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My wifes first black experience

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For some time we've discussed going to a swing club to see what it was all about. While in Ft. Lauderdale for a weekend get away we decided to go to an up scale swing club we've read about. We went straight to the bar for drinks to help calm our nerveousness of it all. After a few drinks I excused myself to the mens room and upon my return I noticed there was a young good looking black gentleman taking to my wife. When I sat down he introduced himself as Ron and would I mind if he danced with my wife. He obviously asked her prior to my arrival but waited for my approval. I said to my wife that I didn't mind and to go ahead if she wanted to.

As they dance I'll take this opportunity to discrbe my wife. She's about 5'4" and around 120lbs. She normally a very shy girl when it comes to discussing sexual activities and fantasies. But she recently had a breast enhancment and has been enjoying the additional attention she's been getting from other men. Lately she's been a little more out going and dareing.

OK, They just got back from the dance floor and she was smiling and having a good time so I said please dance some more I enjoyed watching them dance. Ron was a very good dancer and had all the right moves. I noticed he was getting closer and bumping his cock up against her while dancing and my wife seemed not to mind to much. After a couple more drinks and dances I noticed my wife holding Rons ass and pulling him in closer as they were starting to dirty dance. I could tell my wife was having fun and noticed that she was casually rubbing his cock when she thought I wasn't looking. They realized they better stop for a while and came back to the bar. Ron excussed himself to the mens room and my wife looek at me with this excited look that I have never seen before. Maybe it was the alochol but she was definatly turned on. she was rubbing my cock at the bar and kissing my ear with an occasional tounge stroke. I went for broke and asked her if she would like to go to a private room and the three of us play around. She said she didn't want to. So I said I seen her rubbing his cock while on the dance floor and she seemed to enjoy it then. She said she was just having un and teaseing him. I said lets tease him and show him your tits. She said ok but for me to sak him while she went to the ladies room. I told you she was shy! I discussed this with Ron and I didn't know how far she wanted to take this but she was feeling a bit on the horny side and was willing to show her tits. When my wife came back I said we were all going to the other room for some fun. We grabbed our drinks and entered this private room and I began kissing her and rubbing her tits. I turned her around and was rubbing my cock on her ass and pulled her top up so that ron could see her beautiful tits. He started running his finger along her neck line gradually going down to her breasts. She leaned her head back and pushed her tits out for him to touch. I could feel her shaking with excitment. She was enjoying this. She turn back around to face me and let Ron feel her tits from behind. I noticed the huge bulge in Rons pants as he was rubbing it up against my wifes ass. She was pushuing back against his cock and then reached down and started to rub his cock. I asked her if she would like to see that big cock of Rons and she said yes. He started pulling his cock out while I took her top off. Ron gently grabbed her hand and guided it down to his cock. I couldn't believe it my shy wife was rubbing a strange black mans cock. She was stoking Rons cock and had him so hard. I said to Ron, I wished she would give us a blow job and Ron said that he would love it. Buy this time she was jacking him off and looked at me for approval and I said go a head honey suck on that big black cock if you want to.She emmidiatly bent over and stuck that huge black cock in her mouth and started sucking up and down. I was hard from watching and pulled her skirt down from behind and I stated fucking my wife while she continued to gobble up Rons cock. She turned her head and looked at me and aked if she could fuck his black cock. I said baby you can have all the big black cock you want. She was trembling from excitment as she turned around and sread her legs to let him in. She was holding on to my waste when stuck that huge cock in my wifes soaking wet pussy. She let out a scream (Oh God Fuck Me With That Black Dick)!! I noticed she still had some pre cum on her lips from sucking his cock. I asked her if she liked it and she said YES and to please fuck her harder. I've never seen my wife act like this before. She started sucking my cock and then Ron started pounding her wet pussy whith his huge cock shoveing it in all the way. My wife pulled back and said (God I'm Fucking Cumming)! She thrased up against his cock wildly as she cummed all over his cock. She asked him not to cum in her pussy she wanted us to cum on her tits. My wife got on her knees and started taking turn sucking our cocks. Pre cum was again dripping out of her mouth when I explode on the side of her face and cum was dripping down her chin. Ron said he was about to shoot his load. My wife was sucking on his cock so hard the tears were coming from her eyes. She pulled Rons cock from her mouth and started jacking him of until he shot his hot load down her chest. She rubbed our cum all over her face and tits and then licked the heads of our dicks to clean up the last drops.

We are now swingers and enjoy the lifestlye tremendously.

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