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Huddle House Waitress Serves Everyone

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Tess worked at the Huddle House in Athens for a while and she really liked the job a lot. She enjoyed taliing to all the customers and in some cases letting them peek at her ample cleavage. Just enough for a good tip she always. "all I have to do in unbutton my blouse down a litle and the men always give me good tips." One night I dropped by and took up a seat in the corner until she was to get off work. I was around 2Am and there wee few people in the huddle house but 4 women came in, all in their mid 30s most likely. Tess had been flirting with a couple guys so her blouse was unbuttoned and she had been fixing it and unbuttoning it so much that the button she usually stopped at was loose and came open of its own accord so much that she finally gave up and quit closing it. Well, this night Tess was wearing a skirt and she had hemmed it a little on the short, this also helped with the tips she told me. Well, she had taken a break and we had a hot mak out session outside in the car for a few minuetes at which time I had removed her thong. She was soaking wet and horney when she went back to work and waited on the 4 women when then came in. Her blouse was unbuttoned a little too low but she did not notice it. She went to the table and asked if she could help the women that had come in. All 4 were very feminine and dressed well. The one nearest Tess was getting a great show of cleavage and was staring. They were all a little drunk and the one nearest Tess finally decided what to order. What will it be Tess asked her. The woman looked into her eyes and said, You Dear." Tess said, What was that? "You, I want you for my meal." She had reached to Tess's leg and was slowly moving her hand up her thigh making Tess quiver but Tess did not move. Tess was getting turned on more and she said, "And how would you like that order?" The woman moved her hand obviously up to Tess's wet pussy and Tess let out a little gasp, moving her legs apart. Then her fingers sank into her pussy as the woman told her, "I want you raw and naked and wet, just as that pussy is dear." Tess gasped again and leaned forward bracing herself with her hands on the table. Do you understand me the woman said as she was obviously pumping her pussy with her fingers. Tess moaned as she had an orgasm on her hand squirting her juices onto the womans hand. The woman removed her soaked hand and went to her mouth with it licking the juices from it. Tess was gasping for breath as she stood there.Will that be all she managed to say with a shakie voice. Yes dear the woman, and the other 3 said, We will have the same thing she is having. Tess had a glassie look in her eyes. I will get the order for you in a couple minuets, I have to clock out first. I sat there as Tess glansed at me and I smiled, mouthing her to go ahead and enjoy herself. She told her boss she was not weel and had to leave and clocked out. The women all got up and went to a SUV they were in and waited for Tess. Tess went to the SUV and the first woman opened the door and pulled her in, undressing her in the SUV and even thru the tented windows I could see that Tess was being ravaged by the two in the back seat. Then suddenly her bra flew out of the window and her blouse. They drove off and I picked up her clothes and followed them. They pulled into a near by hotel and one went in and got a room. The SUV parked in front of the room and they got out, two were in stages of undress and the other two held Tess, now totally naked, between them. They went in and closed the door. One woman came out and got a bag and went back in. For three hours Tess was in the hotel room with these four women and when she came out they all kissed her good by and with a sheet wrapped around her she staggered to my car. She got in and laid the seat back and threww off the sheet and was naked under, there were love bites on her titties and her hips and inside her legs. She was still soaking wet between her legs and her face smelled of pussy. She told me, Fuck me, fuck me now and I was naked in a second and got on top of her in the back seat. The smells of pussy made me hard as a rock and she guided me deep into her. We managed to last 10 or 20 min and she was having orgasms like crazy.I filled her pussy with cum and she sat up and grabbed my half hard cock, sucking it deep and back to life. NOw she got on top of my lap and rode it hard. The women were watching from the hotel window, all naked again and all carressing each other. The sun was coming up as Tess got dressed and I did too. The women came out to the car and told her. We fotgot your tip, and each slid a hundred dollar bill in the her hands and kissed her. We will be in again eaxt week the same night and we will expect the same service one told her. Good Tess told her. My pleasure and they kissed and we left. This was a weekly thing for over a month and then it seemed they disappeared. Every time Tess thinks about it we end up in bed of in each other no matter where we are.

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