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My First Balck Man

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My husband Tom and I were invited to join Ron and Carole, at their house for some swinging fun. They are a couple we know and play with sometimes, you know swap partners for sex?.well anyway this night we were to meet some new friends of theirs, James and Denise. Nothing we like more than meeting new friends who might become even better friends like friends with benefits. What we didn?t know was that James and Denise were black.

Mush to our surprise we were the last to arrive but we were thinking we were slightly early and that led us to think that maybe we were the ones being introduced into the fold. No matter, Tom and I were both pleasantly surprised at the other couple being black and we merely smiled and didn?t let it be an issue one way or another. Tom and I were talking about a month earlier about trying our and interracial encounter and this might be our opportunity to do just that.

James was tall and well proportioned with snug leather pants and a flowered shirt unbuttoned ½ way down his chest. Denise was tastefully dressed in Capri pants and a white blouse with and extra button undone. Tom and Ron didn?t seem to mind looking down her blouse at the two huge breasts flopping around with out a bra and the pants clung to her shapely bottom which revealed no panty lines. Carole and I were both in similar outfits but Denise was definitely better built than either of us and she was showing more skin.

As usual the guys headed for the back deck and we girls ended up in the kitchen around the island on the bar stools. Denise asked me if Tom likes ?black meat? and I expressed that we were just thinking about trying to have an Encounter with a couple of color. She laughed and said ?Well Honey tonight might be your chance to do that very thing?. Carole chimed in with ?Well girls, I want to not only vouch for James as a hot man to be with but I also don?t want either of you two hogging him all night because he has enough fun for more than one lady.? Denise offered to let James make the choice and Carole reluctantly agreed. She most likely knew that James would want some fresh ?white meat? and I was that part of the evening?s menu.

We had some more conversation and finger food to go with our drinks till heading out to the deck to gather the boys back into the house. They had another plate of munchies out there and were noshing on some of the same appetizers. On the deck Ron put his arm around me and slid his hand down to make circles on my butt cheek. Carole was next to James and he was doing like wise. Denise teased Tom snuggled in close with an arm around his waist. Carole offered up a statement that we should all get a kiss before going back inside and playing a game as an ice breaker. As if any of us needed to warm up more than we ere already. All men kissed all the women and I mean wet tongues and roaming hands during every kiss. James ran his hand down the front of my tight pants to cup my crotch when it was our turn to have an exchange. Tom was smiles from ear to ear as we winked at one another while moving the activity inside.

Once indoors James grabbed a deck of cards from the kitchen island and dared the two men to a challenge. How about high card draw and the high card will make the call for that round? They agreed and James spread the card all over the counter top. Tom drew a ten, Ron a three and James an eight. Tom you win that one. Tom thought for a second before telling Carole to take off her pants. She peeled off her Capri pants to let us all see that she was without panties or even a thong. There she was with her shaven snatch for all to see. James said we should let the victim have a turn each time and we girls all agreed. Carole told the boys to kiss her pussy. They each did and not one of the men was in a rush to get the job done. They each took a minute of so longer to lick their tongues between her lower lips and she moaned every time to let everyone know it felt wonderful.

Next Tom drew a six, Ron turned over an ace and James a two?.Ron looked at me and told me to come over to him. I did but he started to remove my pants which I enjoyed having him give me that attention and I held onto his shoulders as he pulled them down to my ankles. Stepping out of them his hand came right up between my legs to cup the crotch of my thong. He planted a wet kiss on me as a finger slid inside and parted my lips where he got a wet finger from my ready willing and aptly lubed vagina. As my victim?s turn I asked for each of the men to do likewise with a kiss and moisten a finger.

Tom was next and James was right behind my husband with his chance. I noticed the bulge in James pants as he took his turn. I especially enjoyed his large hands and long finger as we exchanged our kiss. As soon as the kiss ended Carole come over to help remove my thong claiming that is wasn?t fair to have that thing in the way for the boys. I gladly allowed her to help me step out of it and I noticed all were watching as she was squatting before me to help me step out and immediately gave my vagina a hearty lick. It was not her first time to lick me there as we had had girl on girl time in past encounters.

Next Tom drew a four, Ron a jack and James turned up a seven. Ron looked at Denise saying ?Well Brown Sugar it?s your turn to loose the pants?. Carole took my hand and pulled me over to have us on either side of Denise and help her out of her pants. We were both squatting down on to help her step out of the pants. Our suspicions were confirmed ? no panties. Carole gave the same hearty lick to Denise?s vagina cupping her ass with one hand and holding my hand with the other so as to not let me move away while she gave some tongue to Ms. Brown Sugar. Carole pulled me toward a position to do like wise so I took a turn licking her and cupped her butt cheek to steady ourselves. Denise was vibrating with pleasure as I licked my tongue to her clit and gave it a good rapid tongue thrashing.

Carole stood up saying ?Okay boys enough foreplay let get to it.?. ?Not just yet? James replied. Then he added another challenge to the men. One draw, all the marbles and all agreed. Tom drew a King, Ron a five and James turned over an ace. We all had a nervous laugh as James called for the ladies to finish undressing. Once naked we were directed to first help Tom out of his clothes, we were then to strip Ron of his. James remained dressed watching and directing the action. He gave the order for Carole and Denise to suck my husband Tom. The two of them gave wild oral attention to him as he stood there holding on to the counter top..

James motioned for me to come over to where he was and we fondled each other as we watched the ladies work on my husband. Denise was sucking him and Carole was licking his sack when he climaxed. I knew that sound and also realized that Tom was most likely done for the night. Next James told Denise and me to suck Ron. Carole took my position with James exchanging groping as Denise and I gave Ron some serious head. He was holding onto the counter top for balance. Denise moved her hand around behind me to slide a finger into me as I sucked on Ron?s shaft. We took turns with our mouths on Ron?s rock hard cock also taking turns pumping a finger into one another. When I was sucking him I got finger fucked and I return the attention to Denise when she had him in her mouth. I was in the prime position when he let go of his load so I gobbled ups every drip.

James was naked sitting on a bar stool. Carole was sucking him with a feverish effort to please him. They had been busy while we were playing with Ron. He told Denise to sit on the stool next to him and directed my husband Tom to lick that Brown Sugar. He wasted no time getting a few kisses and streaming them down the front of her brown breasts, belly and between her legs. I was told to get into the same position on the next stool and let Ron give me the same treatment. There was no argument from anyone and the tongues licked and the fingers probed us. Denise moaned and gasped for breath with an impending climax. After all Tom was the best at tongue lashing, bar none. I was feeling very good and was really getting close to having an orgasm when I looked over to catch Carole on the stool and James standing in front of her fucking her hard and deep.

I think the sight turned me on even more and I had a climax. James pulled out of Carole told Denise to take over with her so Denise immediately positioned herself between Carole?s legs to lick her into a lather. James at the same time came over to my stool and stood there for a moment for me to see his huge cock. It was the largest one in the room, it was what every woman has been told about a black man. Big, thick, hard and he was stroking himself to keep it primed for my wetness. He came closer to get into penetration position and I got my legs and bottom into my best ?come fuck me? stance. Up and down with the head of it to work it in between my lips down there, find the opening and it pushed into me. It was only half way in but I almost came to an orgasm form the erotic atmosphere of being with a black man for the first time, the size of his manhood and the physical pleasure it instantly gave me.

I wrapped my arms around James to steady myself on the stool as his strokes went deeper and the pace quickened. I looked over to see my Tom all smiles as he watched me fucking a big black stud. I was completely oblivious of the others being finished as James continued to take me faster and deeper. He grabbed my legs to spread them wider to give him a better position to pound himself into me. Faster long strokes slowed slightly and I knew he was going to cum in me. ?Take It, Take It ALL!? I said with a loud husky voice. He went full in me and I felt his juices shoot into my well fucked pussy.

He didn?t pull out but stayed full in me as we got drinks handed to us. He wouldn?t withdraw till his penis was starting to soften. I didn?t mid and kind of liked it on several levels; being watched, freshly fucked, a nice big penis in me, showing off that I was the temptress who bagged to big black stud. He eventually pulled out and I turned around to sit normally on the stool. The others were still naked and all eyes had been on James and me. My Tom came over to make sure I was alright. I whispered to him as we kissed that I was very alright and like it more than a lot. ?So I guess you?d say you like interracial sex?? he asked to which I replied ?Oh Yeah?

Everyone got dressed and I slid up stairs to the bathroom to clean myself up some before putting my clothes back on. My hair was a mess and I didn?t do anything but fluff it by hand as a statement that I was very happy with what happened and didn?t care who knew it. They all knew, especially the ladies, who had been with James themselves on previous occasions. Another round of drinks and we were back to where we started with the boys on the deck and the women in the kitchen. We talked of getting together again soon and we all agreed but our schedules wouldn?t work out for all three coupes for a month or so. Denise pulled me aside and said that they?d be willing to get with us again sooner than that and we exchanged contact information. Guess what the four of us are doing in two weeks.

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