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Happy Dance

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I was out shopping for a new printer when I ran into an old friend at the dept store. I couldn't believe it I had just been thinking of him and his wife wondering how they were. It was so good to see him and we exchanged numbers to keep in touch. He asked if I had plans that night and I said no just heading home to clean up. it was the last day of my vacation and I had been neglecting my apartment because I was working my second job in the pm and tending to the kids at church in the am. He asked if I wanted to come over for a cookout I said yes.

We got to his place and the grill is going he has his family there and his wife and son. I send my kid to play and we catch up. His wife was just as yummy as the first time I saw her. I had had a crush on him for years all the way back to middle school. His family left and the boys were playing in one of the bedrooms. The topic turns to sex and we share some details as to what we all like. She told me they had had a few encounters with other people. I was shocked and amused as well. She told me that he liked to watch and went into detail about their most recent activities. I told them that was cool. I had just broken up with my couple whom I had been with for three years. I think I shocked my darling friend with that one. Everyone always thought I was the innocent one. Well I was also the quiet one and you know what they say about us.

So we get to talking further on the subject. Yes I was interested in them both had been for a long time. She tells me she has been to the local strip club and asks if I wanna go. I said sure but it was a bad night. We made plans to head out the next night instead to a dance club thats in town. I know how I get when i drink. I get really turned on. I knew that it was a risk but I really wanted to have some fun even if just drinks and dancing with some friends.

So we get to the club and some mutual friends show up. We share some drinks together and one of these guys starts hitting one me. My friends wife was quicker than me. She told them i am a lesbian and from there it was all playful banter. We decided to head downstairs to see what they have.

I am not an experienced dancer. But when i saw they had a pole and a gage I had to try them. I was one drink away from my personal limit so i and it and gathered the courage to get on the floor at least and dance. She joined me. I have never had someone able to keep up with me when I dirty dance so it was hot. She let me take the lead and followed like we were one body. With the alcohol and the smoke machines and the heat of our body's I was already very turned on. When she ran her hand up from my crouch to my neck I had to take a long ragged breath before I could tell her not to do that. God I think I came in my panties at that point. She said all right and we danced a little longer. We went and sat for a bit and I got lost in her husbands eyes. I did not for a moment forget about her but a person could drowned in his eyes when sober so I was in trouble. I have bad knees so he was helping to ice them. His cool hands on my hot flesh was a lot to handle. At some point and I have no idea when it happened or how we were kissing. That man has the softest lips and his tongue was like silk in my mouth. I don't know how long it lasted but his wife was watching the whole thing. She told the guy who had been flirting with em upstairs that i was just really drunk. Finally I had to break apart from him. I got nervous about what she would think if she had seen us. After a few more minutes she and I got up to try the pole. I wanted to tease the hell out of him. She was with me. So we went and spun and climbed and ground our selves all over that pole. I couldn't have resisted much longer so I gave in and kissed her. My hands sought her breasts and I had my fill. When I tried to bite her neck I only got shoulder. She is a little taller than I am.

The night ended shortly after that. And after grabbing a bite to eat at Denny's they dropped me off at home.

The next weekend we were again having dinner together and I had brought over some movies for us to watch. We watched Dangerous Beauty and half of Phantom of the Opera. Only half because at the start of the movie I had her come and cuddle up with me on the couch. I tried to be good but I couldn't. I started playing with her ears at first. thats my thing I love ears. Then I moved onto her neck. I ran my fingers up and down over and over. I added my nails to the mix and dragged them lightly along her skin. She let out a throaty "that feels so good." I asked her if she meant relaxing and she said yes. I was crushed I had hoped for more. So after a few more strokes I contented myself with resting my head on hers. I had wrapped my arms around her and for some reason I just had to kiss the top of her head. I did that a few times. I hoped she would know what I was doing. I let out a loud lip smacking kiss I think. She turned around and I thought. "Oh shit she is going to throw me out."

Nope she turned and kissed me. Stone cold sober and we were making out right their in front of my long time friend. For the life of me I forgot he was there. I had to touch every inch of her. My hands groped her breasts and it wasn't enough. I had my hands full so I took my foot and ground it into her crouch. We heard her husband move and we pulled our lips apart and looked at him. I kept my foot and hands in place. She asked if I liked where my foot was. I told her I just needed to touch her every where at once. Her hubby suggested we move to the bedroom. We didn't waste any time. we went in and shut the door. I kissed him again. I twas just as good as when I was drunk. Maybe even better. I pulled apart and had to clarify something from our past before we could continue. He laughed and gave me the answer I wanted. We got into bed and then it really got good. We undressed and started making out in bed again. He sat back and watched us. I fingered her and she went into me. When he said I should eat her. I really wanted to. But I felt I had to tell them I had only done it once. So she ate me. He held me fast as she licked and sucked and pulled and when she slid a finger in and another to my clit I came.I cried out with the strength of it and sort of lost control of my legs.I had to return the favor even if I was nervous. Oh my god I had never tasted anything so good. I can't even describe what it is like to have my mouth on her. To have her warm juices in my mouth. I slid a finger in then another and a third. I have a long curved tongue and when i moved it to her clit she orgasmed for me. The feeling of her body as she released is something else entirely. So soft and firm and wet and warm. I got on my back and we lay there. She slid her hand down and wanted to go in me again I opened my legs for her and was surprised to feel her husband slide into me. He was hard and strong and long. He pushed in and I matched him thrust for thrust. That was the first time I have ever let a man cum in me. It was like this warm heat just spread through me. I got off again just feeling it.

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