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Daughters Surprise

Daughter's surprise

I caught my 20 year old daughter, Shari having sex with one
of her beautiful girlfriends, both totally naked.

We had an electrical failure at work one day, computers
didn't work, and the AC was out so, they turned us loose a half
hour early. When I got home there was a car in the drive so
I parked on the street and walked around to the sliding glass

As I was about to open one I could clearly see two naked women
totally absorbed in a frenzied sex session. They were alternating
between licking each other and using sex toys. I was frozen
to the spot, partly concealed by the curtain. It was impossible
not to watch. Once I thought her friend Jill had glanced
my way but she just brought Shari's head up from her
crotch, French kissed her and seemed to whisper something
as she nibbled her earlobe.

They got right back to it, but I was spooked and left for a
while. When I got back they were dressed and chatting. I
got a fuck me look from friend Jill but went straight to my

I have to admit this was not the first time I had seen Shari
naked with a sex partner. We share a bathroom between our
two rooms. Shari brings her boyfriends (and girlfriends)
home after they have been out and I don't discourage
that for safety reasons. I'd rather know she is at home
than snuggling in a car or at some guy's house where who
knows what will happen.

Both doors to the bath are hollow core so don't do much
to stop sound. Shari is a moaner, squeaker,
and in orgasm a screamer. I either go to the den or just lay
there and masturbate to the sounds of sex just yards away.
Shari has started teasing me by leaving her door ajar to
intensify sound in the bathroom. If I leave my door open
a little it is almost like being in the room with them.

During several of her noisier sessions I have entered the
bath and walked to her door which has a clear view of her
bed. I've seen her in sex with both males and females
and once with one of each.

Today was the first time sex moved out of the bedroom and
it seemed deliberate. There was even a very fragrant pair
of panties on the counter in our bath on my side of the sinks.

The next day at breakfast I mentioned that I had come home
early but not come inside because I saw she and her girlfriend
were on the couch. "I know, Shari said very casually,
Jill saw you watching." I asked if it didn't bother
her that I had seen her and her friend totally exposed and
involved. "Nope, Jill set it up. We were going to stay
there until you got home. Jill wants to have sex with you.
Her real fantasy is to have sex with both of us at the same

I said surely you wouldn't consider that would you.
"Of course I would. We've both seen each other
naked. You've watched me fuck. Why not? By the way,
Jill's coming over Saturday night at ten."

End of Story

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