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Erin in the afternoon!

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My wife needed a little excitement, so one Saturday afternoon I decided to hook her up! I left strict orders for her to remove all clothing, make up jewlry ectera and be seated on the parlor couch wearing only a robe and the blindfold I had left for her. be there at precisely 3 pm.

The idea was for her to feel totally naked and vulnerable. Devoid of all the things she relied upon every day that gave her confidence and security, and I have always found her beautiful without makeup even though she says I am just telling her that because we're married. She is 5' 7" tall dark long curly hair a smile that could light up a room She is a curvy athletic pretty lady, medium build works out daily has a trainer. People tell her how beautiful she is, but she doesn't seem to believe it.

At 3:15 Kelsey, a lilth redhead with a thin muscular body an oversized tight butt you could bounce a quarter on, used the key I gave her to enter the house through the front door.

Without so much as a whisper she proceeded directly to stand over my wife. Kelsey was wearing a trench coat and and a mesh body stocking, black sheer with some lacy pattern woven into the nylon and a nice large strap-on cock, which she revealed to no one in the room as she let the trenchcoat fall to the floor.

My wife could tell someone had entered the house and was standing near her. She could feel the coolness of the day follow the stranger into the room on her slightly exposed thighs. She asked who's there and got no reply.

Kelsey's red hair was pulled tightly back on her head revealing her wild irish face with fiery green eyes again to no one inparticular in the room since my wife had obeyed the instructions and placed the blindfold over her large brown eyes.

Kelsey reached her long slightly freckled right arm towards the top of my wife robe and pulled it apart revealing both her ample breasts. Kelsey heard my wife Erin inhale a little shakily and saw a slight shutter as arched her back to present her breasts to whom ever was there with her in the parlor. Obviously Erin was quite nervous but turned on, Kelsey noted her nipples had begun to enlarge.

Kelsey pulled the robe the rest of the way down Erin's arms so that it now rested on the old antique couch, Erin now completely exposed from her groin to her nipples felt an electrical tingle all over her body now and her mind wondered whom this could be?

Cameron? Erin asked, calling my name in a voice slightly louder than a whisper. Kelsey placed her thumb directly on Erin's lips in a hush gesture then rapped the rest of her hand around Erin's jawline and raised her face as if to kiss it. Erin new immediately that it wasn't me by the soft touch of Kelsey's hand which was now encouraging her to stand up to which she complied. Now feeling incredibly aroused and totally wet. Who was this mystery person? The hand on her face felt slight, smaller and soft unlike a man, could this be a woman? Cameron had always wanted her to be with a another woman but it had never happened. Now she felt extremely turned on with the thought that it could be a woman, which was one of her greatest fantasies!

Kelsey encouraged Erin to turn around with only the touch of her hand so that she could see her ass. this time it was Kelsey who gasped looking at Erin's stunning ass. Kelsey grabbed both of Erin's upper arms and pulled her close. Now Erin was perplexed she felt a rather large cock slide between her ass cheeks, but was sure she could feel breasts on her back, a strapon? Wow this was going to be great!

kelsey reached around To Erin's breasts and started tugging on Erin's nipples, she moved her head in to smell Erin's long curly hair and rub the side of Erin's head with her face. Kelsey could feel Erin body shudder yet again as they became close.

Kelsey now pushed on Erin's back so that she would bend over and expose her ass to her. While Erin leaned over on the couch Kelsey kneeled down and placed her nose on Erin's exposed pussy and took in the musty sexy odor of another woman. Then she put her tongue to work. Erin's pussy felt like it had never felt before. Erin spread her legs apart even further as a low moan escaped her lips. Cameron could never eat her pussy like this only a woman could know a womans pussy so intimately... Erin could only moan now over and over as Kelsey's tongue did its work every so often working its way over and around Erin's asshole. now there was nothing but esctasy in Erin's mind. she had to move a knee to the couch before she fell down!

Kelsey stopped the tonguing and stood up and placed the head of the strapon on Erin's pussy. Erin didn't wait she leaned in to the strapon and took the full delishious length of it. Kelsey started to stroke the fake cock back and fourth and Erin loved the familiar feeling feeling of a cock thrusting in and out of her pussy.

Kelsey stopped suddenly and pulled the big strapon out of Erin's pussy dripping. Erin had cum twice already but wasn't ready for it to be over. She stayed bent over blind folded waiting to see what came next..

Kelsey placed the head of the strapon on Erin's asshole. Erin loved anal and waited for the thrust of the fake cock. Kelsey moved ever so slowly, first the head entered her rectum then stopped. The pleasure was unmeasurable. Then ever so slowly Kelsey pushed the strapon entirely into Erin's anus then back and forth with powerful thrust until Erin came again!

Kelsey now spoke to Erin and said "turn around and sit" which Erin did immediately. after Erin sat down Kelsey removed the blindfold as per my instructions. Erin did not recognize Kelsey, she had never seen this beautiful woman before now. Her body shook uncontrollably, and her pussy became totally wet again. Sex with a perfect stranger! Fantastic and unbelievable! Sex for the first time with a woman! unbelievable! As she sat there contemplating all of this Kelsey was hurriedly removing her body stocking and replacing her heels. she grabbed Erin's head and moved it to her shaven pussy. Erin had never done this before but loved to lick her own juices off of Cameron's face after he ate her out, so she new she would like this. She did!

She ran her tongue around Kelsey's clit and the tops of her long legs. Erin worked her way up to Kelsey's belly button and then back down to her pussy. She stuck her tongue in and out like she was fucking Kelsey's pussy with her tongue, really her whole face! Then Kelsey handed Erin the strapon she had moments ago brought Erin to orgasm with and turned around. She told Erin to stick that cock in her pussy while eating her asshole to which Erin complied gratefully bringing Kelsey to orgasm.

As Kelsey was leaving several minutes later Erin couldn't help to think what a great husband she had, and how gratefully she was to have him in her life.

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