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My first black male. part 2 end of story

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I started to tell this story and didnt get to finish, so here im. Incase you didnt read first part you may be lost. But brief run down, I was in ga for son army grad and i made a bit with a young black guy that was in room beside me and i lost. So i had to show him a good time and he got to show me how black men treat white female.

Where i stop at was we where in his room and we just got done fucking me for the first time. But my brother and his friend came back and where out side this room , sitting and drinking beer. I wanted to get up and clean up. but he pull me back and told me he wasnt done with me. At that point he roll on top of me and started playing with my boobs and sucking on them. I love to have my boobs play with so wasnt long and i was getting hot again.So wasnt long and he knew he had me going he roll enought to slip betweem my legs and start to spread them open.once he had me spread open he move up and i could feel his cock rubbing my pussy again. it was still hot and wet from first go around, so didnt take much to start slide into my pussy.He started to slowly bang it into me, more with every stroke. I was getting back into this and start to fuck him back, I found myslef moaning and getting louder as he fuck me. All of sudden he stop and cover my mouth. He told me i had to be quiet of my brother out side would hear me and coming bang in. He didnt think my brother was ready to see his sister buck naked legs spread wide and a black guy fucking the sit out of her.So after i common down some , he slide off me and roll onto his back. I ask him what the hell you doing?. He just laught and told me to climb on top and ride his cock.When i look at it, it was standing rock hard and waiting for me. so i l climb on top and got myself above, and reach down and pull it to my pussy. I was so hot and wanting it i just started to push down on it and slide down his cock.I got about 2/3 in me and was more then full. so i just start to ride it up and down. I could hear my brother talk outside but i just didnt care.Wasnt long n i was coming all over again and he was blow his load into me. After this second round we lay there rest a bit and decide we had to get back to the other two. so we quietly took a quick shower and i was getting back into my clothes, low cut top . mini skirt, stocking. panties. As i was about done and he was dress, he mention that we should go get something to eats. so i agreed.That when he walkk over tub on my top to show my boobs. He laught and said that better, we need to see them, but as he look he step forward again and pull my skirt up some on my waist making it short then it was.He just smile and said it was to long, but as he said this he was slide hands down onto my ass. was playing with it for a while, but then start to slide hands up but was under my skirt.He slide them up until he was rubbing my panties clad ass. But with a quick jerk and had snap my panties and pull them off. IN his hand was my torn panties and he just smile and said let go eat.So we waited until my brother went into my room to pee and we ran out like we just got back to the motel.We just got out when my brother came back out. He just kinda stare at me and looking me over, but didnt say anything. but he not to notice my boobs about falling out and my skirt high then ever. We told him we where all going to go eat. We ended up going to small resturant down the street. They had some horse shoe style booth torge the back and Carl kinda guide us back that way. He step aside to let me set first and he followed right behind me. so we ended up sitting beside each other. Well his friend ended up on my other side of me.So i was in between these to black guys try to eat my supper.All went well for a while, about halve way threw i felt a hand just drop between my legs. It startled me and i jump a bit. My brother ask me what was wrong? I told him , i had a cramp in my leg but was okay now.Carl was stare stainght ahead talking to his buddy, as if nothen had happen. but was playing with my leg. Wasnt to long and he was pushing my legs apart and playing with my pussy under the table. I was trying to act as if nothen was happening but he was drive me nuts.With my skirt work up really high and his hand playing with me and force my legs way apart. I notice he started to press his whole body against mine.with my brother looking at me i move over away some, so it didnt look so bad. but my doing this i was closer to his friend.Carl kept playing with me, but then he started to keep shoving my other leg farther apart as he played.then i notice what he was doing, Buy shoving me torgue his friend and pushing my legs open , my leg was hitting his friend leg.His friend was smile all over the place, because he knew what was going on.this was drive me even hotter now. Wasnt to long at this, i felt his friend Evan hand on my other leg and playing too. his hand was moving up fast . when Carl notice Evans hand he pull away to leave Evan playing with my pussy.I couldnt belive i was sitting there and had two black guy playing with my pussy. I was so hot and wet, and if you really listen you could hear the wet pussy being play with. I all most lost it right there.I think he knew it and stop, but by then i was breathing heavy and horny as all hell. That when they got up to pay the bill.there i sat with one soaking hot wet pussy and they all walking away, Dam. We walk outside to the parking lot to head back.But Carl stop and was taling to my brother, i couldnt hear what he was saying.but then he turn to me and Evan and said they would be right back and him and brother walk away.That when Evan turn to me and started talking about my hot wet pussy and how he like it.thats when he step to me and slide hand back up under my skirt and play some.I look around and notice no one could see us so i didnt stop him.I guess he took that as a green light because my skirt was moving up over my hip and he was pressing my body up against the car i was infront of.I was getting a bit nervous that some one mite see us. As i was looking around i fail to noitice he got his shorts down and his cock out.He had me press up against the car and his cock pushing up into my his was fucking me in the middle of this parking lot and didnt give a dam.he wasnt waiting for me to say no, He was slamming into this car and fucking the hell out of me, Wasnt long and im yelling yes yes and try to fuck him back.this drove me over the edge and i was coming like no tommorow. He wasnt as long as carl but a bit fatter cock. But then i felt him start blow his load into me. which made me cum again.He wasnt a big but he sure had alot of cum just pumping it into me. As he did his it was running down my legs. About the time he pull out i notice my brother and Carl coming. so we where hurry to dress back up. I notice cum running down my leg and all i could smell was pussy. so i told evan tell them i had to hurry back to go pee and took off for the motel.When i got back i hurry and took a quick shower and slip some shorts and haltr top on.When i came out , they where sitting out chatting at the table again. brother giving me a dirty look and the other two all smile.It was hot out and Carl was talking about going to the pool, so i said i would too. so i went and put on my suit and my brother and Evan where heading to the bar.When i cam out carl laught at my suit, a one piece suit. So he told me to sit and he would be right back. a few miniute later he walk back carrying a bag and told me to follow. He went into his room so i followed him. He threw me the bag and said here a suit you can wear. In the bag i found the small bikini i ever saw.I just look at him and he said you will look great in it.Oh what the hell and i took off my suit to change, I started to put it one n he started to laught. WHAT ! He said wait and went and got a small case. as he open it up he gave me a push, i fell on the bed. why you do that? He smile and pull a shaver out of the case, and said you cant wear that suit with that hairy pussy, we need to trim it up. He was right so he bent down and was trimmng it up. there i lay with him trim my pussy lol. If my brother could see me now lol.He was working a way then i heard him say dam. i ask what , oh look like hell but i can fix it. Then i notice he wasnt trim anymore, he taken it all off. He had me bald as bald gets. He just laught and said no more hair to pick out of teeth.Dam it was bald lol.So i put on the new suit and notice i allmost had to be bald for hair not to show, SMALL piece of cloth and top not much more.Oh hell off we went, few people at pool and they all where stare at my new suit lol, guess they like it.I got into the pool but all most lost the whole dam suit. Not made for swimming lol, so i laid out on deck chair and enjoyed the peace fullness. I happen to fall a sleep in the chair, guess i was tired lol. Well when i woke up there stood my brother stare at me and my new suit. He look piss. He ask me where the hell i got that and i just told him i bought it.He just keep staring at me. when he notice me looking at him , he turn and head back to our room. Carl laught at me. I ask what so funny, He said i know he your brother but that guy was looking at you as a piece of ass to fuck. I had to laught myself because i have see that look before, I was the look of the guy as he was about to jump my body lol. Carl laught and told me to be carefull tonight or i mite get fuck by my brother. I laught along with him. Then evan came and told carl they had to go becuse they had appointment to get too. so with a pat on my ass they where off. So i walk back to our room thinking about what carl said and laughing to self. When i walk into the room my brother was there watching tv, but didnt saying anything more about my suit.but i did notice he follow every move i made.LOL i guess he like my new bikini and laught to myself

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