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Travel Agency Job

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Sherri had been looking for a job for a couple of weeks and finally saw an ad in the paper for a girl Friday at a travel agency. It looked good and the starting pay was not bad and it was a chance for her to do something more than burgers flipping. She dressed conservativly on Tuesday and was due at the appointment interview at 10. She left and about 5Pm got home and said exictedly that she had gotten the job. She had obviously been fucked well that day and we sat down to find out exactley what a Girl Friday was required to do. She was playing with her nipples and rubbing her thighs as she sat squirming telling what had happened. Here is what she wrote in her journal.

I was actually hoping that this job would not depend on any of what Steve calls my "Special talents" but it seems that any man will do anything if you know how to handle him the right way.There were 4 other women there when I got there and they all had little packets with them with job experience and all that crap in them. I thought, great, I have been a maid and waitress and flipped burgers and have no chance. They we all in their mid-twenties at least and one was in her 30s. We were sitting there when someone in the office yelled out, "If that is what you think then you can shove the job." and a very mad redhead stormed out of the office and out the door. We looked at each other and the girl at the desk and she was smiling from ear to ear. Mr. Duval, a tall well build medium toned black man came to the door, "Next interviewee please Cathy." She pointed to the lady next to me and they went into his office and the door closed. Cathy was smiling all the time and we were waiting. This person came out in about 10 min and left without a word. The next woman went in and was hardly there any time at all. Another black man came to the door and asked for the next person and the lady that sat across from me went in. I heard some raised voices after a little while and she too came out. I asked Cathy what the problem was and she smiled, "The job requires some extra tasks that not everyone is will to do and we travel sometimes to conventions. Not everyone can do what the job takes." I thought great because I love to travel a little and I can do anything it takes to get the job. Better than filpping damn burgers the rest of my life. Mr. Duval came to the door again smiling, "You are Sherri?" Yes, I smiled back. Welcome he said and offered for me to go in the office first. I did and it was really nice, not something revealed by the front desk area. He closed the door behind me and looked at the application I had filled out. The other man sat in a plush chair watching me closley. YOu are 18 he asked? Yes, I am. YOu can prove this I trust, we cannot have anyone that is not legal working here he said as he laughed a little smiling. I took out my drivers lisense and gave it to him. He looked at it and gave it to Mr. Nathan who looked at it and smiled also handing it to me. As he did his hand lingered on mine and he smiled again. A shiver went all over me and I had a feeling that there was more than I could imagine to this job. We talked about the desk work, the phone and typing all of which Mr. Duval determined I could handle with a little training. NOw we come to the difficult part Mr. Duval said, this is where the other ladies have become shall we say disturbed but these are requirments that must be met and if you cannot then you will not qualify. Okay, so what are they I asked him feeling a lot of tension in the room. Well, we have some vry good clients that pay a lot of money for our travel packages and sometimes we must entertain them, we fly to their places of business and the "Girl Friday" must come along to handle detalis and also to help entertain. Will you be able to help us here." I think so I told him, I like to travel and I like to have a nice time too. They both smiled and looked at each other. Very well Sherri, will you please stand up here in front of the desk. I stood up and stepped in front of the desk. Mr Duval looked me over and so was Mr. Nathan. Very nice wouldn't you say Mr. Nathan? Yes, a little buxom but many of our clients like that and she is very lovely too. The blonde hair is really a plus. That is true, Mr Reese would especially like to meet her. Yes he would. Okay Sherri, now please, remove your blouse and bra. I reached up and unbuttoned my blouse without thinking about it then as I reached around to undo my bra I slowled down, letting the straps fall a little and then slowly let the bra drop to the floor. They both smiled and said, "I think we may have our girl," said Mr. Nathan. He stood up and moved in front of me, May I he asked as he reached for my titties. Sure I told him feeling warmth spread all over me. He took them both in his hands and began massaging them, finally at the nipples he pinched them a little making me weak in the knees. Mr. Duval was now next to me also and they both stepped back as I moaned at the release of my nipples. Very good Sherri, now please remove the skirt and panties. I unzipped the skirt and let it fall and turned my back to them as I slid my panties down and stepped out of them. I had trimmed my pussy that morning and was nicely naked there. They were both leaning against the desk as I turned to face them totally naked. They we all smiles as I stood there in front of them. Well, how did I do with this part I asked them? They both said , very well Sherri, very well. But the job requires more than just getting naked. I felt really slutty and said, It would be a shame to get naked and not do anything. Mr Nathan let his hands go to his zipper and down it came. I stepped to him and moved his hand. Let me do that for you I told him and I reached in his pants and let free a nice thick cock that was bulging in his pants. I took it in my hands and massaged it some until it stood up and he was leaning more on the desk. I see you cathch on quickly Sherri Mr Duval told me. Yes I do and I stepped over to him and freed his cock also, both lovly cocks standing up from their zippers was making me very wet. Lte me show you how I can please the clients I said as I went to my knees in front of them. I took Mr. Duval first into my mouth while I massaged Mr. Nathan slowly with the other hand. I took a long cock into my throat easily and made sure he was feeling every inch of my throat. Mr Nathan was moving his hips to the feel of my hand on his cock. I worked on Mr. Duvals cock for about 10 or so min and when it was beginning to throb and his breathing was getting faster I stopped and looked up at him, "So do I get the job?" I teased? Yes, Dear, you have the job with a little extra starting pay I think too. Good I said and took him back into my throat. A few more strokes of the tongue and he filled my throat with a nice load of cum. Mr Nathan was also near cumming so I went to his cock and swallowed it down too. He took a few plunges and loaed my mouth with a huge load. THey both stod there as I got up and went to a couch near to the right of the desk. I spread out and said, "Well, so what are some of the benefits that I will get besides sucking cocks and my legs came apart of their own mind. Mr. Nathan seemd to get an instant erection and he took off his clothes and laid on my chest his cock finding my pussy like it had radar. He plunged in rough and I let out a low moan and said lots of things to encourage him. He drove into me for a few min and then loaded my pussy with cum. I was no even near an orgasm and he got off as Mr. Duval got to the place he a vacated. I hope you can do better I told him. I need to cum I said looking into his dark eyes. Oh, Dear, you will cum, trust me. He slowly began sliding into my pussy and I felt every inch of his cock as it went in and out all the way to the head then back in. It was about 8 inches long and he was using every inch to make me feel the electricity going thru my body. I was quivering all over, his mouth on my nipples, sucking and biting until I was geting near my first orgasm.....then he pulled out and his moouth was on my cunt, a long tongue dove deep into my pussy and I had an orgasm all over his face bucking wildly telling him how wonderful it was. Now turn over dear he told me as he got up and I got on my knees on the couch. He got mehind me and guided his cock to the entrance of my ass...Rady Dear he asked me. Oh yes, very ready, do it. He slid into my ass and seemd to have grown. Wait I said, Mr Nathan why not sit under me. WE made the change and he did, letting me sit on his now hard cock, then Mr. Duval slid into my ass, my titties in Mr. nathans face he was sucking them hard and I was riding higher towards and orgasm...they began pumping harder into me and I reached a orgasm and let out a yell, "Oh yes, fuck the shit out of me I began yelling." This brought the secratary into the office and she came over. Looks like I finally have some help around here she laughed. She undressed and got in front of me kissing me deep on the mouth. We fucked for I don't know how long but when Mr Duval and mr Nathan finally shot their cum into me I laid on the couch with the secratary and she began eating my pussy full of cum. We streached out and explored each other for at least an hour orgasm following orgasm. It was way past noon and we got up Mr, Duval and Mr Nathan gone and Carol and I the only oners there. She told me I had paperwork to fill out and we sat there naked while I did, her kissing my shoulders and body while I tried to write. Finally I finished after a few more orgasms and she helped me dress. Be here at 8Am and we will get started on the real work. I left as she locked the doors. Kissed her bye and came home. Steve sat while I told him about my new job and then we hit the floor and fucked till we fell asleep. This job is great so far and we are going to have lots of fun at it.

Thanks Journal.

Love Sherri

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