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Cat House

She knocked on my door just as I was giving final instructions
to the babysitter, a spectacular feat of timing when you consider
she'd come all the way from Texas. I flung open the door and she
swarmed over me in a hug. It's really kind of like that, there's
very nearly a foot's difference in our heights. I've always
maintained that it put me at an advantage in certain matters--
namely the ones I was snuggling my face into.

We separated a little bit and I grinned up at her. Kim looked
a bit travel-frazzled, but we both knew better than to go into the
house and let her freshen up. The kids were occupied strategically
in the back room, but if she set one foot inside the house it
would be mayhem and we wouldn't be able to get away for twenty

So I grabbed my purse and sunglasses on the fly and we headed
for the car. Kim didn't get to visit very often, and every moment
was precious. This trip, our first stop was the one she'd bugged
me about since we first gave our online friendship its real-life
dimension, a year and a half ago. Finally, today, I was going to
show her the Denver Zoo.

The drive over was spent chatting about this and that. Kim's
husband was well; my children were fine. Her husband had sent us a
card, which we giggled about, it being scandalously erotic. The
man was unusually forbearant, even enthusiastic, about Kim's
"harem" of ladies around the country. Most of them lived near her,
but I considered it a source of pride that she was willing to take
a few days, once or twice a year, and come all the way to Colorado
to see me. Someday I'd doubtless have a man of my own, and our
visits would change or end, but for the moment we were occasional

What I had planned for today would, with any luck, keep her
coming back for more!

She brushed her shining black hair as we cruised fruitlessly
up and down the zoo parking lot. The few shady spots were, as
always, taken up; eventually we trekked in on foot for what seemed
like miles, passing gratefully through the gate. Kim took my hand
unabashedly as the crowds eased off and we found ourselves in
front of the zebras.

In most towns, two women holding hands might be the target of
ugly glances--certainly less trouble than two men might have, but
trouble nevertheless. But here in Denver there was an atmosphere
of tolerance, combined with a strong cultural movement toward
simplicity, almost a back-to-the-60's feel. In addition, two women
who looked less like stereotypical bisexuals would be difficult to

Overweight, short, feminine and loaded with jewelry, I don't
conform to the perceived image at all. Usually I'm even less so,
with my two blonde children tagging along. My hair isn't short,
spiked or bleached; it's deep brown-red and hangs in slightly
curly waves. My brown eyes and olive skin helped to dispel the

As for Kim, her amazonian height and streaming black hair set
off her cool blue eyes to an effect that would have a man looking
at her speculatively, all right, but not in regard to her sexual
preferences. Unless he simply wanted her to prefer him!

For today, at least, the men were out of luck.

We exclaimed over the elephants and rhinos as we went around
the great circle. Everywhere, Canada geese roamed at random,
avoiding the occasional peacock. Kids yelled and ran about, adults
fanned themselves in the heat. I tugged on Kim's hand and dragged
her into the elephant house.

"Stinky!" she exclaimed. I had to agree, but I knew we'd get
used to it in a matter of minutes. Keeping an eye on the inflow of
zoogoing people, I showed her the furry little hyrax in their
stand-alone concrete and glass structure, midway between the pens
that led to the outside with their rhinos, elephants and tapirs.

"Look, it says they're related to elephants," I said.

The last echoing voice faded out. Glancing around the concrete
edge of the enclosure, I saw only a couple gazing solemnly at the
mammoth display, and I turned back to step very close to Kim.


I shushed her, inclining my head to let her know there was
someone in the building. While she still looked down at me in
surprised bewilderment, I took up her hand and, pretending
mischeivously to be engrossed by the furry cliffdwellers, I
nibbled thoughtfully at the base of her thumb.

This was the point at which everything would be decided. Her
reaction might be negative, which would scotch my plans and we'd
have to wait till this evening. But she didn't screech or look
angry... she just leaned against the concrete with a scandalized
expression. Her hand trembled in mine, but did not pull back, and
I nipped her skin tenderly. She looked over my shoulder,
presumably at someone coming in, but I didn't change my position.
I tracked the new footsteps by their echoes, passing us without
really stopping, on the other side of the hyrax cage.

In a moment the crowd became a little too much for me, and I
released her hand. She had an entirely different look in her eyes,
and her body remained close to me, as we left the elephant house.

As we wandered the maze of the zoo, I took every opportunity
to tease her. When we rounded the corner between the kangaroos and
the Wolf Woods, I caught up with her--my stature makes it
difficult to keep up with anyone--and snagged her shoulder, just
at the right moment so that her loss of balance, combined with my
subtle push, sat her right down on a recycled-materials bench.
Startled and verging on annoyed, Kim looked at me with wide blue
eyes as I snugged up against her.

"Oh," she said, her attitude changing in an instant. I curled
my arms around her neck and kissed her deeply and powerfully,
putting everything into it in the brief moment we had before the
next family grouping rounded the little pathway bend. She was warm
and close, lifting her face eagerly to mine; I bent over only
slightly to press my lips to hers where she sat. I didn't hold
back, curling my tongue between her lips to caress hers, sliding
both my hands into her hair.

Even more daring than I, she clung to me as we both heard
footsteps around the screen of bushes, and her fingers slipped
unmistakably down my back to squeeze my ass. Her breath was warm
in my ear as I pressed against her again, feeling my breasts push
hungrily at hers, my hands hot on her neck. Then she broke away
and leapt up from the bench, and we ran away giggling, just as the
advance scout two-year-olds of the oncoming family rounded the

In the observation window of the Wolf Woods, she turned back,
while I struggled to catch up, and blew me a kiss behind the backs
of peering teenagers. From then on, it was a competition. Which of
us could be more daring, teasing the other to the verge of

I'm entirely content to tell you she won, most of the time.
Her longer stride and better view of the people ahead let her pick
her spot more often. She captured me outside the reindeer pen,
covering her action with a point, her other hand, hidden between
our bodies, sliding along the side of my breast in full view of
faroff zoogoers. She stood behind me to look at flamingoes,
converting her casual viewing stance to a sudden closeness when
the crowd evaporated, her mouth open at my neck, her hands sliding
down my collarbones toward my breasts--only to withdraw instantly
when the shadow of a fellow customer glanced across the glass.

I'm not sure which of us was the more pleasantly frustrated.
Then it was my turn to escalate things, when we got to the
tropical bird house.

It's a wonderful exhibit. Hundreds of birds of every shape,
size and coloration inhabit it, free to roam a series of different
rooms in the enormous building. Mist is spouted into the air every
few minutes by hidden nozzles, so the atmosphere is damp and
filled with exotic birdsong. Green is the predominant color,
tropical plants lush and verdant spreading their great leaves
overhead. Nests are hidden in the foliage, and the birds run
across the little concrete path visitors are allowed to walk on,
or swim in the tiny stream flowing underneath.

We stopped on the bridge, pointing out pairs of brilliantly
colored waterfowl. Three people meandered on, leaving us, and then
the thing I was waiting for happened: the mist went off.

The jets of water sprayed out near the door, and I knew most
people waited till they stopped before coming in. Kim exclaimed
slightly at the dampness, but laughed. I brought out the box that
had ridden in my pocket all this time, and handed it to her.

"What is it?" she asked, her eyes lighting up.

"Open and see," I said, nodding at her. "Quick."

She lifted the lid. "Oh Rose!" With careful fingers, she
pulled out the strand of garnets and twisty white river pearls I
had crafted for her. It was slightly larger than the largest
bracelet, and I could only hope it was the right size. "It's an
anklet," she guessed accurately.

I nodded. "Put your foot up here and I'll put it on," I
offered, gesturing to the rail of the tiny bridge. She darted a
glance toward the empty doorway, where the mist jets still hissed.
Then, grinning, she lifted her foot and hiked up her pants leg for

I put it on as slowly and seductively as I could manage,
trailing the cool length of the stones across the arch of her
foot, my fingers warm on her skin as I fastened it. My hands slid
up her calf till they were stopped by the pants leg, when the soft
sound she made caused me to look up.

She was flushed, her nipples visible beneath the silk of her
shirt. Her great soft eyes looked at me dimmed by lust. Somehow
the simple act of fastening on the anklet had excited her more
than anything else I'd done the whole trip. Her foot landed on the
ground again and she fairly grabbed me.

We kissed amid the falling droplets of mist, bird cries on
every side as they went about their own mating rituals. Kim's
hands slid over my shoulders, crushing me close as she bent to
kiss me. I closed my eyes, forgetting the outside world for a long
moment, my body melting against hers, my hands creeping up till I
felt the hardness of her nipples thrusting out against the shirt,
beneath my fingertips. When I ran my thumbs over them she made a
moaning indrawn breath that shivered my spine, and at that moment
the mist cut off and we heard voices.

It took a moment to untangle ourselves, and the voices went
silent as their footfalls entered the room and stopped. We both
cast a horrified glance at the doorway, where several curious
heads poked in. Only a few faces registered understanding of what
we'd been up to, and I clearly saw one old man's face crinkle in
humor, before we turned tail and ran.

Laughing, our hair misted with fine droplets, we pelted over
the little bridge, our feet splashing in the puddles. A brilliant
pink wading bird stalked offendedly out of our way, as we
clattered through the double doors at the end. Just to be sure, we
moved through the next couple of rooms at a good pace, paying very
little attention to the critters we saw on all sides.

Finally, feeling ourselves well away from those we'd shocked
with our wanton behavior, we wandered hand in hand through the
backwaters of the zoo. A boa constrictor in a glass enclosure
looked at us somnolently. We saw a buffalo that couldn't be more
than three days old. We passed the great cats, their enclosures
partly outdoors and partly inside, and entered their building to
see the tigers through their glass wall. They paced and panted in
the dryness.

Inside it was darker, glass windows opening onto the clouded
leopard, the panther, the jaguar, the cerval and the hyena. "He
always looks so huge to me," I said, nodding to the latter. It
lay, shaped more or less like a dog but half again as big as a
German Shepard, its awkward muzzle resting on the artificial earth
of its exhibit. I grinned to myself, unable to help it, and
suggested we hit the water fountains in their little alcove.

I checked my watch while Kim drank, and then glanced behind
me. A pair of eyes looked steadily at me from the cerval cat's
glass window. I waved at them and they vanished. When Kim turned
back to me I took her hand and we walked over to the tiger's
window. Faintly beyond the layer of glass, across the tiger's
outdoor playground and the deep chasm that separated him from
humans, we saw a few spectators looking at the striped beasts. The
tigers on the other side gazed back with the same incurious, heat-
wearied expressions.

I left her, trying to be casual, and walked to the center
exhibit under the dim lights. Here the great black panther lay
stretched along his artificial tree limb, his tail hanging down,
the tip twitching just a tiny bit. As Kim joined me I glanced
surreptitiously to left and right. I couldn't see any people; so
they couldn't see me. Perfect.

Kim saw me dump my purse on the floor and stretch my arms, and
when I sat down on the narrow space formed by the wall that held
up the glass front of the panther's enclosure, she took a spot
beside me and turned to me, eager to resume our teasing. Taking
advantage of the fact that no one was currently in the big cats'
house, she took me in her arms and kissed my lips with tender
passion, leaning me back against the panther's glass.

I raked my nails lightly down her back, feeling the silk shirt
ripple and crease beneath my hands. As she leaned against me,
pressing me fully against the cold glass, she glanced to one side
to see if anyone would come in. I deliberately interrupted her
look, and she gasped, turning back to find both my hands full of
her breasts.

"Ohhhh... Rose we can't..." Her voice trailed away in a moan
as my mouth, low enough to reach her without much squirming,
closed over her nipple. Silk dampened under my tongue, and the
taste of her flesh came faintly through the cloth. Though her
words had protested, her hands slipped through my hair to draw me
closer. I heard my own chuckle, low in my throat, slip out, and
that's the last coherent sound I remember making.

We didn't take long to forget the peril of someone coming into
the big cat house. The panther and the jaguar watched with
incurious eyes as she leaned against me and tore open my shirt.
Her hands slipped my breasts out of their bra cups one at a time,
and her mouth returned my favor, sending sharp tingles of pleasure
to stiffen my nipples and make me arch my back. I moaned aloud
when I felt her fingers curling up my thighs, sliding between the
long skirt I wore and my skin, stroking me.

When I made a long arm and caught up my purse she gasped, drew
back, looking at me with the face of an awakened sleeper. But I
just smiled at her, holding her close with one hand. The other
fished in my purse, and when I felt the slim round shape I twisted
the base. The buzzing hum that filled the air brought the ears of
every predator in the house turning to us like radar. The lion
paced up to his glass window and looked over at us.

I lifted the vibrator from the purse. Kim half-laughed, half
gasped. "Rose, we can't, we'll get arrested!"

I just grinned at her and laid the buzzing tip of the thing
against her neck. She laid her head back, letting out a breath,
but kept shaking her head.I followed the tingling trail of the
vibrator's tip across her skin with my tongue, feeling her moan
add its softer, warmer shiver. Her hands came down onto my
shoulders again, and I took advantage of her indecision to move to
my knees on the narrow bench, this time putting her back against
the glass.

I drew the vibrator down her skin, slipping it into the hollow
of her throat, kissing there as the buzzing tip moved on between
her breasts, nudging aside the buttons. I let my fingers follow,
opening the shirt, letting me see the slopes of her breasts, the
lacy bra with its damp spots where my mouth had been. I touched
each one with the vibrator tip, felt her busy hands pause as she
gasped, and saw her nipples quiver, hard and jutting out behind
the lace.

"Rose..." she made a final half-protesting sigh, and then let
it happen.Her fingers kneaded my breasts, making my breathing move
faster, making my body feel fluid, as if my skin were sliding
against all my clothing. I opened her shirt the rest of the way
and pinned her against the glass wall, rubbing my thigh against
her, slipping it between her legs. She lowered her head to press
her open mouth against mine, her tongue darting in hungrily,
tasting my mouth.

When I released the buttons of her pants, she turned her head
from side to side against the glass, looking for intruders, but
saw only the unimpressed gazes of the tigers and leopards. I
slipped my hand in first, touching the heat of her, then the
wetness, slicking my fingers. I drew them out, sucking the tips,
looking into her eyes, bright blue over her flushed red mouth. She
lifted up a little, taking her weight onto her heels for a moment,
to let me draw the pants down over her hips. I left them wrapped
around her thighs, easy to pull up if we were interrupted, and
prisoning her. It must have been frustrating; she could only open
her legs so far. Into that opening, into the center of it, I slid
the vibrator. Its sound was muffled as it plunged into her,
without warning, sliding easily in, bringing the first sharp sound
from her.

The cry echoed from the glass plates, brought the hyena to his
feet long enough to look around muzzily. He lay back down to sleep
and I covered Kim's mouth with mine, holding the vibrator deeply
inside her with my leg. I slid my thumbs past her nipples again,
under the lacy covering of her bra, then pinched their stiff peaks
with my fingers. I moved against her, slowly, my thigh rubbing
her, nudging the hard buzzing vibrator within her.

She let out a deep, throbbing cry, her hips bucking up against
me. I slipped down her body, biting her softly, to where she was
uncovered, vulnerable. As her voice rang in the room, I took hold
of the slippery base of the vibrator and drew it partly out,
slipped it back. Her body moved with me, and I kissed her thigh,
lightly, teasingly. Then I reached with my tongue for her
clitoris, echoing the sudden plunge of the vibrator with a sudden,
rough surrounding of her most sensitive spot with my mouth. I
drove my tongue against it, feeling her hands clutch at my hair,
her hips thrust up against me.

I slowed her down, deliberately, easing on the drive of the
vibrator into her, on the pressure of my tongue. She called my
name, in a voice gone delirious with pleasure, urgent, throaty, a
sound that made my own wetness surge beneath my skirt. I couldn't
listen to her like that without pushing her to the edge, and I
bore down again, lashing her clitoris with my tongue, thrusting
the hardness of the buzzing vibrator again and again into her, in
a jerky rhythm, unpredictable.

She had the attention of most of the animals now. The male
tiger was lashing his tail, staring directly in at us. The great
cats had come in from the outside and were heads up, their radar
ears bearing on the sounds she was making. It crossed my mind
vaguely that she must have sounded like one of them, in heat. Her
hands dragged painfully at my hair; I threw my free arm up to
clutch at her breast, and drove at her with mouth and hand and
vibrator, throwing her back against the glass, worrying her

She came yowling, her hips rising off the concrete toward me
powerfully, her sheath spasming over the vibrator, hard enough to
yank it out of my hand. Her spicy taste ran into my mouth, her
hands clenched in my hair. I gave a little growl against her clit,
licking and licking at it until she slowed, until she rested
against the glass again, until she released me and her breath was
hoarse panting, echoing in the big cat house.

"God Rose," she said. "If we get caught..."

I slid up her, both of us sweating and shaking. Tenderly I
drew her pants up her languid body and fastened them. "It's all
right, we weren't caught," I whispered to her. I held up the
vibrator, slippery with her fluids, and licked it clean while she
did up her shirt. The promise in her eyes was enough to melt any
woman, but I knew we didn't have all the time in the world.
"Tonight," I answered her unspoken offer.

Once she had herself together, we gathered up our purses and
headed for the door. The timing was terrific. She was just coming
to herself enough to say, "I can't believe no one walked in..."
when we turned the corner and found the double doors, their bars
looped together on the outside with orange zoo "Warning - Do Not
Pass" labels. The "Temporarily Closed For Cleaning" sign could be
read backward.

Kim turned to look at me. "Rose, what's that about?" I could
read in her face that she suspected something, and I couldn't help
but laugh.

My friend Trevor let us out, grinning all over his gay,
purple-dyed hair, nose-pierced face. I explained to Kim in a
hushed voice as we walked away, staggering only a little, that he
and I did favors for one another sometimes, and today's had been a
whopper. I'd owe him tickets to the Pietasters for sure. Giggling
to one another, Kim and I made our way to the zoo gates, already
planning our next excursion.

We got home all right, though I'm sure we looked a sight, hair
mussed, some of our clothing less than perfectly arranged. We must
have smelled like... well, like a cathouse!

End of Story

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