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My girlfriend lost a bet with me and had to pay up going to the bookstore in Gastonia. So you got dressed up and had a few drinks and she was ready to go. So we paid and went in to the theater and sit down there was about 10 guys in there. So I started to kiss her and take her dress of and she was naked as a jay bird. And then guys started to come over and rub all over her body and she bent down and started to give me a blow job. And next someone was behind her fucking her real good and then she started sucking the guys off while she was getting fucked.Then she sit up and was sucking on guys and others ws jacking off and cum all over her. after about 3 minutes we went in the the arcade and I started fucking her cum filled pussy real hard and the a big black cock came through the hole about 12 inches long. I had her back her ass up to the hole and he started fucking her hard and fastand then he exploded in her pussy you could see cum comming out of her pussy.We got dresses and walked out and went home and fucked like wild dogs she said she hope to lose a bet again.

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