, however,
there was the final movement to be played in tonight's
Her very being sundered by unbelievable sensations,
desperate for a respite from the constant stimulation
her body had been receiving the entire evening, Carolyn
stood trembling behind the chair, clutching the chair
back desperately with both hands. The top of her head
was spinning so badly it was all she could do to remain
standing. She felt as if her soul was close to
literally exploding, and there was nothing she could do
to control it. She desperately needed time regain
control of herself. Her over-stimulated body was
screaming for release of the sexual tension which had
been deliberately built within her from the moment she
entered the apartment.
"If only they would leave me alone!" she cried
desperately to herself. Carolyn had never really liked
her body and went to great lengths to keep it under her
absolute control. But tonight was somehow different.
Her body was anything but in her control. She could only
feverishly hope that no one would touch her any more,
because if they did-- she knew she was lost!
Tamiko walked up behind the unsuspecting woman. Here
comes the pay-off, you stuck-up American bitch, she
thought gleefully.
"Carolyn, honey", purred the Japanese exchange
student. "You look tired. Why don't you sit in the
chair and rest a while?"
She reached around Carolyn and pulled both sides of
her open blouse back off of her shoulders.
"Wha...?" asked the shaken Carolyn.
"Sit down, honey," Tamiko said as she pulled the
blouse still further off of the trembling woman.
Carolyn dimly realized that her new friend Tamiko was
talking to her, telling her to sit down. She numbly
nodded, and walked carefully around the chair, headless
of her blouse now lying on the floor behind her.
Carolyn sank gratefully onto the chair, only to gasp
in surprise as the cool satin fabric came into direct
contact with the bare super-heated flesh of her
unbelievably sensitive vulva. "Oh my God," she thought
wearily. "Now my panties are gone." She then felt the
chair's fabric on flesh of her back. "My blouse is gone,
too. What on earth is happening to me?" she wondered.
Seated on the chair, covered in sweat and in just her
unfastened bra, Carolyn knew that she must look a
terrible sight. "What happened to my clothes?" her
stunned mind wondered. "I know I was fully dressed when
I came here. What happened?"
"Tamiko must help me find my clothes and then I can
get dressed," she thought. Just as soon as the room
stops spinning and her electrified body calms down.
Yet, in spite of everything, Carolyn still knew she
was safe. Tamiko had unexpectedly shown up once again
to take care of her.
As her overcharged mind reeled with the fact of her
nakedness, Tamiko and her cohorts moved in on the
stunned Carolyn for the kill.
The Oriental stood triumphant in front of the dazed
woman. The nude Tamiko gazed deeply into the beautiful
yet vacant eyes of the woman seated before her. She
coolly pushed Carolyn's opened bra straps off her smooth
shoulders and down her unresisting arms.
Carolyn Lord was now totally naked. Even her
sensible jewelry had been carefully removed by the girls
during the course of the evening.
Tamiko seated herself on her haunches directly in
front of Carolyn's primly closed knees.
Carolyn sat spellbound and could do nothing as Tamiko
easily opened Carolyn's knees and spread her thighs far
"I'm a good girl," Carolyn instinctively whispered.
Tamiko sat back to savor one final look, before
sending this proud American bitch down a path from which
she could never recover, or would want too.
Carolyn, naked and covered in sweat, sat with her
back erect, her carriage still one of royalty before
commoners. Her shoulders back, her perfect breasts
thrust proudly into the darkness of the apartment, the
nipples looking painfully distended.
Recognizing a familiar sour-sweet odor, Tamiko moved
her right hand carefully between Carolyn's widespread
thighs and confirmed that a growing puddle of vaginal
fluids was forming on the seat cover.
Carolyn sensed that something important was going to
happen, but had no idea what it was to be. She was
vaguely conscious of someone seated directly in front of
her, but that was all. She simply sat, gasping for air
as she tried desperately to get her breath back under
control and hope that -- in ways she was beyond
understanding -- her body did not betray her. For the
moment, it was all she was capable of doing.
Tamiko slid both of her hands around Carolyn's narrow
waist and placed them on the tops of her bare buttocks.
With one swift pull, Carolyn, her bottom thoroughly
lubricated by her body's fluids, slid easily across the
chair's seat toward the waiting Tamiko.
"OH!" gasped the shattered Carolyn. "What's going
on now?" she wondered.
Tamiko positioned her so that she was seated on the
very edge of the chair, her vulnerable pussy now
directly in front of Tamiko's eager face.
"I'm a good girl," Carolyn repeated. It was her last
"I know, honey," replied Tamiko, not unkindly.
"That's why I like you so much."
Tamiko then fastened her mouth on Carolyn's delicious
cunt and Carolyn went mad!
Now past the point of conscious thought, Carolyn only
knew that her crotch had been plugged into an electric
outlet and it was driving her insane!
Her body jumped and shook, her hips bucking wildly,
but Tamiko never loosened her grip on the prize she had
sought all evening. Her tongue went deep into the hot,
tight passage, her teeth nibbled on the swollen vulva of
her struggling victim.
Carolyn's gyrations finally caused her to fall from
the chair onto the thick carpet below. On the floor she
found herself too winded to move.
Taking advantage of this, Tamiko redoubled her
efforts, concentrating on the woman's erect clitoris.
Carolyn could only lie there and moan, her mind finally
carried away to other lands.
The other girls, seeing the change in Carolyn's
behavior, joint Tamiko on the floor. Soon there was not
a part of Carolyn's body which did not have a sucking
mouth, bathing tongue, or caressing hand upon it.
Fueled by pure sexual energy, Carolyn's back began to
arch, until only her hands and feet were still touching
the carpet. Her sensuous body, so long denied any
kind of sexual release, had taken over. Carolyn was
awash in the unfamiliar domain of sexual pleasure, and
her body was loving it.
Her precious well-ordered world was gone. Her once
well-disciplined body now existed only for what was
happening in her vagina. Her proud breasts, bouncing
quite freely on her chest, were constantly being
caressed and even sucked with impunity. Her normally
immaculate appearance had been reduced to sweat-soaked
nudity. She could think of nothing. Not her
humiliating exposure at the hands of these formidable
girls, not Tiffany, not even escape. Nothing.
All her body wanted was for the unholy fires which
were consuming her loins to be put out, regardless of
how it was to be done.
In the end her body won and the unthinking Carolyn,
resting on her shoulders, grabbed Tamiko's head, trying
to force it deeper into her hungry cunt. She moved her
bucking hips forward to enhance the contact as much as
possible. Tamiko joyfully rode the whirlwind as she
reveled in her victory over this proud woman, to the
applause and cheers of the other girls in the group.
"Yes, YES!" the crazed Carolyn screamed, all ability
at rational thought long lost to the searing emotions
coming from her cunt.
Tamiko could sense everyone's impatience to get the
magnificent Carolyn started on her journey, but that was
the trouble with life over here. No one wanted to take
the proper time for anything. Holding firmly to the
bucking Carolyn's hips, she decided that perhaps they
were right after all.
"Well, when in Rome!" Tamiko sighed to herself. Her
almond-shaped eyes glittered as the Japanese girl led
Carolyn over the edge with a final strategic flip of the
"AAAaahhhhhh!" screamed Carolyn as her first orgasm
hit her like an express train! Her back arched even
higher off of the floor than before, her vibrating body
suddenly shaking off all her tormentors, except the
tenacious Tamiko. Carolyn's vaginal walls clenched so
tightly that her freely flowing lubricating fluids
sprayed like a fountain into Tamiko's face, who took a
brief moment to hungrily lap up the honey-flavored
liquid. Still bowed over the floor, Tamiko quickly
brought the quaking Carolyn to her second orgasm before
she had even finished recovering from her first.
The girls could only watch in awe as Carolyn was
brought by the skilled Tamiko to climax again and again,
her glorious body shaking and quivering in uncontrolled
It was after her fifth orgasm, finally overwhelmed by
her own emotions, when the impeccable Miss Carolyn Lord
collapsed spread-eagle and unconscious on the carpet.
She lay there, naked, saliva drooling from her open
mouth, her hair matted in disarray to her head, her
magnificent body glistening in the candlelight from its
covering of various bodily fluids, in an apartment
filled with applauding and laughing nude women.
As was the group's custom, the girls then took turns
between Carolyn's wide-spread thighs, licking up the
flowing vaginal fluids coming from her still pulsating
cunt, before heading down to the pool for a relaxing
swim. Secure in the knowledge that she wouldn't be
going anywhere by herself for quite some time, they left
Carolyn alone in the apartment, sprawled naked on the
living room floor.
Before they left, they took some very good
photographs of her for the group's scrapbook.

End of Story

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