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Wife pays hubbys fines

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Once again on another saturday night after too much to drink, as he does about every 5 or 6 weeks, Larry finds himself being led to one of the holding cells at the local police station. He isn't a mean drunk, and doesn't start fights, he just likes to share his point of view to everyone, whether they want to listen or not. After enough people complain, the bartender calls the police to get rid of him.

In this small backwoods town the only police force is two part time young local men who work construction during the day. Both in their late 20's are very pleasant mannered, always joking around with everyone. Lifelong friends, they both stand about 6'3",broad shouldered, and very muscular from the tough labor on construction sites. Ben sports a shaved head and a thin moustache, while Jake has short cropped hair and beard, they are two very attractive darker skinned black men.

As they lock the door to his cell Larry knows the routine after having been in this position many times since moving here about a year ago. Ben and Jake will go out on patrol, stop by his house on the way back to the station, and bring his wife to sign papers for his release.

Larry settled in and was watching the TV on the desk outside his cell when he heard the cruiser pull up. It had only been about 30 minutes, usually their patrol took about 3 hours.Ben & Jake walked in followed by his wife Carol. Larry smiled at the sight of his wife, dressed in one of those little summer dresses she always wears in this heat. He loved the way she looked in them, about mid thigh showing off her tan shapley legs, cut just low enough on top to show just a bit of cleavage from her very above average size breasts, and open toed high heeled sandles. He couldn't wait to get her home and out of that dress.

As he made small talk with Carol, Ben & Jake went into the cell next to his, grabbed the small single bed, and moved it toward his cell, placing it about 3 feet away. They then walked out and asked Carol for the money for his fine. This shocked him because all the other times she had come in and signed papers for his release. His blonde 5'5" wife looked up at them and told them in an almost joking tone that they knew she didn't have that much money.

Smiling, Ben opened up a locker by the desk and pulled out 2 sets of handcuffs as Jake took Carol by the arm and led her into the adjoining cell stopping next to the small bed. As Ben walked to them he asked her if she would be paying as usual, then let out a little laugh. Carol looked up at him with a huge smile on her face and told him she had no other choice. Jake then pushed her down on the bed and pulled her arms over her head, as Ben quickly handcuffed each hand to the corners of the bed. Larry screamed at them wanting to know what the hell was going on. As Ben started to unbutton the front of his wife's sundress, Jake told Larry that Carol decided it was time to show him just how she had been getting him out of jail.

As Ben pulled Carol's dress open to bare her big tits, Larry shouted at her asking her if this was true. She didn't answer right away as she was concentrating on lifting her ass far enough of the bed so Jake could pull her dress up to her waist. As Larry stared in shock at her pantyless pussy she gave him a huge smile and told him sometimes you have to work with what you got! As Ben & Jake started taking off their clothes, Carol jokingly said "Oh please officers don't ask me to do nasty things". Ben jokingly replied "Seeing as your cuffed to the bed we won't ask you to do anything, we'll just do what we want. Then all 3 of them laughed.

Larry got his first look at the now naked men as they approached his wife. He gasped when he saw the size of their big black cocks and shouted to them that she won't be able to handle their large tools without hurting her.As they reach down and each takes one of her rock hard nipples and starts squeezing and twisting them in their fingers, barely audible over her gasps and moans of pleasure, Jake turns to Larry and tells him "you just watch and learn what talents your horney little wife has"! Then Ben turns and snaps at him "shut the fuck up, one more word out of you and we'll come over there to hogtie and gag you, face it your hot little horney wife loves when we use her as much as we love using her, deal with it"

Before he finished talking he had slid 2 fingers into Carols pussy and her scream of pleasure cut into him like a knife. As he looked at the pure lust on his wife's face, he realized that what Ben had said was painfully true. For as hurt as he was, he couldn't look away, he watched intently and hinged on every sound, every word. "Your hot pussy's dripping baby, you want to be fucked don't you?" His sweet innocent wife gasped "oh yeah fuck me!"As Ben moved toward the head of the bed he growled at her "then suck me to get it good and hard".

His cock had just barely touched her lips when she arched up and took as much of his cock in her mouth as she could. For a few minutes she sucked him like a woman possesed, then he pulled out of her mouth, moved down between her legs, and started teasing her pussy with the head of his cock. In moments she yelled out "fuck me now!" She let out a blood curdling scream as he thrust forward driving his huge cock into her, then wasted no time as he started to pound in & out of her hungry pussy.

Larry was so mesmerized watching that black battering ram hammering away at his loving wife's pussy that it took a bit before her realized that her loud lust filled moans had become muffled. A quick glance showed that Jake had changed positions and there was no way she could manage too many moans with his thick black dick sliding in & out of her mouth.After a few minutes the guys changes positions, Ben in her mouth & Jake between her legs thrusting in & out of her pussy. They switched 3 more time during which she had 2 wild orgasms.

Larry watched as the sex between his wife and the 2 large black men got hotter and wilder, then all of a sudden it hit him like a runaway train. Subconsciously he had opened his pants and was actually standing there stroking his throbbing erection. And he couldn't, no, he didn't want to stop. He didn't ever remember being as horney as he was now watching his sweet innocent loving wife being used as a fuck toy by two big burly black men with 2 of the biggest cocks he had ever seen! The 2 men started grunting loudly,Carol was gasping rapidly around the cock in her mouth, he knew they were all ready to explode, and he couldn't wait.Jake grabbed his wife head and was almost fucking her mouth, let out an ear splitting hollar,then started unloading his cum in Carol's mouth but she couldn't take it all so he pulled out and pumped the rest on her face. Seeing this set Ben off and he pulled out and proceeded to shoot stream after stream of thick cum all over her. Carol started to cum just before Ben pulled out and watching that thick black cock showering her body with cum carried her through her orgasm.

As the 3 of them started to come back down to earth, it was Ben who first noticed Larry's erection. "Holy shit" he exclaimed, the other 2 looked over seeing what was happening as Ben continued,"it turn you on watching us do your wife! Larry couldn't deny it with the evidence sticking out in front of him. Carol got up and walked over to him with all the cum dripping down her body and reached through the cell bars and grabbed her husbands cock and started to stroke it. "You really did like watching me sucking and fucking their black cocks". Ben & Jake walked up behind her, and Jake said "this could work out just fine for all of us. We love fucking your wife, and you love watching us do it. We could come by your house for some hot pussy on a regular basis.

When Larry didn't answer Ben told Carol to get on her knees and suck Larry's cock through the bars,as she was sucking him thay asked again if that was ok, but still no answer, so they told Carol to stop. Larry protested and was told that his wife would finish him off if he agreed to let them use Carol regularly while he watched.He needed release so bad that he agreed,then enjoyed his hot wife's sucking mouth as she drained his spurting cock.

Larry is now an active part of the sex games from time to time, but mostly he just enjoyes watching his wife take on those big black cock!

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