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Best Friends and More

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This is a continuation of the story Jobsite Joy - the rest of my day just got more interesting. ........

I left the jobsite with my tires fixed and went to meet up with Laura at our favourite store. It was a shop that just sold sexy outfits, stilettos, thigh high boots and all kinds of sex toys. I apologized again for being late and she said to me ?you look like you just had wild sex? ? I could feel my face go red and was hoping my boyfriend hadn?t thought the same thing. Being a woman she could sense things men never could ? they are always in their own little world. ?Fess up? she said and I told her the story about having the flat tires and being left at the construction site dressed like I was. ?No way!? she said ? now I?m jealous ? where is this place?? We both laughed and it put us in the perfect frame of mind for our little shopping spree.

We made our way to the reception area of the store, you see, they gave women wine when they arrived to calm their nerves in case they hadn?t yet experienced a store quite like this before. We had but we loved the wine. It made us willing to try things even we felt uncomfortable with. Laura and I each grabbed a couple hot outfits ? short skirts, low cut or see through tops, various sexy heels and boots and gave each other a fashion show. ?I told Rod he would like what he saw tonight? I said to her. ?Help me pick out the best outfit for him to tear off.? She smiled and said ?Well that would be the one.? I was wearing 5 inch black stiletto?s that wrapped around the ankle and up the leg a bit ? his favourite type ? and a see through black top which left nothing to the imagination, my nipples were already poking through from rubbing against the material. My nipples were more often than not hard which is why he always called me Nips! The skirt I chose (well Laura picked it out) was even shorter than I had ever imagined and I knew my thighs would peek out above my stockings when I wore this. Luckily he loved that look as he?s a leg man. I finished the ensemble by purchasing a brand new pair of black thigh high stockings and we left the store.

I told Laura to drop by and we could try on our outfits at our place. I told her that Rod would have a good start to a wild night if he came home to us both dressed like sluts. She agreed and we drove back to the house. I opened a bottle of wine when we got home and we ran like giddy school girls to the bedroom to get dressed. ?I?m going to shower first? I told her ?I know once he sees me he way have his tongue wagging and if it is I know where I want it to go!? She said ?Great idea. Maybe I should shower too and wear with home so John can have the same reaction.? I got undressed and hopped into the shower and realized we may use all of the hot water so I hollered to her to make sure she jumps in as soon as I?m done so Rod has enough hot water when he gets home. She said ?I?ll do better than that ? I?ll join you.? Before I knew it she was standing beside me naked in the shower. Now we were good friends but I?d never showered with her before. She must have noticed the stunned look on my face and she said ?It?s ok girlfriend ? I won?t bite ? unless you want me to.? We both started laughing and the uncomfortable feeling subsided. I continued to lather up and she grabbed the soap and took it up on herself to do my back. I could feel my face turn flush as I realized how hot it felt. She then said ?your turn? and gave me the soap and she turned around. I returned the favour and rubbed soap all over her back and she said ?don?t forget my ass? so I did that too. ?Good girl? she said ? just how I like it. I dropped the soap at that point and bent over to pick it up and when I stood back up she had turned around and water was running down both of us and she moved her face to mine and kissed me. She pulled away and looked in my eyes and must have realized I didn?t mind it because then she pulled me close and kissed me again, this time her hands were around my waste and all I could feel was our moist bodies touching ? so soft and sensual ? our breasts rubbing against one another and before I knew it she had her wet hand between my legs. I jumped a bit and she said ?It?s ok? ? just go with it.? It did feel amazing and I was always curious about another woman. It was just a fantasy though and I never dreamed it would come true. I let her continue on and her fingers rubbed my clit. She knew what she was doing because before long my knees were weak and I came in the shower. ?Good girl? she said now let?s clean you up and go get ready for your man. Oh yes, I thought to myself, he will be home soon. We quickly rinsed off and went to the bedroom to get ready. I was really hot now and still a little embarrassed.

We got into our clothes and commented on how good each other looked. I happened to look at the bed post and realized the bondage ties were there for all to see. Oh I hope she doesn?t ask about that I thought but too late she noticed them. ?Hey what?s this?? she said, as she tugged on one of the ties at the foot of the bed. ?Oh that? I said ?Rod likes when I?m tied up sometimes and when I am he makes me cum like never before. Each time is even better than the last? I told her ? which was the absolute truth and I was hoping tonight would be no different. ?That?s great? she said ?does it really add that much excitement? My boyfriend has been wanting to tie me up and I haven?t let him yet.? I told her it was wonderful and not being able to break free added an intensity to sex. I knew from our previous conversations about sex that she loved force and we both craved a gangbang so I knew she would like it.

?Hey I have a great idea? Laura said. ?If he likes you tied up, now that you?re dressed why don?t I tie you up for him? Then I will leave and he will come home to you just as he likes you. Hot and Helpless.? Although I would never have dreamed of my best girlfriend tying me to a bed I knew Rod would love that so I said sure. ?First things first? she said ?take off that thong. If he is going to want to use that talented tongue of his he won?t want those in the way.? I said I wasn?t sure I should and she said ?Don?t argue with me.? And she put her hands up my skirt and pulled them off of me. ?You are a bad girl for not listening so here you go.? And she shoved my thong in my mouth. I shook my head at her and she just shrugged her shoulders and said ?Now lay down!? My mind was racing. What was she doing? She was actually seriously telling me what to do. I decided I had better listen so I laid down on the bed. ?That?s a good girl? she said and stroked my hair. ?You will love the sensation you get from being tied up when he gets home so let me do what I need to do.? I nodded and she started tying my wrists to the bed and then my ankles. She then pulled the thong from my mouth and asked if I was going to be good now. I said yes of course and she said ?WHAT?? I again said yes I was going to be good. She said ?ANSWER PROPERLY!!? I am your Mistress and expect to be called such. OMG I thought to myself. She was making me her slave! What had I gotten myself into?

?Now then? she said calmly ?are you going to be a good girl?? and I timidly said ?Yes Mistress.? ?Much better? she said and she pinched my nipple hard. I dared not say anything so I laid there and clenched my teeth not letting out a sound. I was in quite a predicament now ? dressed slutty, no panties, tied to my own bed with a friend who wanted to own me. What now I thought.

Laura made her way to the foot of the bed and dragged her hand down my body as she did so. She looked right into my eyes as she slowly bent over the bed between my legs and ran a hand up each leg. That always turned me on when Rod did it and how she was doing this. I was getting just as hot with her touch. I had no clue what was going on. I squirmed when she reached the top of my inner thigh and she said ?Ohhhhhh my little slut slave likes that does she?? I moaned and she said ?Answer me!? and she slapped my pussy. I said ?Yes Mistress.? She smiled at me and slowly moved her head down between my legs. Then I felt it. Her soft yet firm, warm, wet tongue was flicking my clit and she was letting out her own sounds now. I tried to fight the feeling but I knew I was in a losing battle. Once again she knew what she was doing and she licked my pussy and sucked my clit and then slowly put her fingers inside and immediately found my G-spot. My legs started to shake and I could feel the orgasm building and I wondered if she had ever experienced a woman squirting on her. She was about to find out as I had one of the most intense wet squirting orgasms ever and I could tell she was enjoying the show as she was cheering me on and saying what a good little slut slave I was. She kept this up for what seemed forever and I must have made a huge lake all over the bed. Finally she pulled her fingers out and licked my pussy one last time and slowly moved her body up to straddle my face and she said. ?Now it?s your turn.? With that she shoved her pussy in my face and I fucked her with my tongue and she untied my hands so I could grab her hips to pull her closer and then she started to moan herself and it wasn?t long until she exploded all over my face and told me to drink it all up. My face and hair were soaking and she got off and untied my legs. She laid on her back and told me to get one of the toys she knew I had and I did. She said fuck me with that thing as hard as you can and don?t stop until I squirt all over you again. And I want your pussy in my face as you do so I can finger you until you give me a shower like I gave you. I did what she said and I grabbed one of my largest dildos and I fucked her with that thing as she used her fingers and tongue to bring me another wet, squirting orgasm and we both came at the same time and I?m sure the whole neighbourhood heard us. When we were done we both crashed to the bed and laid there panting and sighing and continuing to moan as we were drained from our time together. I said to her ?We really have to get up ? Rod will be home very soon.? She said ?yes, you may go? and I jumped off the bed started to run to the shower but when I got to the door he stopped me. ?Nice show? he said ?when do I get to join in the fun?? I dropped my clothes and felt my face go 5 shades of red and wait until you hear what happened next!

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