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An Evening At Home

Ok. It's ringing... once... twice... three times. Is she ever going
to answer? Oh, wait, she's picking it up now. Why is my heart pounding like
this? "Jenny? Hi love, it's me. Are you still coming over tonight? Good!
I'll be here waiting for you. See you soon honey."
I can't believe it's really going to happen. Don't know if I'll be
able to control myself. This young woman excites me so. Hope my need for her
doesn't scare her off. Seems like it's taking forever for her to get here.
But I have waited this long, guess I can wait a little longer. Is that her
in the driveway now? Ooohhh, it is! Got to pull myself together, look like
I'm cool. Wonder if she is half as nervous as I am? She's at the door, got
to go open it. God, she's so pretty and young and she turns me on so much,
be cool, be cool...
Good, she's smiling standing there in the doorway. Hope she doesn't
notice how my hands are trembling as I unhook the screen. Should I hug her?
Of course I should. What else is there to do? She feels so good in my arms,
just like I knew she would. Look at those lips. Just got to get a little
kiss. Just a little one, just a quick soft pressure on her lips. She must
have been thinking the same thing, she's kissing me back. And neither one
of us seems to be letting go. I can't help it, my mouth is opening and I
am kissing her harder, pulling her closer. Her mouth is open too and my
tongue is sliding slowly inside, running along the edges of her teeth and
finally meeting her own soft tongue. If I don't break away now, we will be
naked on the floor in minutes.
"Jenny, it is so good to see you, to finally have you here with me.
Would you like something to drink? Some wine or some beer? Sit down, make
yourself comfortable while I get it. We have so many things to talk about,
but I need to relax a little first. Hope you don't mind."
I can't keep my eyes off this girl. Probably won't be able to keep my
hands off of her much longer. I am already tingling just from the touch of
her fingers when she took the glass from my hand. This conversation is
killing me. I want to know all about her, everything there is. But it is
all I can do to just sit here on the couch next to her. I am as close as I
can be without looking like I am going to jump on her. She keeps leaning
towards me, and I lean towards her. It seems that we are sitting much
closer than we were just a few minutes ago. Maybe it is the wine that
is making me feel so warm. She's looking a little flushed too. Did she
notice the way my hand brushed her thigh? Maybe she thought it was an
accident. Or maybe she knows...
This is making me crazy. I have to do something or I am going to be
all over her. Turn on some music, maybe that will help. "Would you dance
with me Jenny? I know it isn't like being out in a club, but then again,
it could be nicer." Ummm... she seems to like this too. She moves so
gracefully. Wonder if she will move as well when our naked bodies are
melting together under my mirror? Uh oh, getting ahead of myself again.
Here comes a slow record. Take her in your arms, easy now, easy, just
dance with her. Just feel those flat nipples getting harder as they
rub against yours. Let your hands slide down from her waist to gently
cup her rounded behind. I think she likes it too. Her neck looks so soft
and smooth. Feels good giving her neck little kisses, running the tip of
my tongue all the way up to her ear lobe, all around the rim, licking the
inside. Our bellies seem to fit naturally, shifting back and forth as
we dance. She is getting me so hot, playing with my hair. Is she really
pulling my face to her for another kiss? Her kiss is making me dizzy, her
mouth so open and accepting. This kiss is getting hotter and hotter and I
am getting wetter and wetter. Is she feeling the same? If I slide my hand
between the thighs that are pressing mine, will it come away slippery?
Will she let me?
She seems to be relaxing. And she hasn't complained yet. As a matter
of fact, she is holding me pretty tight. Did I hear a soft moan when my
hand slipped under the waistband of her skirt? Her skin is so soft. If I
pull a little, it might just pop open... there it goes... is she glancing
towards the bed?... is it time?
Well it didn't take us long to get naked. She was so sexy taking her
clothes off. That skirt slid down her thighs real slow and easy. What a
turn on watching her strip. Seems like it took forever for her panties to
come off exposing that hairless mound. I bet I'll go crazy kissing it, going
lower and lower, discovering her wet secrets. I didn't expect her boldness,
reaching to remove my blouse and then my bra. Look at how big her eyes are!
Guess she didn't think my tits would be so big. Ummm.. her hands and her
mouth feel so good on them. Maybe later she will bite them. Or maybe she
will let me rub them between her legs. It must feel different than the
little nipples that have rubbed my clit in the past. Bet hers will feel
just as nice. Can't believe how flat she is, but god, those nipples. Am
I falling in love with this woman's body or what? Is that why I am so
attracted to her? Because she reminds me of a girl with those flat
nipples and all that skin where her pussy hair should be? I knew that I
loved her before, but now I am totally lost. Am I going to be able to let
her go? I already want to keep her around me as much as possible.
I thought it would be hard to get her in my bed, but it wasn't. It
was almost too easy. But that first moment of full body contact! Nearly
came right then. If just hugging and kissing her like this has me so
excited, what will it be like later when our desire is satisfied? The
bliss will be total. Have to get control of my hands. They are running
wildly all over her body. We look so good together in the mirror above us.
And her hands are making me wilder, rolling my nipples between her fingers,
getting them harder than I have ever seen before. Let me run my finger
gently up and down her slit. It is so wet my finger is sliding inside,
stroking her clit. It won't be hard for her to find mine, it is sticking
out already, like a little penis. She likes that, jumps a little every
time I brush her clit. But she keeps moving back to my finger. Does she
taste good? Yes!...going to lick all of her juice from my finger... no...
wait... she wants one too. This is such a turn-on. One finger in my own
mouth while she sucks the others. Wait till I get to suck on her, she will
find out what it is like to be sucked and licked and nursed. I plan to
make it better than she has ever known. I don't want this one to get away.
This is a good song on the radio, that guy that used to sing with
Shalimar. It's good that he's making it on his own. Good lyrics...
What we share is very special...
It's mystical...
Your love to me is very serious...
I won't play games with your tender heart...
And when I look into your eyes and say I love you girl...
That's what I feel. I'm for real.
And I am for real with this sweet woman. I didn't think it would be *this
good. Her nipples seem to keep getting bigger and bigger in my mouth. Love
the way she pushes them up to me. There is already a wet spot underneath her.
The way she is wriggling and squirming thrills me. She'll be screaming by
the time my mouth gets down there where my fingers are now. Ummmm...got to
hurry up and get there... but not too soon. I want this to be good for her.
Just going to take my time, lick her all the way down, trace a wet trail
from the bottom of her breasts to her navel. Liked that soft giggle when my
tongue tickled her navel for a second. Kiss her stomach, give her more of
the butterflies she says are there. This is so good. And her pussy is so
smooth. I could lick and kiss it all night. But I know better things are
waiting. And her hands are pushing my head lower and lower. Guess that means
she likes it and wants more. I'll give it to her... in just a few seconds.
But first... let me kiss her squarely on her swollen lips, suck one of them
between my lips. Ooooooo... she's so wet, so sweet. And she is making me so
hot. Open the lips a little, look for that hot button. There it is. Just
going to blow on it for a second.. yes... she likes that. But she is moving
her hips to get closer to my mouth. Should I take her now? I know she wants
it as much as I want her. I'll stick my tongue out now, tease her a little
bit. The smell of her is in my nose, better than any perfume. Can't wait
anymore. Got to take her clit in my mouth, suck on it like a little piece
of candy. Move back to lick it from the base to the tip. Oh yes, she wants
it. Her legs are on my shoulders now. The come is leaking out of her.
Maybe I can stop the flow with my tongue. Slide it deep in her, yes...just
like that. She is so open, grinding her cunt in my face. Licking and sucking
on her clit as hard as I can, probing her open pussy with 2 fingers, sliding
them in and out of her. Is she loving this as much as me? Her moans are
getting louder, the movements of her hips getting faster and wilder. Her
head is thrashing back and forth on the pillow, her eyes squeezed closed,
not even looking in the mirror anymore. What is she saying? Don't stop, don't
stop... was that it? No way am I going to stop now. The come is running out
of her so fast she must be almost ready. I'm ready, mouth open at the
fountain of her love while my fingers vibrate on her clit. Oh yes, oh yes,
here she comes, flooding my mouth with her come. I knew she
would scream, I knew it. Her thighs locked around my neck, clit throbbing
under my fingers. Just gonna close her lips over her clit and press it
until she stops coming, until she relaxes her grip on me. And then I'll
lay next to her, take her in my arms and hug her and squeeze her and tell
her how much I love her and how good she was. And then....

End of Story