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As a general rule, Brandie isn’t attracted to black men. It’s not a “race thing”; it’s all about her taste in men. She just isn’t normally attracted to black men, just like she normally isn’t attracted to bald white men, either. However, she can be persuaded to make exceptions in both cases. This is the story about the only time she has ever had sex with a black man.

My wife, Brandie, and I, are members at a swinger’s club in Nashville, TN. Called the Tennessee Social Club, (TSC). We frequent the club a couple times a month. Brandie had met a young black GI at the club and then chatted with him a bit on the computer afterwards. He “wanted” her BAD! However, as flattered as she was by his attention, she wasn’t really interested because she wasn’t “physically attracted” to him. He was in the club at the same time we were, several times, and he always spent time talking with Brandie and me. When Brandie, and I, would get involved in a sexual situation, whether it was with others, or just ourselves, he always seemed to be around to watch. One night at the club, Brandie and I were in the room outside the dungeon area of the club. This area had several couches and love seats around the walls and it was a “meeting place” where many people could gather and talk, (or “play”). This area had 3 and ½ walls. The area where the other ½ of wall should have been was open along the hallway and so whenever there was any “action” going on in this area, a good crowd would gather to watch. Brandie was sitting on a couch along the back wall, facing the area that opened onto the hallway. I was standing up in front, (but slightly to one side), of Brandie. We were both horny and wanting to “play”, so I leaned over and began to kiss her. As I did, I slid my hand between her legs, (which she eagerly spread wide for me), and began to finger her pussy. She started to really get into this and needed to breath, so we broke off kissing. Now, I was just finger fucking her pussy as several people in the room and hallway watched. Brandie looked around the room at all the people watching and this made her even hotter, as she is a bit of an exhibitionist, and loves for people to watch her! Suddenly she spotted Mitch, (the young black GI), as he walked passed the room. When he saw us, he stopped to watch. Brandie motioned him over to us, pushed my hand away, spread her legs further, scooted her ass out further on the couch, and made it clear to him, that she wanted him to eat her pussy. He dropped down on his knees between her feet and began eagerly eating my wife’s pussy! I love watching my wife having sex with other men and the fact that this guy was black, didn’t have any “special” effect on me. He was just a man, eating my wife’s pussy and I liked watching. Brandie was already HOT and the fact that now, she had a “strange man” between her legs, eating her pussy in front of me and several other people, was REALLY getting her HOT! She had her hands on the back of Mitch’s head and was grinding her pussy up into his face. She was REALLY enjoying it! I had my cock out of my pants and was stroking it as I watched. Brandie reached over and pulled my cock to her mouth and started sucking me. Soon, Mitch’s tongue on her pussy was more than she could stand and she had to stop sucking my cock so that she could moan, gasp, and breathe! Then she arched her back, ground her pussy up hard against his face, (I wondered how the poor guy could breathe!), and had a tremendous orgasm! As the “wave” hit her, she wrapped her legs up around his head, and her hands, and she let out those moans and gasps that told everyone in the room that she was cumming! When it passed, she relaxed, put her feet back on the floor, and let Mitch up. There was some “chit-chat” then between Mitch, Brandie, and me about how much fun that was and how much everyone enjoyed it. Then we all went back out into the main club area, to our table, near the dance floor. That night there wasn’t anymore “action” between Brandie and Mitch.

When Brandie and I go to the club, we usually get a motel room at a motel close to the club so that we don’t have to drive home after drinking. On another night that we went to the club Mitch had gotten a room at the same motel for the same reason. (Of course I also think he suspected that if he had a room there, he might also get to “play” some more with Brandie). While we were in the club, Mitch spent a lot of time trying to get Brandie to fool around with him. Brandie really liked Mitch, and she enjoyed his attention. So, she “played” with him and teased him all night long. But, “physically” he wasn’t her type so she wasn’t sure that she would do “more” with him. Brandie was drinking all night and by the time we left the club, she was pretty “high”! I had told Mitch to call me in our room when he got to the motel and I would let him know if “maybe” I had gotten Brandie to agree to do “more”. When we got to the motel room, I stripped down, naked, and started playing with Brandie’s pussy. It was wet, she was horny, and she wanted sex!

While we “played”, she said to me, “I don’t know why I won’t fuck Mitch. I mean I like him and all that. He’s a very nice guy.”

I told her that she should just let it happen, and enjoy it. I was fingering Brandie’s pussy when the phone rang. As I answered it, I could feel her pussy kind of “twitch” with an expectation of excitement. She whispered to me to tell Mitch to come on over to our room. I did, and then hung up. Brandie rolled over on her stomach and told me she was going to “tease” Mitch a little more.

She said, “When he comes in, tell him I’m passed out and that he’ll have to wake me up.”

I said, “OK.”

Mitch knocked on the door and I opened it, (I was still completely naked!). He didn’t seem to be bothered by my nakedness, he was looking at Brandie on the bed. He stepped in and we stood at the foot of the bed. Brandie was lying there on her stomach with the tail of her nightie up over her ass, her legs were slightly parted and you could see the wetness between her legs where I had been “playing” before.

I told Mitch, “She passed out on me, you’ll have to see if you can wake her up.”

He eagerly dove between her legs and started licking her ass and as much of her pussy crack as her could reach. Brandie played the part of being passed out pretty well. At first, she didn’t even move. Then as Mitch got more aggressive and got his tongue deeper into her ass, she began to wiggle a little bit. She began to moan a little, (I think she was faking it at first), and she started to move her ass around. Then I think she quit “faking” as she spread her legs apart and pushed her ass up into his face. Mitch was getting his tongue in between her cheeks and was giving Brandie a “rim job” which she seemed to be thoroughly enjoying! Now that he had her ass up and legs spread a bit more, Mitch was able to get down into her pussy and lick her from her clit to her asshole! She loved this! She stayed up on her knees and let him lick her pussy and asshole as she moaned and wiggled with pleasure. I was enjoying the show and stood by the bed “gently” stroking my cock, so as not to cum to early! After several minutes of this action, Brandie gave up all pretenses of being asleep and she rolled over onto her back. Mitch stood up and quickly stripped off his shirt then dove right back in between Brandie’s spread legs. He was on his knees on the floor, at the foot of the bed, as he went back to lapping at my wife’s pussy. While he licked her juicy cunt, he reached down and undid his shorts. Then he got his cock out and stroked it with one hand while he continued enjoying my wife’s tasty pussy. With Brandie now on her back and no longer pretending to be asleep, I got on the bed next to her and fed my cock into her mouth while Mitch continued eating her. Brandie gives a great blowjob anytime, but when a man is eating her pussy and she is sucking me, it goes beyond GREAT! With her pussy being ate, she is as horny as she can get and she acts like she can’t “get enough” sex! She sucks me like she is trying to swallow my cock! And when the other guy hits those “special spots”, she moans with my cock in her mouth and sucks hard on it! I usually can’t take much of this and I have to make her stop or I will cum. This was no exception! So, I backed off and started sucking on her tits. About this time, Mitch’s tongue was doing it’s job and Brandie started to convulse into her orgasm as she grabbed his head and forced his face hard against her cunt!

When she was done, she whispered in my ear, “Tell him to fuck me.”

She was “playing” now, the part of being “half-passed-out”, as she laid there with her legs spread wide, her pussy soaked and lips partly open, inviting “someone” to do more.

I looked at Mitch and said, “I think she wants you to fuck her.”

He grinned, dropped his shorts to the floor, and crawled up on the bed between Brandie’s legs. You hear all these stories about black guys being “hung”, but Mitch was in the same “average” category as most white guys I had ever seen. I watched as he put the tip of his cock to my wife’s pussy and then easily slipped all the way into her well-lubricated cunt! Brandie kept her eyes closed, (part of “pretending” to be passed-out I suppose), and at first she just laid still and let him fuck her. But not for long! She reached up and grabbed his arms, (he had his hands on each side of her and was propping himself up on his arms), wrapped her legs around the back of his and began to fuck him too. I love watching my wife fuck another man and the fact that Mitch was black was no big deal to me. I know that for some men, it is, but for me, Mitch was just “another guy”. I watched as they fucked, and it wasn’t long till Mitch drove in deep, and held it there as he dumped his load of cum up my wife’s cunt! Brandie relaxed on the bed and with her eyes closed, again “pretended” to be “out”. (Maybe she wasn’t faking?) Mitch pulled his cock out, and as he did, I could see his and my wife’s cum mixed together, leak out of her well “used” cunt and drip onto the bed! I was READY for my turn with her! I slid onto the bed between her legs and easily slid my cock all the way into my wife’s cunt. As I bottomed out, I laid there for a moment savoring the feeling of being in her well fucked cunt full of another man’s cum as it leaked out around my cock! OH, how I LOVE “Sloppy 2nds”! I began to fuck my wife and she “woke up” as she wrapped around me and gave me a good fucking back. It didn’t take long before I let go and added my own load of cum up my wife’s cunt, to mix with hers, and Mitch’s.

While I had been fucking my wife, Mitch had been standing at the foot of the bed watching. When I was done, I pulled out and stood next to him as we looked at Brandie, “passed out” on the bed, with her legs still spread wide revealing her well fucked, cum soaked pussy dripping on the bed! She looked so sexy lying there, well fucked, looking sexually satisfied, and “appearing” to be “passed out”. Mitch pulled his shorts and shirt back on, thanked me for the fun, shook my hand, then left.

After he was gone, Brandie “woke up”. She giggled that she thought that was fun and that she enjoyed “playing” the “drunken slut” part. Mitch has been transferred overseas and she still chats with him on line but that was my wife’s only time, with a black man.

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