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My first Black male

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My name is Judy and im middle age white femal,with still a nice shape body. Well im divorce and have kids. One of my boys was graduation from army at fort bennington in i was going to go his grad. I found out my ex and his girl friend was going too. So i didnt really want to go alone, so ended up ask my old brother to go with me. So i pick up so new clothers to take with me. When shopping i found a top that they call a plunge dr*pe top. Well this is really low low cut and very open top. It desine to wear with no bra. Well i decide to buy it and wear this , so tease the hell out of my ex and to piss off his girl friend. So off we went to ga.

This area was so pack we had hard time finding a room to stay at.Alot of people in for graduations. So i put my new top on, and mini skirt. Being honest i was looking very hot. When my brother seen me in this outfit, he just shook his head. Wouldnt take much top to move and my boob's would be hang out. ( lol) So off to the grad. Well sure enought my ex and gf where there. His eye was bulgeing out and she look really piss. I love it, everytime i peek their way , he was looking at me.This just made me so turn on.

After visting with my son, we went back to motel, He had to stay on base. As we got back i notice the black male in mid twenty setting at the table out in front of our rooms. Very nice built. As we ( me + older brother) walk up, i could see him stare at me, and by his look i think he like the way i look. still in top n mini. Still feeling turn on from before, this even made me feel more horny. so i decide to tease some more. So we had pick up some beer on way back .to motel. so i told brother lets set out at the table and enjoy the nice afternood.So when i sat down i sat so my new admire could get a direct veiw of me. He had a friend with him but all he was doing was staring at my chest. I love it.

His friend had a old soup up car and they where talking about it. Well my brother is nuts over this kinda car, so he ended up chatting with them about it.Wasnt long and they where at our table talking car's and drinking with us. Well my brother talk his friend into letting him drive his car, so off they went. So that left me Carl ( black male) sitting there. So then Carl ask why a hot lady as me, was with this old man. LoL So i told him he was my brother lol. His eye lite up. So then he started to flirt with me. So i told him to save it, that i had heard all the story about black men, and that i didnt believe any of them lol. So he ask what i heard. so i told him. that they only want to play basketball, eat, and sex. that they are all hung like horse. go all night long. wild and crazy sex, and that their goal is to find some big white female and jump her body.and make her his personal white toy. He just laught at me and said that all try, except the big white female part. That he prefer nice built one like me. I laught and told him to save it because i dont believe it. So he telling he how it all true and how good there where. so i laughting at him, So he jump up and went into his room and came back.He threw a wad of money on the table and said ill bet you that thousand buck that it true. He was serious too. So i told him i would bet him but i didnt have that kinda money.So he said that cool, that he would still bet. If not true i could have the money, but if true i owe him. So i ask what would i owe. He said if i bet him, that he was show me. If he wasnt money is mine but if he was i would have to go to his room and show him a good time. i laught but he said he is serious that i could have the money. So i said okay but to me a guy that would be well hung would be over 9" , and with that , do you still want to bet! So he look at me for a minute then said okay, but do remember im proving it"s all true, and that we can fuck for a hours ! So by the way he was acting i figure he was trying to bluff me. So i figure i would call him. He just smile at me and said bet! Then he look around and didnt see anyone, push his chair back and stood up. Now im a bit nervous. so he look one more time and unbutton his pants and drops them along with his shorts. Dam he was hung. Mouth kinda fell open. He just smile and said do you think that more then 9 or do i need a ruler? No you dont need a ruler! So he pull pants back up and just smile at me. Reach out and took my hand and pull me up and lead me to his room.Then shut the door and lock it. With a smile, he says, im winning so start paying. Well okay, i did bet.What do you want. He said to get out of all my clothes. So i start to get out of them and as i did, he started out of his.I couldnt help stare at his cock, it had to be over 10.When i was done he walk over and pick me up and kinda threw me on the bed.then he nelt down by the bed and spread my legs apart. He laught and ask me if i had a shaver? you need to trim this pussy up slut! wow never been called a slut before.but then he just shove his face into it and lick and nibbling all over it. Needless to say what ive been threw today my pussy was hot and wet. He was good at it.He pull me to him and threw my legs over his shoulder and grab hands full of my boobs.As he play with them and drove his tongue into my pussy , that about all i could take.My pussy started quiver and cumming all over his face. I couldnt stop myself from moaning out loud.He just keep going at it and working my clit with his tongue n teeth.Then he stop and start to kiss and work his way up my body. As he did this he pull my leg up still over his should.As he got up close to me i could feel his cock poking my pussy.It felt like a bat poking me. he reach down line the head up to my pussy. As i felt it hit my slit, i told him that we need to get a rubber! he laught and just said, oh you forgot! Black men dont use them, and with that said he drove the head into i never had the feeling of so full. It was good that i was so wet, because he started to slam inch after inch.I ask him to take it easy and he laught, said you lost you fucking white slut and im fucking the shit out of this cunt.That when he start to really fuck the hell out of me.It furt bad but it felt so good to. I never had anyone fuck me like this.I could feel his cock throbbing in me as he slam away.i couldnt believe my ears as i heard myself yell yes yes, fuck me. He started to really pound his cock into me. I felt so full that i couldnt take another inch when my pussy started to cum and drive me over the edge.Just about then i felt his cock twitch and swell in me. Then he started to blow his loads.Its was so hot and it was so tight in me that as he slam in me i could feel his juice spiurting out of me.Then he just grab my ass and pull me to him as he drove his cock deeper into me, deeper it went, i couldnt bleive the pain, but i found myself shove to meet him and keep yell fuck me. I was cumming again.As he finish he let my legs go and just feel on top of me breahing heavy. I could feel his juice still running out of me.After a bit he look up at me and smile, and then just roll off me. As his cock pull out, it all most felt like i was haveing a baby. All our juice pour out and drown the bed.We both laid there, catching our breath. When i heard my brother outside talking to his friend again.I went to jump up so my brother wouldnt catch me. That when Carl grab me and ask me where i was going. I told him my brother was back and i had to get dress and out of here. that when he pull me back on the bed. he said the door is lock and they cant come in and that i lost and he was still prove to me that all the story where true. That he wasnt done fucking his little white slut and that i wasnt done show him a good time. As he was saying this i look done at his cock to see that it was rock hard and throbbing i smile at him and said well i did lose and i dont welch on my bets, so maybe one more for the road as i laid back down.He just laught and said, i dont think so ,its going to be more then one for the road, as i said i can go for a long time and i plan i showing you that and showing you how i fuck a white slut. With that said he roll on top of me, with a smile

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