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Proviging For Her Master, By Chocolate Lover

Mistress provides for her mandingo master:

As you relax poolside with a drink from being
serviced by your true ass and pussy cum slut and the
five bi white female black dick virgins she presented
you with you turn and ask the ladies if they wanted to
see what they looked like while riddin your big black
dick? Oh! they say what ever do you mean, how could we
be able to do that? With a smile and a laugh you
inform them that the whole session of thier first big
black fuck session and been videoed for you to enjoy
over and over again as well as being watched on live
video cam for thousands of people that were watching
them ride thier first big black dick. The thoughts of
the video alone have these ladies pussies starting to
become wet, knowing that they are about to be able to
see that big black dick go in and out of thier tight
black dick virgin pussies is more than they can take.
Starting to squirm they start to rub each others
pussies and suck on each others titties, this in turns
excites you and you instuct me to take my black dick
in my mouth and lick and suck it until it is hard so i
can show the ladies how to have my mandingo black
lover fuck me doggy style and beg for it to be harder
and deeper into my pussy. Loving my masters dick as i
do I am ready to please you any and every way that I
am told to do, I take the shaft in my hand and I start
to massage it as it stats to rise licking you from
your balls to the tip of that big black dick, you
inform the ladies to play close attention in how to
suck and take your dick. Upon you telling me to turn
around to take this dick i get on all fours and put my
sweet ass high in the air giving you access to my wet
dripping pussy, I moan in sheer delight as the head of
that dick enters my very wet pink sweet pussy,
thinking that i am going to get the full hard lenght
of that dick i am surprised as u tease me buy moving
the head slowly in and out of my pussy untill i am
begging for you to fuck me with that big black dick,
begging and pleading for you to fuck me harder. The
new black dick sluts are so turned on my this they are
beggin you to fuck the mistress harder, this is making
your dick so hard u begin to lube my ass that i have
pushed up into your face and u begin to finger me
getting me ready to take that dick in my tight white
ass. As you enter my ass with your dick the sluts are
watching me and the expression on my face to see how i
handle you being there,being the true ass cum slut
that i am i have a smile on my face as i am begging
you my mandingo lover and master to fuck my sweet
white ass and make my pussy wet....the ladies having
observed you taking oil to my ass and getting it ready
for your dick start to get each others ass ready by
taking the oil and rubbing each others ass and playing
and starting to finger each other first by sliding in
one finger then two the the third and playing with
thier pussies all moaning together that they are
wanting you to fuck thier virgin white asses. upon
hearing them moan and beg to be fucked in the ass you
tell them they have to follow the rules if they don't
they don't get fucked. Not one of the five object to
following the rules and they all ask, master would you
please fuck my ass? Hearing them ask you to fuck them
you inform them to one at a time to come and bend over
and present that ass to you to be fucked. I begin to
caress your beautiful black body and lick and kiss
your body as you take them one at a time and break in
those virgin asses to black dick, making them beg you
to fuck them harder in thier ass and having the juice
run from those pussies down thier leggs as they smile
in delight from being fucked by my mandingo lover and
master. after each has been fucked u return to me and
take my ass for a second time pounding me harder than
the first time as my reward for bringing you and
presenting you with five white black dick virgins. As
the cum starts to boil in your balls and flow into
your dick you instruct the ladies to get in front of
you and to open thier mouths and be ready to have your
black seed shot into thier waiting mouths,,, you
withdrawl that throbbing cock from my ass spraying cum
into the mouths of the begging black cum sluts saving
the last of your cum for me to taste, i take you in my
mouth and drain that black dick dry....stay tuned....

End of Story

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