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It was her first black couple

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We went to the club, Julie and I, and met the usual regulars with a hug, kiss and a pat on the back. I mixed her Grey Goose/Lemonade and we proceeded to mingle. We had not been to the club for almost two months, and saying hi to all was a busy process. Julie looked good, wearing her knit brown low cut, stretched tight over her 42d natural tits. Her blond hair and smile always compliment her features, and they do kinda burst out at you. Nearing her Mid-fifties, she wears her sexy attitude well, and doen't have to flaunt it. It's just there.

After greeting and hugging alot I had not seen before, I noticed Julie had sat between a black couple on the couch, and they were in deep conversation, nodding and laughing out loud. They wer in there late thirties, early forties, and they both kept chatting busily with Julie. The lady was a little overweight, with a broad smile, and huge tits barely kept in check by her bulging red blouse. She wore jeans, and as the night progressed, occasionally rubbed her hand on Julie"s thigh. He was tall, almost 6-2 and a stout build, with broad hands and a deep chest. They were from the South Pacific, and they spoke with a more Brit accent, than a souther drawl.

I looked over occasionally and saw that she, Lisa, had dissappeared, and did not return. Then I saw Julie and Dave rise and head to the stairs, towards the private rooms. Winking at me as she crossed the floor, I saw him wrap his arm around her waist, and off they went.

I had gotten used to her private escapades after her session with Armon in the fall, so it was not a shock anymore when she took off without me. i knew I would hear about it when we got home and were fucking with each other.

She got to the room and Dave shut the door behind her, but she did not realize he did not lock it. sitting on the mattress beside her, Dave started to kiss and fondle her breast that were straining to be released from her sweater.

Julie started to reach for his jeans and zipper, and they fell back to the mattress as she freed his cock from his pants. Wrapping her hand around it, she started to stroke his black cock, and it grew in her hand quickly with each pull. Just then the door opened, and in came Dave's wife Lisa. thinking there might be unforeseen trouble, Julie hesitated, but Lisa smiled and omnly reassured her she was fine with what she saw."Oh yes you already have him at hand" she said, smiling. With that she pulled up a chair, and parked herself in front of the door.

Julie proceeded to pull his cock more, and Lisa leaned over and cooed to her, "Suck his cock, suck that black cock." Julie immediately lowered her lips to his upright shaft, and slowly started down it with her wet mouth, hearing him let out a sigh. "Suck it good", Lisa said louder. julie proceeded to pump up and down on the shaft of that black snake, taking care to run her tongue around his cut cock end, and then dive back down it. Mmmmmmmmm, he moaned loudly, " I need you", With that he flipped Julie to her back, and unzipped her slacks, and tugged off those and her panties. Grabbing her knees he split her legs and buried his face in her now saturated pussy. "yes yes' eat her pussy babe," Lisa cooed again. Julie lay backas dave lapped at her lips and open slit, sucking the juice into his mouth. And as she lay her head back she got one hell of a surprise. Having closed her eyes to the pleasure she was receiving, she never heard Lisa get up and remove her pants, much less be aware of her swinging her bare leg and pussy over Julie's parted lips and tongue. "MMMMMMMMMMM, yes eat me bitch!" Lisa ordered as she ground her plump pussy lips into my wife's mouth. "Suck it out yes oh yes". Having watched Dave and Julie had Lisa wired tight, and she immediately pumped her pussy forward, and started cumming all over my wife's face."Ohhhh, fucka fucka, yah yah yah, suck my cunt bitch" she wailed. "Ohhhhh shiiiiitttt!!!!! Oh Oh Oh yah!!! the juice and cum from her ran over the sides of Julie"s mouth and down the sides of her neck. "Ummmmmm Ummmmmm, oh yah, " Lisa squealed. She unsaddled herself from my wife, and immediately planted a huge kiss upon her mouth, licking the juices from all over her face. Then sitting up, she literally grabbed Dave by the hair, pulling him from Julies pussy, and sharply told him"Fuck this white bitch! Fuck her now". He obviously was used to taking her orders, as he quickly moved up and straddled Julie's still open pussy, and with a single thrust, shoved his cock into her deep. " OOOOHHHH MMMyyy Goooooooooddddd, Mmmmmmmmmmmmfffffffggghhhh!" Julie gasped.

Dave withdrew that black saber and then shoved it in again, lifting her off the mattress, and then starting a rythm of pounding it in and out. Quickly grabbing Julies free hand , Lisa placed it upon her open pussy, and cried"finger me, now bitch". Julie pushed two fingers in her dripping cunt, and started to rub her thumb on her huge clit. Mmmmmmmm yes yes thats good" Lisa cried.

Morrrreeee" working her quickly Julie pushed her over the top and she came in torrents over her palm and wrist. And upon hearing Lisa cumming, Davy pumped harder into my wife, slapping his balls against her ass and thighs, and pushing deep. " oh oh oh oh yes yes oh shit its soooo good baby" Dave groaned as his white cum started pumping into my wifes's stretched pussy. " Fuck her, cum in the bitch now now more" Lisa hissed as she watched her husband fuck my wife. he pumped her another three four minutes draining his balls into her open pussy. Then pulling out with a whoosh, he lay back and grinned. "There baby, you have been done well I think, "Dave exclaimed. And by the way Julie fucked me when we got home, I can't wait for her next black session.

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