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Wifes Anniversary Present

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My wife and I were getting ready to celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary and I wanted to plan something really special. Little did I know what I was planning would get really out of control. First off Cindy is a petite asian with amazing curves 32 c chest, small waist, and round firm bubble ass. She is a knockout and after 2 kids has been called a MILF more times that I can count. On and off through our marriage at times we've played with other couples (friends) and some other females, but have never been what you would call "hard core swingers". Recreational swingers I guess a better term for it. Our sex life has never been dull. We have always been so into each other anything in the bedroom is a go, if one or the other wants to try something. Well one thing she has always brought up during role playing was for her to be gangbanged, preferably by black men. This always turns us both on during sex, but she always denied she wanted to do it for real, because she said it was just too scary being taken by a group of strange men. Well knowing her as well as I do, I always figured that once the action started, she would relax and really get into it. That brings me to our anniversary. I booked a room at an adult resort near us for the weekend. They have personal cabins with hot tubs, tall poster beds, that sort of thing for romantic getaways. I booked dinner at a really nice restaurant and even picked out and bought her an outfit to wear out for the evening. From the short lace red dress with an open back and drop front to shoes, jewelry and g-string. I told a friend of mine whom we had swapped with in the past my idea of giving her a couple of strange men, but told him I didn't really know how to go about setting it up. He told me of a place that booked male and female strippers, and they would also hire out male escorts for any needs you may be looking for. He highly recommended them since he used the service in the past for his wife, and stated "you won't be disappointed", with a smirk on his face. I contacted the service and told the girl what I was looking for. She told me to meet her at the office, to pick out some men for the evening. The pictures of the men were in their underwear, but all were in very good shape. I picked out two very well built black guys and she showed me recent medical records for HIV/STD tests, backgrounds etc. as well as showing me the info for all their escorts. The place really seemed top notch just as my friend had told me. It made me feel comfortable that my wife would be safe when this whole thing unwound on our anniversary.

Finally our nite came. We checked into our suite, her outfit was all laid out on the bed for her to change into. I had flowers delivered, a bottle of wine and champagne ordered and chilled in the room the whole nine yards. She was amazed and so happy. She wanted to fuck right then, but I told her it would have to wait so we could make dinner. I told her I had a surprise for her later as well, but would not elaborate. She got changed and dolled up for the evening, and made it a point to show me how nice her shaved pussy looked. We had dinner and I made sure she had a few drinks to loosen her up a bit before we got back to the room. I had met with and made plans with the 2 guys a couple of nites before hand, one to check them out, and two to make sure they were hidden in the bathroom closet before we got back to the room. Both were real gentlemen, and I felt very comfortable after the meeting. On the way back from eating, Cindy dropped into my lap and started sucking my dick with fury. I told her to save it for the room, but she was on fire. I shot a huge load in her mouth and she swallowed every drop before coming up for air and letting me know that there was more where that came from. I just smiled and told her that she had better be prepared for a long nite. We walked into the room and all seemed normal. Cindy ran to the bed and started to strip her clothes off. I stopped her dead in her tracks and told her to sit quietly until I got everything prepared. I stood her up and turned her around then placed a blindfold over her eyes and tied it tight. I told her the rules were she had to leave this on until I removed it myself. She nodded, and said yes master; I will do your bidding tonight master. I said good girl and laid her down on the bed fully clothed then handcuffed her hands to the headboard and used ankle cuffs to secure her feet to the toe board with enough slack to roll her knees up and apart for easy access. I tied her midsection to the bed with rope from side to side, and then tied her knees up in the air to the midsection rope. She was bound tight to the bed. I didn't want her to struggle at the start if she was scared. I then started to kiss her deeply and told her that I loved her. She said, "Master this is a great anniversary present". I told her she didn't know the half of it. I then peeled down her top and began to suck her tits, she was moaning like crazy. Then I moved south, and pushed her dress up to the ropes to expose her panties and those sexy flat abs of hers. I ripped her new panties off because there was no way to get them past her restraints, and then started to eat her pussy and finger bang her with fury. She pressed and pulled against the restraints and moaned deeply. Just as she was about to come, I stopped. She begged me to continue, but I told her to hang on I had a new toy for her. She just giggles and told me to hurry. I went to the bathroom and shut the door. Then opened the closet door to find, not two guys, but four guys hiding in there. I asked what was going on and they said they had to bring friends and couldn't pass this up. They were all going to fuck her or nothing. They said they wouldn't charge me for the other two; they were from the service and on the house. I had no choice but to agree and they followed me into the bedroom quietly. I began to kiss my wife again and as she moaned into my mouth one of the guys put his tongue to her wet pussy. She groaned loudly and asked what was going on. I told her to relax, but she wanted him to stop. Just then the others started to suck on her tits. She tried to insist, but they gently kept going. She asked what they were doing to her, and I whispered in her ear, "happy anniversary". I told her to relax and enjoy it; she deserved it for being such a great wife all these years. She was theirs for the nite, and I would be right here watching and not to worry. She was breathing heavy, obviously the attention was getting to her. A guy kneeled up on the bed and pulled out a big black dick and laid it across her lips. She rolled her head to the side and slowly started to suck it into her mouth. He was rock hard and it was such a turn on to see her sucking a strange man's dick while three others were working the rest of her body. Finally the guy eating her pussy stopped and positioned himself between her legs and slipped on a condom, just as I had asked them to do. He slapped his black cock against her pussy and ran his head up and down her slit. She stopped sucking cock and begged him not to fuck her. She said she changed her mind and was too scared to continue. He paused a minute and then said, "sorry girl, but we ain't gonna stop until are ball's are dry. You are our whore for the nite, and like it or not your taking cock." She got out "please NO" one time then pressed himself into her inch by inch. She locked hard into the restraints, but couldn't move and begged him to stop fucking her. Then he slammed into her to his balls and began to pump her relentlessly. I was video taping the whole thing and it was amazing. He paused and pulled out for a moment as she gasped to catch her breath. He peeled off the condom and threw it on the side of the bed. He said he hated those things and a pussy this good had to be appreciated bareback, and then slipped his unprotected cock back in her. She told him to stop and to not cum in her since she wasn't on birth control. He just ignored her pleas and kept pounding her. Finally someone wedged a cock in her mouth and were hitting her from both ends. She was moaning like crazy, and then she started choking on the dick in her mouth as he was dumping his load down her throat. She swallowed most of it and the rest ran down her cheeks onto her neck. She was now moaning like crazy, and then yelled, I'm going to cum, pump me harder. He laid into her and her body jolted hard on the restraints and she yelled "oh fuck yes". She quivered hard and then he moaned and dumped his cum deep in her cunt. When she felt his hot ropes inside her, she told him to pull out, but he kept on pumping until he was dry. She said no, no not inside me, but it was already done. I watched as he pulled out the cum ran out of her stretched pussy. He pushed on her abdomen and as more cum came out he let it run into a glass. Then another guy mounted my wife. All of these guys had cocks way bigger than mine or for that fact, bigger than she had ever taken. The second guy fucked her just as hard and she orgasmed two more times. He dumped his load in her as well and caught the drippings in the glass as well. When the third guy started to fuck my slut wife, one guy remained sucking her tits. I asked him to put his cock in her mouth and get a turn. He said he had to go last, because he needed the others to loosen her up because when he was done, so would she. The other three guys took turns getting their dicks cleaned sucked to get them hard again and fucking Cindy relentlessly turning her into a cum dumpster, but always cleaning up the remnants into the glass. By now her face, tits and stomach were covered in cum and the water glass was about half full of spent cum. I still couldn't figure out what was going on with the glass. Finally, Tree as they called him stood up and dropped his pants. I could not believe the size of his cock. It as at least 11" long and it looked as big around as a pop can. He laid it on Cindy's lips but she could only suck on the head. Even though she couldn't see it, or touch it because of the blindfold and restraints, she could tell his enormous size by the feelings on and around her lips as he stroked it back and forth on her mouth. She asked him to please not fuck her with that. He said she had a while yet, but she was going to take as much of it as he could fit inside her. Then she squealed hard, I looked to see one of the guys forcing his dick in her ass. He inched it in slowly at first, then fucked her ass wildly. She moaned deep trying to relax, and then shook uncontrollably as her ass came all over his cock. He proceeded to dump her ass full as they were both cumming at the same time. They unbound her and rolled her on her stomach. Again one of them started fucking her asshole. Then he stopped and pulled out, and a guy rolled her on top of him. Her tits were pointing straight up at the ceiling as she laid on top of his body and he stuck his dick in her ass again and began to pump her. Another guy climbed between her legs and started to fuck her cum filled pussy at the same time. She instantly came and passed out between them. When she came too they were still fucking her and she began to suck another guy. The guy in her ass came hard as she came right with him. He pulled out and slid out from underneath her as the guy she was sucking moved into position. Tree then stopped them and said, "Time for you guys to get her ready for me." They flipped her over face to face with one guy and he inserted himself into her pussy. She thought the other was going to fuck her ass some more, but then started to squeeze himself into her pussy as well. She strained and groaned as they pushed two cocks into her at the same time. They fucked her silly and she came just as both dicks came in her pussy at the same time. When they pulled out her pussy was swollen and full of black seed. They got the drippings in the glass then flipped her on her back, and tree moved in between her legs. His cock started to inch its way into her. She begged him to stop, that it wouldn't fit in her pussy, but tree continued. She tried to breathe deep and relax her box, but he remained slow and steady pushing his way into her. Tree finally got about two thirds in and began to stroke at her. She groaned and jerked with every stroke. She wanted more, but tree said that was all he could get in her. She told him to pull out and lay down on the bed. He did as he was told. She called out to me and said, "Baby, I want all of his massive cock in my pussy, do you want to see me take it honey?" I told her to take all she could, if that is what she wanted. She straddled him and positioned herself over his cock. Sperm dripped from her cunt and onto his cock as she lowered herself onto his huge shaft. She sat down on it and began to force herself even further on his cock. I could see it pushing against her abdomen from the inside with every stroke and then she got about 2 inches from his balls and just pushed herself onto his entire length ball deep. She paused for a moment to let herself stretch and catch her breath then slid up and down his length about 5 times. Tree was going nuts; he bucked and squirmed underneath her. Then she screamed, "I'm gonna cum on your fucking huge cock you dirty bastard" then she quaked and passed out on top of him. Tree held her in place and continued to fuck her pussy. She came to with his cock still pumping inside her. She came again instantly. She was about to pass out, but two others held her up by her armpits and tree lightly smacked her to stay with him. She did and he blasted her insides with his load. She could feel his warm cum hit her cervix soaking her insides with hot molten black seed. She passed out and collapsed onto the bed. They laid her on her back and pushed her stomach to get all the sperm they could into the glass. They used a spoon to scr*pe it all up on the outside of her battered pussy lips. When she came too, she was upside down, her shoulders and head against the floor, but her hips and legs being held in the air. She wanted to know what they were doing to her. They took a turkey baister and were sucking the cum from the glass and plunging it into Cindy's pussy to further inseminate her. They filled her pussy with this device then patted her stomach to ensure it would work its way down. They did this 4 times until the glass as empty and sperm was overflowing down her stomach onto her tits and down her ass and back onto the floor. I couldn't believe what had just happened. She was literally full of black seed. They put her down on the bed then kissed her goodbye. They told her she was a good whore and was just part of a breeding gangbang. She thanked them in a low broken voice then passed out. When they had left, I looked at my wife's tattered body. She passed out full of cum, but I removed her blindfold, mounted her and fucked her slop hole until I left my own deposit in her anyway. I then filled the tub with warm water and scented baby oil bath and carried her to the tub. I gently washed her up, then changed the bed linens and carried her to the bed and dried her off. I rubbed her down with lotion, and tucked her into bed. I cleaned the whole room up then laid down beside her. I really thought this may be the end our marriage. This went way farther than I expected. I drank wine and worried until I passed out. I awoke and found her snuggled next to me. She opened her eyes and smiled, and told me that this was the best present I could have given her. She smelled wonderful and thanked me for being so caring in setting this up and gently cleaning her up afterwards. We stayed in bed most of the day and watched the video over and over. We made love several times, nice and easy since her pussy was so badly beaten. When we checked out on our way home, she smiled and thanked me again for her surprise. Then grinned and said, "I can't wait to see how you'll top this present next year".

Some how she didn't get pregnant, it's a mystery to me. I would've never been able to explain that to family and friends. I'm still trying to figure out what I can do to top it for next year. I'm sure I'll come up with a plan eventually.

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