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Girls Night

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So, you REALLY want to know what goes on when the girls go out? I?ll tell you: It starts out innocent enough, dinner, drinks, lots of laughs. It doesn?t take long before the subject turns to something sex-related. On this one particular evening, we were asking questions, kind of going around the table taking turns answering them. Questions you?ve always assumed: Spit or swallow? Lights on or off? Top or bottom? Maybe some questions you didn?t: Anal or no? Everyone?s answers to the questions of the evening elicit lots of laughs, some surprises and even a few lessons. I think Renee got the lesson of a lifetime on how to give a blowjob. She was eager to practice her newly learned tricks on a nearby wine bottle as the waiters watched in amusement.

The evening continued and we left the restaurant to return to Siobhan & Steve?s house. They had just finished remodeling the basement and she had invited us all beck to check it out. Judy & Renee left early, as they usually do. This always starts the rest of us wondering about the two of them. From our conversations it seems that both of them are unfulfilled sexually and we can?t help but wonder about the two of them together. Then the laughs resume as Siobhan brings out more wine. Steve is apparently passed out upstairs, so it?s just Siobhan, Stacey, Yvette & me. We were hanging out talking about her upcoming wedding plans for a little while, and then Siobhan decided that she has had enough and goes upstairs to pass out, too. That left just us three. We were laughing about how we are often the last three going at the end of a party. Then we started talking about what we were wearing to the wedding at the end of August. Of course this conversation took awhile because the wedding is a weekend long series of events, beginning with a barbecue on Friday night and ending with a brunch on Sunday morning. So, that being said, there are several outfits involved. As none of us were done gathering our outfits for the big event, we resolved to go shopping later that weekend.

Then the questions started again. The three of us, being the most satisfied in our relationships, both physically and emotionally, always have the most to offer to these conversations. We built on the earlier subjects, sharing more details with each other in this more intimate and private setting. Then more questions: can you orgasm during sex? Do you use toys? Do you shave or wax? Eventually the conversation led to a physical comparison of our (and our husbands) individual shaving preferences: Stacey shaves it all, Yvette shaves for a bikini & keeps everything trimmed, & you know how I keep myselfJ So we decide to share & compare. Pretty much because Yvette wants to shave more but isn?t sure if she?ll like it, so Stacey & I feel compelled to convince her of the benefits of a shaved pussy. It?s been a long time since I?ve seen another woman?s pussy, so I gasped as soon as Stacey bared hers (she was wearing a short skirt with no panties). Giggles followed all around, along with some oohs. I couldn?t help but touch and I think we all blushed. I unzipped my jeans for comparison. As I opened them up they both said, Oooh, a landing strip! In unison. Again more giggles. Yvette decided she preferred this look and we immediately ransacked the bathroom for shaving supplies. Well, not only did we find shave gel and a razor, we also found a stash of toys! We oohed & ahhed as we compared all the different shapes, colors & sizes of Siobhan?s collection. I commented how thinking about all the orgasms all these vibrators and things must have brought on was making me horny. I picked one up a small one that looked like a lipstick tube and turned it on, pressing it to my still bare pussy. I guess everyone else was just as horny. Stacey leaned in for a kiss as Yvette began caressing my breasts. As I got closer to climax, Yvette & Stacey began kissing each other while their hands were all over me. The intensity of the moment drove me right to orgasm. Of course, I giggled as I said Oops, couldn?t help it. We were all laughing at this point and the other girls continued to go through the collection. Stacey found a big black one she wanted to try. We found some lube to go with it and got it all juicy for her. She slid it up & down along her slit to get herself ready. Then she turned it on and slowly slid it in. The pleasure on her face was obvious and Yvette & I gave her the same treatment they had given me, caressing her body with hands & mouths until she had her orgasm. Yvette seemed a little shy about trying one, then we remembered that she wanted to shave her pussy, that?s where this all started. So we got the razor & shave gel & spread it all around. She had kept it trimmed so short that it was easy to shave right off. We were all giggling the whole time, but we were extra careful not to nick here anywhere important. We joked that we would kiss any boo-boos we left behind. We shaved her bare and she went to rinse off the leftover residue. When she came back she was very pleased with the results. So were we, & we couldn?t help but tell her, and show her. I had to touch because it looked so smooth, I put my hand out & touched her with a downward stroke, lingering at the part where her lips separate. She didn?t object so, as Stacey began to kiss her, I continued to rub her pussy. I reminded her that we had both enjoyed some toys from the collection and asked her if she wanted to pick one out for herself. She picked out a bunny & I had to share that that was my personal favorite. She put it to work right away as Stacey & I shared what was left of her, and each other while she worked her way to orgasm. As she came, she shared that her decision to shave was a good one, and one that she will never regret. We all enjoyed one last glass of wine to finish the bottle. We had some cleaning up to do as we did not want to leave any evidence of our escapades for anyone to find in the morning. We did our best to leave everything as we found it, and promised that this night would be a secret just between the three of us. We found a good thing and didn?t want to share with anyone elseJ Something tells me our girls nights out will never be the same!

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