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Best Friends Forever

My best friend,whom i've known since 6th grade,she was always a little bi-curious,and eventually admitted she had a crush on me at one point.i thought she'd gotten over it,but one night,her and i were just having a girls night;and we were sleeping next to eachother.neither of us could sleep,and she mentioned how horny she was.she started asking me to touch her,and i refused,being embarrased at not knowing what to do.so she slowly showed me how she wanted it done.she slid her fingers over my nipples and slowly down my stomach,then into my shorts and she started to rub.feeling good,i let her continue doing different things to me.she took the palm of her hand and vigorously rubbed my clit,making me arch my back and moan.after a while,i got comfortable with it,and started to pleasure her.i sucked on her errected nipples while i slid a couple fingers inside her wet pussy,and began to kiss her all over.she pushed my head towards her pussy,and i knew exactly what she wanted.i started out slow,licking her clit and she massaged my head to ease me on.so i licked faster and inserted 3 fingers into her thriving pussy.she arched her back and curled her toes and pulled my hair as she climaxed and i felt her sweet cum drip into my mouth.i continued and she orgasmed two more time,before she stopped me and begged to taste me.i agreed and laid back as she slid her tongue around my already wet pussy.i immediately began to moan and shake,she seemed so experienced,even though she had never done anything like this before,along with me.i came 4 times and begged her for more,but she had other plans.she brought out a vibrator and a cock like dildo,and had this smile on her face.i let her use them on me,making me scream and orgasmn so many more times.and every time,she'd lick me and made sure she got every drop cum....it was amazing,and i couldn't wait for more sleepovers like that one

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