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Best Friends Forever

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My best friend Amber and I are both housewives. Because of this, we spend many long afternoons and many drunken nights together. Our husbands are more interested in their careers then they are in us, which makes us two very lonely women.

Amber is a very beautiful woman. She is very petite, but she has a nice curvy figure. With long blond hair and eyes as blue as the ocean, it?s easy to lose yourself in her looks. Many times while drunk we have joked about giving up men altogether and ?taking care? of each other. I was always rather intrigued by this idea?like I said, Amber is very beautiful! I had wondered several times what it would be like to feel her undoubtedly smooth skin.

Last Saturday evening, Amber came over to drink while our husbands were putting in extra hours at work. Prior to her arrival, I had decided that I wanted to find out just how serious Amber was about our joking around?did she feel the sexual tension as much as I did?

Amber went straight towards the kitchen to cut up some limes, and I trailed closely behind her. This is it, I thought. I went up behind her and put my hands on her shoulders. I started massaging them lightly, enjoying the feel of her firm muscles. Mmmm, Amber moaned. She tilted her head back to look at me and said ?That feels so great.? Feeling brave now, I touched the clip pinning her hair up off her neck, and asked if she minded if I took her hair down. With her permission, I let her golden hair flow down. She turned around towards me, smiling very shyly. I took my hands, cupped her face, and stared into her eyes for a few moments. Ever so slowly, she began to move her lips towards mine until they were finally touching. Her lips were warm and sweet, and when they parted, I thought I was going to die. I traced my tongue around the inside of her lips. She tasted faintly of raspberry. Abruptly I pulled away, took her hand, and led her to the living room. We sat down on the couch, with me resting my hand on her upper thigh.

We resumed kissing immediately, but that wasn?t enough for me. I started running my hands up and down her arms and back. I wanted to feel her?all of her. I quickly slipped my hand under the back of her shirt and rubbed her bare back. Amber sighed in pleasure, pulled back from me, and slipped her shirt off. Following suit, I did the same with mine. We joined together again, and I could feel her smooth white skin against mine. I cupped her breast through her bra and began to massage it. She arched up against my hand, and I bent over to kiss her neck. I trailed my lips and tongue from the base of her neck down to the lacy material of her bra. Reaching behind her, I unclipped her bra, and set her magnificent breasts free. Amber had very perky boobs, with pink nipples that were very erect. I covered a nipple with my mouth and nibbled gently on it. She moaned loudly, tossing her head back. Keeping my mouth on her breast, tasting her sweet skin, I started rubbing my hand along her thigh. I went in between her legs and felt the heat coming from her. By this time, I was already throbbing and soaking wet. Undoing the button on Amber?s jeans, I asked ?Are you okay with this?? . With a half laugh Amber replied ?Oh yes. I need this badly?. She stood up so that I could slip her jeans and panties off of her, and then she helped me out of mine. ?I want you to touch me? I said to her. She reached behind me and took off my bra?then I felt her hand tentatively touch my breast. While she explored my firm breasts, I put my hand between her legs to feel her wetness. She was very wet, and felt like the smoothest satin. I rubbed her clit and then stuck a finger in her. She gasped and cried out ?Oh God? . I gently drew Amber down to the floor, put her knees up, and spread her legs. Using my mouth and tongue, I teased her clit. Amber was moaning and breathing rapidly by then. I took my tongue and stuck it inside of her, just in time to feel an orgasm pulsating from within her. ?More?, she said, ?Don?t stop?. I didn?t stop?I continued to taste her purely feminine taste. I could tell by her moaning that she was already building up towards another orgasm. I slipped a finger inside of her ass, and that pushed her over the edge. She gasped, moaned and cried, all the time saying ?Oh, yes. Yes, yes, yes?. I began to touch myself?I was so hot and wet. Amber came over to me, pushed me to the floor, and began to touch me. She stuck several fingers into me, fucking me with her fingers. I felt my muscles tighten around her. Continuing the in and out motion with her hand, she bent down, and began to flick my clit with her tongue. When she took my clit between her teeth and bite down gently, I had an orgasm so hard that my whole body shake.

We spent another hour there on the floor, gently fondling and cuddling each other before we decided to go finish making our drinks. While dressing, Amber said ?I had never done that before?. ?Well?, I said with a smile, ?What are best friends for??

We toasted many things as we drank that night, but the toast that kept getting repeated was ?Here?s to being best friends forever!!!?

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