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Asian Intern

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My name is Sam, I am a 33 year old athetic with dark curly hair. I am 5'5, 135 (real weight, kinda muscular) played tennis in college and still play 2-3 times a week. My Husband and I have been kidding each other about trying something for a while, usually during sex, but we are very proper with great jobs in real life and so I never thought it would really happen, just something fun to talk about.

I have a really good job and I am the highest up women in the company. I don't really flirt and I'm sure the men would consider me a tight ass. If they only knew!!!

Although I generally don't use one personally, our company uses interns from local colleges. I notice them around and I will occationally have them run some errands for me.

I noticed this one intern named Kimi who was 23 and just finished playing college tennis herself. She would stop by my office and chat a little but she was mostly working for men elsewhere in our company so I didn't think anything about it except that she was kinda cute and the type of girl my husband would love. Of course I told him "there is a new intern at work you might want to check out, she is just your type"

About a week later I was assigned a huge project due at the end of the week and I was told I would get a full time intern and, of course, I chose Kimi.

Kimi is shorter than me about 5'3 with average boobs, a great ass, a set of gourgous tan athletic legs, and a fun smile that seems innocent yet mischeivous. We hit it off immediatly as she was a hard worker, smart and laughed when I was joking. For some reason she was able to see through my tough business persona and even laughed a few times when I was actually serious. I was starting to have feelings I have never felt, and it was exciting as hell!

We had a long and great first day at the end of the day we started talking a little tennis and she said "You should come to my tennis club sometime although you shouldn't shower there" and then giggled. I thought that was weird but I just said "ok, I won't, see you tomorrow"

Tuesday and Wednesday went by way to fast, without a lot of small talk. I was trying to get the project done early so I could focus on some fun later in the week and I was hoping she was thinking the same thing.

The next day I found myself struggling to find something to wear, I had never been with a women before yet this college girl was always in my head. I decided to roll the opposite of my sexaul intuition, dark power suit and nice blouse but underneith matching red bra and g-string. She was dressed in a tight sweater and a mid length skirt w a slit up the side. My first thought was oh my god, I am going to get to look up that skirt at some point today. She complimented me on my outfit and I swear I started to blush, mumbling out a "thank you" We got to work and sat side by side. I couldn't tell if she had a bra on but I found myself glancing out or the corner of my eyes at her legs and her chest to see what she had on under. In the morning I could never tell if she was braless. We broke for lunch and I turned the AC way up as I left the office for lunch, I had to find out!!

She always called me Mrs Morton and when she returned from lunch she had on short shorts and the same sweater. I said "Kimi I dont think that is appropriate business attire" she said "well I guess you should spank me!!" What? She turned bright red and She said "I am so sorry Mrs Morton, working with the guys, they say things like that and I just say things to fit in.... I am so sorry"

Then she continued "I spilled coffee on my skirt at lunch and didn't have time to go home" I gathered myself and said, "Don't worry about it, lets get this stuff done so we can have a good weekend"

The room was cold and it did exactly what it was supposed to do, her sweater clinged to the outline of her breasts and her nipples were now visible, firm and young and I could see it was her turn to be uncofortable, the short-shorts werent providing her much relief from the cold either...

I finally asked "Is it cold in here?" She laughed and said "I am freezing, look at my legs" That was my opportunity to control the situation, I had been looking at those sexy legs all afternoon, I said 'Oh my, look at how cold you are!!" as I felt her legs and rubbed them a little to warm her up. She didn't pull away, I continued to rub the length of her legs but my door was open so I couldn't be too aggressive, I told her "that is what you get for wearing short shorts to work" She said "What should I wear" in a flirting way. I said "I have always liked the boots and a skirt myself as long as the top is conservative" But tomorrow is casual Friday so whatever you think.

We said goodbye for the night and I headed home to an empty house, Marc was away on business, and I didn't even get to dinner before I pulled out my vibrator and took care of myself dreaming of eating my first pussy, I couldn't stop thinking of Kimi and I came almost immidiately, then feeling akward about cumming to another women, another first for me.

Friday was finally here and I had another plan, this time have my office hot as hell. I wore a nice summer dress and flats, no panties. Kimi, as I hoped she would, wore boots, a skirt and her best look, a tight sweater. Little too warm for how hot the room was. We finished our project by about noon and I told her to grab some lunch and be back by 2 to finish things up. Most of our floor was off Friday afternoon so it was time I taught little Kimi a lesson.

When she came back I told her we are finished with the project and she was free to go unless she wanted to have a drink with me to celebrate. She said "as long as it is cold, I am roasting here" I said i know, I am teaching you to be prepared for every situation. She said "I thought I was supposed to do what the boss tells me, like have a drink!!" this bitch was driving me crazy and she knew it. I said "So what if your boss told you to take that sweater off because it is 100 degrees in here??" Kimi looked back at the door which was shut, walked over to it and looked outside to find that everyone else on our floor was gone, she shrugged and with her back to me took off her top. Holy Shit!! What am I doing, I am at work, but I couldn't help myself, it was like I was watching myself from outside my body. Kimi broke my trance by asking "am I supposed to turn around Mrs. Morton???" I said yes Kimi, you are supposed to do as you are told, so she turns and has the best abs and tits I could have imagined, small dark nipples and perfectly shaped breasts...damn this girl probably rocks a bikini. She said "Mrs Morton, I am just curious, what are you going to make me do, I want to make sure I get a good grade on my internship." She was still playing me, what nerve. I said "Kimi, there are a lot of people trying to get a good grade, what are you going to do to make sure you stand out?"" She bit her lip and in a seductive way said "What ever you tell me to do Mrs Morton" I told her to take her skirt off and leave her boots on, she turned her back to me and did it purposely bending over to show off her ass that was more bubble than I realized with a g-string running right up the crack of her beautiful ass. Kimi turned to me and her white g-string was soaking wet in the front. "Why are you so wet Kimi?" Kimi said "I have been masterbating thinking about you all week" good answer I said.... I asked her if she had ever been with a girl and she said "yes, but only 2" I said good "so you know how to eat pussy?" Kimi said "I have only had girls go down on me" I said 'well Kimi, today you will do what you are told and you will be eating your first pussy and you are going to work your ass off to do a good job" I thought she was going to cum right there standing in my office as she was shuddering in anticipation, I can't blame her, I had juice running down my leg and on to my dress too. I moved around to the front of my desk so I could sit on it and give her a view of my toned legs. She moved towards me and I told her to stop right there, "Kimi, you need to take your panties off and leave them on my work table" Kimi made a long production out of the process by showing me how stuck they were to her pussy. She said "how come I have nothing on and you are fully dressed?" Because i haven't told you what to do yet.... I lifted up my dress and showed her that I wasn't wearing any panties, I couldn't hold out much longer, I was in heat and trying to rub my pussy against anything I could find on my desk. Finally I said "Kimi, you want an A, you need to come over and lick me like the little slut you have wanted to be all week." She came towards me and put her hands on both of my legs and leaned in to kiss me, which I accepted with a moan as her bare tits rubbed against my neck, she slowly kissed my neck and pushed me backward taking control by getting me to lay back on my desk, damn this girl is hot!!

when she made it down to my waist I was moaning too loudly for the office and Kimi told me to be quite, I mumbled an ok and begged her not to stop....she put her finger on my lips and made the shhhhh sign with her mouth, with that same finger she slid down and rubbed my clit and I let out a yell of passion, she said "Sam do you like that?" Wait what did she call me? Before I could respond she entered her finger into my pussy and I thrusted back, tooo eager and she said "oh sam, what do you want" in a mocking tone, that little asian bitch was turning the tables on me and there is nothing I could do......She then flicked my clit with her tongue and twisted her finger slightly and that was all it took, I was on the verge of a massive orgasm, a weeks worth of sexuality pent up..."Sam do you want me to lick some more, it seems like it" I said "yes, hell yes I want to come' She said 'tell me how bad you want me to eat you SAM.... as she flicked my clit again and I dug my nails into her shoulder she said"beg me to make you cum Sam" I couldn't hold out any longer, I said 'Kimi eat me, please, you are so fucking hot, lick my pussy" She went down on me and i exploded in her mouth, I am not sure how she knew I was cumming but she slurped up all my juices as I wildly thrusted into her totally lost in passion. Both of us moaning.... I couldn't take anymore, it was sooooo senistive and i tried and tried to pull away but she wouldn't let me, I finally escaped and knocked a bunch of stuff off my desk but she wasn't done, she grabbed me, damn this little girl is strong, and made me kiss her, sticking her tongue deep inside my mouth making me taste my own cum. As she was kissing me we heard a noise in the hall, Kimi grabbed her clothes and changed behind the door and I scrambled behind my desk. A few of the men came back to finish up their work and knocked on our door, we did the best we could to look normal until they left, which they did after giving us some funny looks.

Kimi said "I had a blast, I am bummed that my internship is over, I am really really sorry I started calling you Sam, Mrs Morton, I just really was getting into it!!

She hugged me and gave me one last wet kiss, then wispered in my ear, 'Mrs Morton, you have my email, the next time I call you Sam your tongue will be deep into my pussy"...


That is a true story, email us if you liked the story or want more details


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