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Interracial 3-some (FMF)

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I am a bisexual female that was married for a couple of years. My husband was always eager to do the FMF play as long as there were no other men around. Our sexual play was limited. He was not one to experiment with much. Just plain old fashioned sex. Once we divorced, I became friends with an older woman that got me hooked on trying different things, especially black males. My first experience with her was the BEST Joe is a gorgeous black male I had been talking to for a while. After months of teasing with pictures and cam play we decided to meet . I was nervous. Had seen pictures of black dick but never played with any...and Joe was hung rather well. Ten inches of big black dick. The first time we met was in a hotel but after that the playing was in his home. It was never dull. He had alot of imagination. We became good friends as well as sex buddies. One night, after hours of HOT sex...we layed back on the bed and started talking about parties, other friends. Joe told me he had been to sex parties, and had seen women play with each other...but he was interested in having 2 women with him alone. He wanted to please 2 women, with no one else around. I normally don't deal much with women, but this sounded like it could be fun.

Took a couple of months and alot of talking before we found a woman we agreed on. She was a friend of a friend. I went to his home that night not really expecting too much. We all agreed we'd meet first and see what happened.

I drove there nervously. Carol had beat me there and it was obvious she had a little bit to drink. They came outside to greet me, then we walked into a very dim lit room where there was porn playing. We sat and talked while she slowly sipped her drink. Carol was a nice woman...a little bit younger than we were. Had a beautiful smile and big tits. Joe noticed I kept watching her and smiled. I got up and lit a couple of candles I had brought there previously and while lighting candles, I mentioned that no one had to do anything they were not comfortable with.

As I got close to the sofa where Carol was, she looked at me and asked, "Do we have to wait to play...or can we get naked now?" Looking over at Joe...I KNEW we were gonna have some wild sex.

I knew she was after lighting the last candle I took her drink from her and pulled her up off the sofa. She came willingly. Touching each other softly for awhile....we ended up in a very slow kiss. It got hot...alot of tongue play...nibbling. We actually ended up giggling.

Joe was sitting on a chair beind us....rubbing an already hard dick through his pants. I turned Carol around (facing him) and got behind her. Playing aound with her...I started removing her clothes...making sure he was watching everything. She was moaning as I'd touch her body while clothes were coming off. I played with her nipples, cupping her breast while behind her. When the panties came off, I got in front of her to remove those. As I pulled them off of her I kissed and licked my way down. Making Carol spread her legs was no I ran my fingers back up her legs, thighs and then to a wet pussy. Joe yelled out, "DAMN" as I got between her legs and licked at her clit.

Removing my clothes was quick and easy I had a shirt and skirt on...with no underclothes. Once we girls were completely naked we stood in front of Joe...kissing, sucking on nipples and rubbing each others drenched pussies.

Carol and I decided to pick on Joe even more. We caught him before he could get up out of his chair. We went to each side of the chair and started kissing and licking his face and neck. She and I each took one of his hands and put it against our pussy....using his hands to masterbate with. Poor fellow couldn't take too much before he was begging to get out of his clothes. We got him to his feet and started stripping away his clothes. Carol was very fascinated by the length and thickness of Joe's dick. Once we had him naked she moved in front and I moved to his back side. We kissed and licked him from head to foot. Joe and I both enjoy any kind of anal as I licked and ran my hands/fingers all over his ass, Carol was licking and sucking his cock and balls. At one point we had him put one foot on the chair so she and I could lick our way between his legs. His knees kept wanting to give out, so we decided to move to the bedroom.

With all 3 of us on bed, Joe said he wanted to watch me make Carol cum. Before I could move...she was on her back with her legs spread out....her fingers pulling her pussy apart so I could see a rather large clit. I ended up shoving a couple pillows under her ass so she would be a little higher. I also took some "things" out of a drawer that I normally leave at his house to play with. Flavored oils, vibrators. After a hot kiss from mouth worked it's way up her thighs to her wet pussy. She almost screamed as I licked slowly from her asshole to her clit. Her moaning had Joe going....and he would tell me what he wanted me to do to her. One of her hands found his hard dick and she was playing with him while I went on to bring her to one helluva orgasm. I'd lick and suck on her clit...pulling back and letting it pop out from between my lips. Stick my tongue deep into her pussy...tasting her juice. Even had fingers and toys working on her pussy while I licked and sucked. Joe got up and brought back some ice. I used that on her aching pussy/clit as well. He took some and used it on her nipples.

Once she had her orgasm, he removed the pillows, telling us that he needed to cum real bad. We got close enough so that he was able to stroke his dick till he shot a load on both our faces.

Carol said she wanted to lick me and Joe at the same time. She came up with the idea of me on top of Joe (facing up). Since Joe was unable to see....we came up with the idea of video taping some of it. So we turned on the cam, got into the position and felt her tongue go to work. Joe had not completely lost his erection....and I could feel her moving his dick against my ass and pussy. Could feel and see her tongue run up his dick and onto my clit. She would put the head of his dick in my pussy then take it out and suck the head. The girl had us both moaning and moving for more of her mouth. When Joe got his full hard erection back, she said, "I want him to fuck you while we 69."

I have to admit that was one FANTASTIC ride. She was licking my clit and he was pounding my pussy. The excitement of it and having her licking him as well had Joe fucking me wildly. I was able to finger her pussy and taste her juices all over again. She was just as excited by what she was doing as we were. When I finally came....all I can remember was screaming, "I'm cuuummming!" At that point Joe grabbed my hips and SHOVED his dick as hard as he could in me. I had never felt an orgasm that hard. The pain from his dick intensified the orgasm.

We moved out of that position and Joe and Carol took turns licking me clean...then we licked him.

Carol was a little nervous when Joe shook his hard dick her way and told her that he wanted to take her analy. He and I had done it several times...but then again, I LOVE anal. She agreed to TRY. Got her up on all 4 and I squirted some oil all over her back side....letting it go between the crack of her ass. I took my fingers and rubbed the anal opening. Joe ended up inserting a finger and worked it for a while...then another finger. When she finally started moving back against his fingers, I took more massage oil and went from her nipples to her clit....moving my hands all over her body. I wanted to see his dick go in her, so I knelt beside them and guided his dick to her puckered little hole. She moved back against him till the head went in, but we could tell she was uncomfortable with it. Joe asked me to eat her while he tried, so I ended up moving under her...getting back into a 69 position. I could hear her moan (in pain) as he would work a little more into her. I started working on her clit....trying to reach as far back as possible with my tongue. After awhile she started grinding down on my tongue and taking in what Joe was giving her. With him in her ass...I was able to taste her pussy flow. Didn't take them long and they almost errupted at the same time. I heard screams coming from both areas. Once the screams ceased, I moved out from under her as he slowly pulled out. She went to clean off in the bathroom and we ended up following. Ended up with all 3 in a hot steamy shower.

I don't know how long we screwed each others brains out....but we were completely exhausted by the time we left his place. We still try to do the 3-some thing several times a month.

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