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Into The Maelstrom Part Iii

When Carolyn returned to the living room, she felt
greatly refreshed, although still a little dazed from
the things that had happened to her already this evening.
"It's amazing what some cold water, an empty bladder, and
a few Mai Tais will do for a person," she thought.
Strange though, even after being fully dressed again,
she found that her vagina still felt squishy to her.
She could only hope that she would not embarrass herself
before she could thankfully leave for her own apartment.
In the time that she had been gone, some changes had
taken place.
The lights were all off, except for some candles and
smoking sticks of incense placed in a circle around one
of the couches. On the backless couch was Tiffany,
lying full-length on her back, with Tamiko standing
alongside her. Tiffany's bikini bottoms had joined her
top on the floor, leaving the golden teenager completely
Tamiko looked like she was massaging the teenager's
curved thighs. Carolyn remembered Tamiko saying that a
lot of what was going to happen here tonight was based on
various Japanese customs, some of which could be traced
to the national Japanese religion of Shinto. Tamiko had
told her that nudity sometimes played a great part in
these rituals, and here it was already.
Carolyn Lord loved religious ceremonies and she was
suitably impressed as she watched Tamiko, still in her
robe, move her small hands up and down Tiffany's closed
thighs. Whatever Tamiko was doing, Carolyn saw that
Tiffany was really enjoying it. She didn't think that was
really a suitable response to a formal ceremony like this.
Hopefully the girl would eventually get caught up in the
religious fervor of the thing.
Tamiko repositioned Tiffany's legs, so that the
teenager's naked vagina was now plainly exposed. The
bullet-shaped nipples on Tiffany's exposed breasts stood
taut and in the candle light, her suntanned flesh fairly
gleamed in the darkness. Carolyn could see the
fixed gazes of the other girls watching Tiffany, and knew
that they too had been affected by the ceremony. She
was becoming fascinated by what her new friend
Tamiko was doing to the pliant Tiffany and,
unconsciously, she moved closer to the inner circle
for a better view.
Her own repressed and highly controlled life had
never prepared her for what was now taking place in front
of her. She shuddered in sympathy as she watched Tamiko
lean over Tiffany's waist. She wasn't sure why the
Japanese girl was so interested in Tiffany's pubic area,
but whatever it was it definitely had Tiffany squirming
like crazy. Carolyn remembered her own annual physicals
and got chills just thinking about it.
Tamiko them abruptly stood up.
"She is ready," she intoned to the room, as she
stepped out of the circle and disappeared into the
Maria, Tiffany's friend from work and now quite
naked, then replaced the departing Tamiko. She sat on
the couch right between Tiffany's parted legs. Two other
girls, a nude Amber and Kathy, positioned themselves
kneeling on either side of the golden Tiffany's
It was obvious to Carolyn that the true ceremony was
about to begin!
She watched as Maria bent between Tiffany's upper
thighs and placed her face directly over Tiffany's
exposed pubic area. The girls on either side of Tiffany
knelt beside her. Each placed her mouth on one of the
teenager's pert breasts and began to nibble and suck on
the highly erect nipples. Carolyn wasn't sure but she
thought she saw through the darkness Tiffany's eyes cross
in response to this part of the ceremony regarding her
firm young body.
Carolyn could not tear her eyes from the scene before
her. She wondered what was going on here. This was
just supposed to be some sort of religious initiation for
Tiffany. She had heard stories from her cousins who had
gone to college about some of the terrible things they
had to do for acceptance into their sororities.
Complete physicals, that sort of thing, and given not by
doctors either, but by the sorority members themselves.
"It must be the same here," she thought. Now she had to
watch this in person.
"My God!" Carolyn whispered in amazement. Well, this
was what Tiffany wanted, and now there she was, laying on
her back completely naked and being examined by a... a...
another woman! A naked woman at that! Two other women
were now washing her off with their tongues, for God's
sake! And why were they concentrating on her breasts like
that? How dirty could they get? Her own breasts tingled
in response to the sight, her nipples becoming very erect
in their confining bra cups as she guiltily remembered
her own weird experience with Tamiko. Her heart beat
was increasing and the room felt increasingly stuffy.
Carolyn crossed her arms over her chest to try and quiet
her breasts down.
"Oh, my!" she thought. She was reacting to a physical
exam being given to another person! "What's wrong with
me?" she wondered.
She stole another look in the darkness and could see
the faces of the other girls reflected in the dim candle
light. They still looked fascinated at the sight. She
could tell! Well, they must really take their physical
fitness seriously here.
Actually, the other women in the room were really
watching something else. It was what they had in fact
been secretly watching all evening. It was the cool,
beautiful Carolyn! They remembered how she had reacted
to the bathing suits, the Mai Tais, and finally Tamiko's
sex talk. They remembered how quickly Carolyn's body
responded to Tamiko's actions in the guest rest room.
They observed her very carefully now. They saw
Carolyn's flushed face. They noted how she kept staring
at Tiffany's exposed pussy. They observed with pleasure
the rapid rise and fall of Carolyn's full chest,
underneath the well-tailored suit jacket. The normally
very cool and collected Carolyn was not looking so very
cool and collected at all! There was a chance at
Carolyn after all, and their eyes met with knowing
looks. It was why they agreed to do this in the first
place. Girls like Tiffany were true gold to this group
of lesbians, but a Carolyn only came along once or twice
in a lifetime. In fact, they let Tiffany join the group
and come this night only on the condition that she
would bring the unaware Carolyn with her. It was her
price of admission.
And so, here she was. A chance at the prime cherry,
the ultimate conquest. The group couldn't believe their
Three lesbians moved to unobtrusively surround the
unsuspecting 30-year old woman. Tamiko, nude and
unobserved, was standing directly behind her, with
Samantha to Carolyn's left and Fawn to her right, both
still wearing their brief bikinis.
Carolyn was so mesmerized by Tiffany's medical
inspection that she first noticed Samantha and Fawn only
when Fawn put an arm around her waist. Carolyn jerked
at the innocent contact but was too intent on what was
happening to Tiffany to say anything. She did not like
it when anyone got too physical with her.
"Do you find it exciting, Carolyn?" Fawn whispered.
The presence of the two semi-nude girls (they were now
both topless) in such close proximity to her was making
her very uneasy.
"It's just a physical for a ceremony," Carolyn
replied primly.
Carolyn jumped as each girl took hold of one of her
arms. They gently but firmly pulled them down from
Carolyn's chest and placed them around each girl's naked
"What... are you doing? the surprised woman asked, her
hands now full of surprisingly warm, firm flesh.
"We just wanted a closer look at your suit. It looks
lovely. Nice material, and it fits so well."
The girls ran their hands over the increasingly
nervous Carolyn's sides and back, tugging the jacket
this way and that, as if they were tailors testing the
fit. She became specially nervous when they started
checking the buttons on the front of her double-breasted
Carolyn could feel her face becoming flush as the
girl's hands lingered at the buttons which were directly
over her breasts.
"Are you hot? It's awfully warm in here. Are you
hot, Carolyn?" Fawn whispered in the woman's ear as
Samantha deliberately unbuttoned the top button of
Carolyn's jacket.
"What?" the flustered woman whispered back, not sure
that she had heard correctly.
"I said, are you hot...?"
Carolyn, distracted because Samantha's arm was
inadvertently resting on her left breast, looked at Fawn
but said nothing as Samantha opened the remaining
buttons and pulled the jacket front apart. Carolyn
became even more flushed.
"There, that's better, isn't it?" cooed the seductive
"Y... yes," gasped Carolyn, her mouth suddenly very
"Can you see everything? Can you see how beautiful
Tiffany is when she is naked? You like Tiffany when she
is naked, don't you, Carolyn?"
This time Carolyn nodded her head in a sudden jerk.
Astonished at herself, she realized that she did like to
see Tiffany like that. What was wrong with her tonight?
She had never felt that way before about anyone.
"Do you see her pussy being licked?" Fawn whispered
seductively, brushing Carolyn's hair behind her ear, to
give her more direct access. She was leaning even
closer to Carolyn's ear than before, deliberately
pressing her own lush body up against Carolyn's.
"Oh, my!" Carolyn was stunned. "What kind of
examination was this, anyway?" she thought.
"Why is she doing that?" she whispered, still
"Good test of the reflexes and general state of the
central nervous system," murmured Fawn. "Haven't you
ever been checked there?"
Deeply embarrassed, the transfixed woman could at
first only shake her head.
"Never like that," she finally was able to whisper
Fawn released her hold from around Carolyn's waist
while Samantha pulled Carolyn's jacket off her shoulders
and down her arms. At the same time, Tamiko reached
around from behind, undid the woman's thin belt, and
pulled it free of her well-tailored slacks.
Fawn and Samantha noted with glee that, even in the
candle-lit darkness, Carolyn's erect nipples were
clearly visible through the woman's thin blouse and bra.
Samantha left to place the carefully folded jacket and
belt on a chair in Tamiko's bedroom, and then returned
to Carolyn's side. Now both Samantha and Fawn had their
arms around the woman's narrow waist. Their hands
gradually started moving on Carolyn's torso, especially
feeling around the area where Carolyn's blouse was
neatly tucked into the waistband of her slacks.
"Stop that," Carolyn said in a distracted way.
"Stop what?"
"You know. Don't be childish."
"Carolyn, really! I don't know what you are talking
about?" Fawn said softly in wide-eyed innocence as
Samantha's and her hands continued to play about on
Carolyn's trim torso.
Meanwhile, as Fawn and Sam continued to mind-fuck
Carolyn, Tamiko was kneeling behind the flustered Miss
Lord. Tamiko could only marvel at the evident quality
of the woman now standing before her. Even from behind
in the candle-lit darkness, her beauty was obvious, and
so was her pride. She would be a worthy adversary for
Tamiko had spent the evening learning all she could
about Miss Lord, and she had found out a great deal of
information, much more than even Carolyn realized. The
priceless opportunity of dildoing the helpless Carolyn
Lord from behind, before the main event had even started,
was something that Tamiko would be thanking the gods for
in years to come. Now Tamiko knew exactly what
Carolyn was wearing under her suit, especially the
aphrodisiac she had the opportunity to place in the
crotch band of the woman's panties. She knew that, after
some bad Greek-male fumbling as a teenager, and some
later groping attempts of her at work, Carolyn Lord had
given up any idea of social interaction, including
serious dating. Over time, she had become so protective
of her womanhood that no one could get close enough to
make even a worthwhile attempt. She was 30 years old
and (until very recently!) had never really had a sexual
experience, simply because she had never been with
anyone who knew how to reach her as a woman. Until now.
The Japanese composed herself, as any warrior would
before a major battle. She knew it was ridiculous, but
at times like this she always though of herself as
Tamiko, Lesbian Samurai! As was her mother before her!
Banzi! she thought. It's pay-back time.
Tamiko reverently reached out to the perfect figure
before her. Slowly and with great skill, while using
just the tips of her fingers, Tamiko began a feather-
light tracing of Carolyn's hips and thighs, which were
just barely delineated under the expensive thin material
of her slacks. She began on the woman's right flank.
Tamiko's right hand walked around Carolyn's thigh to her
right buttock. She made a figure-8 pattern as she ever
so lightly moved her fingers over the firm half-moon
before her. Tamiko then lifted her hand and repeated
the process on the left buttock. Getting no response
from the now totally distracted Carolyn, Tamiko now used
both hands, touching and moving, touching and moving,
all across the unaware woman's thighs and buttocks.

Carolyn didn't know what Fawn or Samantha wanted with
her, but she certainly didn't like the way they were
acting so familiar with her body.
"I don't like to be touched," Carolyn told Fawn. "It's not
"But we're not touching you, are we, Samantha?" Fawn
murmured as she began to dip a finger in and out of the
waist of Carolyn's slacks.
"No, of course we aren't," Samantha whispered as she
nonchalantly rubbed the area of Carolyn's stomach. "It's
Tiffany who is being touched. Watch her being touched,
"I said to stop what you're doing. I'm not like that."
"Not like what?"
"I'm not like other people. I don't like being touched."
"By men or by women?" Fawn innocently asked.
"I don't like being touched by anyone. But especially
by men of course!" Carolyn gasped with feeling. Too
much happening too fast was wearing Carolyn's nerves to
a frazzle. She normally would never talk of such
private things, but tonight it just came spilling out.
"Men are always trying to touch me. I don't like
"Where are they trying to touch you?"
"In the office, at meetings, in a store. Anywhere and
everywhere! I hate it."
"No, I mean where on you are they trying to touch?"
"You mean on my... my body?" Carolyn dropped her
head in embarrassment. "Everywhere," she whispered
with feeling.
"You mean like here...?" Fawn's right hand closed over
the tip of Carolyn's full right breast hidden under her
blouse and bra.
Carolyn nodded frantically. "Oh my God!" she thought
horrified. "She's touching my breast!!"
"...and here...?" Fawn's left hand slipped down and
cupped the woman's firm right buttock.
Again, Carolyn could only nod frantically, hoping only
that Fawn would quickly remove her hands from her
private places.
"When are they trying to touch you?" Fawn asked
sympathetically as she began to rhythmically squeeze
Carolyn's breast and buttock.
Carolyn's mind went blank. She couldn't concentrate
on anything except on what Fawn's hands were doing to
her. The room started spinning and she couldn't get her
breath. A woman was holding her and she didn't know
what to do!
"When? I would really like to know," Fawn asked
again. When Carolyn remained silent, after a few moments
she said, "What's wrong, Carolyn?"
"I...I can't think when you do that."
"Do what?"
Carolyn knew that her only salvation from Fawn hands
was to answer her impossible questions. If only she
would keep her hands still for a moment and let her get
her breath back, but Fawn's hands kept moving, now in a
circular motion over her breast and buttocks.
"Touch me. When you touch me like that it is very
distracting and I don't like it. Please stop!"
Fawn gave Carolyn's superb ass and chest a final firm
squeeze for emphasis, and reluctantly pulled her hands
"It doesn't mean anything. We aren't men, Carolyn.
We're just girls. Here you are perfectly safe. You
known when girls touch girls it's just in friendship."
"Yes," responded Carolyn wearily, "I understand
that. I just do not like being touched by anyone,
Fawn already had her arm around Carolyn's waist.
"But we're girls, Carolyn. Doesn't that make a
"I'm not a...a les.. I like men."
"Not a lesbian? Well, who around here is?" Fawn
lied. "But men, you said they were always the ones
trying to take advantage by touching you."
"That's right," Carolyn said bitterly. "Anytime, day
or night. It doesn't matter with them. They are always
trying to touch my body."
"Have you ever had that problem with a woman?"
"Well, no. ButÂ…"
"But nothing!" exulted Fawn. "We are doing this just
for the initiation, so it shouldn't matter, should it?
You should not feel a thing, no guys here, remember.
Everything done tonight is strictly for Tiffany's
"What?" asked the increasingly confused young woman.
Fawn thought for a moment, then realized that this was
the opportunity for which she had been waiting.
"Look, Carolyn. Samantha and I would much rather be
helping with Tiffany's ceremony, but we must stay with
you and make sure that you are checked out thoroughly.
Tiffany has to be able to see everyone taking part in
the ceremony, everyone being examined, even if it is
just a little. Otherwise it will ruin everything,"
stated Fawn quietly yet firmly.
"Is this true?" Carolyn asked Samantha.
"Oh, yes. Absolutely," breathed the beautiful
Samantha, her hand now inside the front of Carolyn's
silk blouse, rubbing the warm soft flesh of her abdomen.
"Tiffany's the star tonight, and we have to do
everything we can to make it work for her. We don't want
to touch you at all. It's just that we have to. And we
have to make it seem convincing to Tiffany for this to
work at all."
"Oh," said the doubtful Carolyn. She couldn't think
clearly anymore. Too much was happening to her too fast
and she had no clue as to what to do about it. She
wondered if she was really in over her head and should
just leave and phone her apologies tomorrow.
Then, her old self-assurance took over. After going
through this far, just to back out now? No, she gave
her word and would just have to go through with it.
More for Tamiko's sake (were was she, anyway?) than for
Tiffany's sake, she would have to make the supreme
sacrifice and let someone touch her for once, and then
just for a brief moment in time. But, she was in a room
full of women, children really. What was she getting so
upset about?
Fawn was right, she thought. What was there to be
really worried about here? It didn't really matter
what they did to her. They could never get to her, never
reach her. Not like the few men she had known who always
tried to do her. Thankfully, that was impossible here.
It was silly of her even to worry about it. In a room
full of women, she was always safe.
"OK. I'll participate, but just a little. You
may... examine me."
And there she let the matter rest.
Immediately after agreeing to it, she regretted doing
so. She agreed because she had been drinking too much,
feeling too much, watching too much. Emotions which she
never suspected having, had picked tonight of all nights
to storm her sensibilities. She was angry with herself
for even being in this apartment in the first place.
She didn't know these women, and she didn't really want
to. They were after all Tiffany's friends. She didn't
like it, them touching her so freely. She didn't like
it at all, even if it wasn't sexual! But if she let
them do what they wanted, even for just a little bit of
time, perhaps they would just get bored and eventually
leave her alone and go bother Tiffany or someone else.
They were practically children after all. Or, even
better, the initiation would finally end and she could
safely leave.
Having made her decision, all she could do now was
just wait it out. Besides, if these kids got out of
control she would just have to put them in their place,
just like she'd had to do with people who tried to take
advantage of her all her life.
The decision made, she returned to the surprisingly
fascinating sight of Tiffany's naked body being
thoroughly inspected by other women. Especially, she
wondered what could possibly be taking Maria so long
inspecting Tiffany's crotch, and what was she doing that
was causing the teenager to moan so much?

"Listen to her, Carolyn," whispered Fawn. "What
does it mean? That's she's hot, is that what it means?
It is so terribly warm in here. Are you hot, too,
Carolyn? Yes, you are, aren't you?"
Carolyn could only nod her head. She was feeling
terribly warm in her tight, constricting clothing. She
could feel the sweat forming on her face and below her
arms. She reached up to unbutton the high neck of her
blouse, but stopped. It wouldn't be proper to do that
here. When she got back to the safety of her own
apartment, then she could relax.
What Carolyn didn't know was that when she turned
down Tamiko's bathing suit offer, the Japanese girl had
reset the apartment's thermostat from 70 to 80 degrees.
"Here, let me," Fawn murmured as she reached over and
pulled off Carolyn's scarf. As the scarf fell to the
floor, Fawn said, "Now look up and I'll get that top
button for you."
Carolyn obediently obeyed the younger girl's command
and looked at the ceiling, because it was becoming so
very warm in the apartment she almost couldn't stand it.
Fawn however unbuttoned not just the first, but the top
four buttons on the surprised Carolyn's blouse. Fawn
and Samantha now had an unrestricted view of the tops of
Carolyn's breasts as they entered her modest-cut bra.
Fawn reached around and unfastened the unresisting
Carolyn's sleeve cuffs for good measure.
Her blouse was now open to her breasts, but Carolyn
still found she could not tear her eyes from Tiffany's
continuing examination. Fawn's soft continuous voice in
her ear, speaking her innermost thoughts, was causing a
storm of unexplained emotion to whirl through her
normally well-ordered mind. She found herself powerless
to resist it, even when it asked her the most intimate
of questions. "If only the girl would stop talking and
give her a chance to think," she complained to herself.
But she kept talking softly on and on, saying the most
vile and disgusting things to her. She knew she should
leave, but she was somehow transfixed by the sight of
Tiffany's initiation. She knew she just couldn't leave
until it was over.
Carolyn suddenly realized that her jacket was gone.
She had no memory of taking it off. But, as the
whispering in her ear suggested, it was increasingly
warm in here and it did feel so much cooler without it.
Carolyn soon felt that the hands on her body, at first
hesitant, were becoming much bolder. Her protests did
no good, for the hands would just return whenever she
moved them away.
The hands seemed determined to explore every inch of
her untouched body above the waist. Especially her
breasts! Thankfully, they were leaving her slacks
No place was too intimate for their interest. Worse,
they seemed to be looking for a way in, a way to reach
her body under her protective clothing! To reach her
inner-most self! "Oh my," she thought worriedly.
"Perhaps they wanted to really examine me, too!"
Even insects seemed intent on exploring her body, her
fevered mind thought. There was something moving around
her hips and legs that was surprisingly persistent. As
soon as one would land, walk around and then take off,
it or another would land somewhere else. She knew this
place wasn't near as clean as her own spotless apartment
so when she felt them on her hips and legs it did not
surprise her. Sometimes she could feel more than one,
all moving very lightly yet boldly as bugs will, across
her behind or up and down her legs. Worse, they were
making her feel very tingly where ever they landed. She
would try to brush them away, but they eventually always
came back. Just like those summers she spent in Greece
during school breaks. Damned flies were everywhere!
Carolyn finally quit worrying about them, there was
after all so much else going on, and left them alone.
"If only they didn't affect me so much," she thought,
feeling the strange tingles radiating from her lower
abdomen as the insects seemed to take delight in walking
over her hips and upper thighs.
The problem was that between watching what was
happening to Tiffany, and the childish antics of Fawn
and Samantha, she could think of very little else. Her
body was still tingling where Fawn had held her earlier.
She could clearly feel the burning imprint of the girl's
hands, as if they were still there, holding tightly to
her privates.
During this time the girls around her had not been
idle. Regularly, a hand would dip into the tight
waistband of her slacks and pull out some of her tucked-
in blouse. Carolyn would then absently tuck it back in
again, but there were soon so many other distractions
going on for her to worry about such childish things.
Soon her blouse was completely outside of her slacks.
What she didn't realize was that one of the hands
reaching into her slacks had unfastened the metal clasp
to her waistband, then the front button. Finally,
another hand had carefully loosened the zipper. Each
tug on her waistband from then on lowered the zipper
more and more, allowing the slim hands of her assailants
to penetrate ever deeper into her tailored slacks. In
time the front of her slacks became completely open, yet
unnoticed by the distracted Carolyn because it was
covered by her loose blouse. Soon the only things
holding up Carolyn's slacks was a little friction. With
every move she made, the now loosened slacks became just
a little bit lower.
With the blouse now out, Tamiko felt free to finally
start working on Carolyn's cunt. Keeping her left hand
moving on the woman's buttocks, Tamiko walked her right
hand around the inside of Carolyn's left thigh and soon
had her fingers dancing over the front of Carolyn's
slacks. Keeping below the opened zipper, Tamiko focused
her attentions on the seam that ran down from the zipper
to the back of the slacks. Pressing lightly, Tamiko
could feel the indent of Carolyn's most secret place,
her labia. Pressing the delicate flesh in a subtle
rhythm with her right finger tips, the girl was
eventually rewarded with tiny answering jerks from
Carolyn's hips, trying reflexively to meet more fully
this new pleasing sensation. Tamiko brought her left
hand around and traced the prominent bulge of soft pubic
hair through the material of Carolyn's slacks and
panties. She then placed it alongside her right and it
too joined in the subtle seduction of Carolyn's cunt.
Totally oblivious to all that was going on around her,
Carolyn could only stare at the continuing increasing
frenzied activity of the golden-haired Tiffany. Never
in her wildest dreams had she imagined that Tiffany
would react to another woman in this way.
Carolyn was starting to feel a strange sensation in
her crotch. It was like when she would be in a hurry as
a teenager and forget to wear anything below her slacks
or shorts. She would get a strange itch between her
legs she couldn't dare scratch! By the end of the day
she would be quite wet, and almost out of control just
from all the rubbing. That's why she always made sure to
be properly dressed at all times.
And now, on top of everything else, she had this itch
to contend with. She was getting such a feeling in her
crotch and she couldn't understand it. She was wearing
her panties, and her slacks were not tight at all, and
yet that same somewhat delicious feeling was starting to
build in her vagina.
"Oh, no!" she thought. "Of all the times for it to
happen!" She could even feel her hips making tiny
movements to deal with the sensation. However unlikely,
she wondered if it might have something to do with the
embarrassing antics of Fawn or Samantha, But, she was
painfully aware that their hands were on her blouse.
They were not touching her anywhere below her waist
(they wouldn't dare!). She saw in the dim light that
there was no one else around them. She thankfully
didn't see any small animals when she first entered the
apartment, either (once in Europe a dog had stuck his
nose up her miniskirt and she almost fainted)!
She didn't think anyone would notice her moving her
hips such a minute amount, and she had to do something
to relieve the building sensation. But, Carolyn was
well aware that eventually she would have to go to the
bathroom and find the cause and correct it, regardless
of how good it was making her feel. She was well aware
that her secret pleasure was an itch that scratching
only made worse.
With each tiny jerk of her hips, Tamiko felt Carolyn's
slacks descend just a tiny bit. After a time, as Tamiko
increased her toying of Carolyn's vulnerable cunt,
Carolyn's hips jerked more and more, it was only
Tamiko's hands pressing into Carolyn's crotch that held
up the woman's slacks.

"Look at her breasts shake," Fawn continuing her
seductive whispering as they watched Tiffany twisting
and jerking on the couch. "Wonder what they feel like
when that happens. What do your breasts feel like when
they shake, Carolyn? What do your breasts feel like
right now? They are very beautiful, you know. Are they
swollen? Are they very sensitive?"
Not willing to respond to such an intimate question,
Carolyn tried to focus her increasingly tormented mind on
"Can you feel this? Or this?" Fawn asked as she and
Samantha began to openly caress the high-set heaving
orbs from the outside of the blouse.
The shaken Carolyn could only nod as she felt
the feather touches of the girls' hands on her swollen
breasts. The hands became bolder, now squeezing the
tender breast-flesh. Carolyn knew she should stop them,
but what they were doing to her really didn't matter
right now. She wasn't a lesbian after all, and they were
certainly not men. All she wanted to do was watch
Tiffany get initiated, and then leave here as quickly as
The massage of her proud breasts continued. A few
more buttons of Carolyn's blouse were undone and the
girl's soon were working directly on the woman's breasts
through her bra.
"What's wrong with me?" Carolyn wondered. "My own
breasts are driving me crazy! They feel so swollen and
sensitive. Why don't those girls stop?"
"Are your breasts sensitive, Carolyn? Mine sure are.
Do yours affect you, sometimes?" Fawn purred.
Carolyn could not believe her body's reaction to the
antics of Fawn and Samantha. How could Fawn know that
every touch on her over-sensitive breasts was driving
her crazy?
"You can tell me," Fawn seductively whispered.
Seeing how preoccupied Carolyn was with the fondling
of her breasts, Tamiko knew she had a free hand with the
unsuspecting woman. While Carolyn was busy focusing on
the actions of Fawn and Samantha, Tamiko carefully
reached deep down into the back of Carolyn's open slacks
until she felt the thin elastic at the top of Carolyn's
panties. She gently pulled up on the panties, drawing
the sheer material as deeply as she could between
Carolyn's fantastic buttocks. Twisting the waistband
and leg bands together around her index finger, Tamiko
continued to pull on the back of Carolyn's panties,
wanting them to become as deeply imbedded into the proud
woman's flesh as possible.
Tamiko then returned to what she liked to think of as
her "Sensual Butterfly" routine. But first, she
carefully touched the front of Carolyn's slacks below
the opened zipper. She felt with satisfaction how
Carolyn's panties were now cruelly digging into the
sensitive labia flesh. With the crotch band now
embedded, Tamiko had only the thin material of the
loosened slacks between her and Carolyn's increasingly
responsive cunt.

End of Story

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