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Indianapolis Girls Trip

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Indianapolis Girls Trip

The work week was hectic, but I had no worries because the girls and I decided we needed a trip, just us girls to unwind and have some fun. They call me Baby, me and some girlfriends, Kennedy, Michelle, Amber, and Chase had decided a couple of weeks ago that we needed to get away for awhile. The trip was just a weekend trip, but not so expensive and it got us away from our small town and the rut we had gotten ourselves into lately.

The game plan was to go up to Indianapolis and catch an India Arie concert, and then a party or two. Then the next day walk around downtown and checkout the architecture, go to the Circle City mall, and catch some food at one of the good restaurants downtown.

The concert was the bomb. We all really let our hair down and sang our asses off. Afterwards we caught a couple of parties, ran into a couple of Colts players and their posses, and generally didn’t see any men that we were interested enough in to bring back to the room and have sex with in front of our friends.

But something happened after the parties that none of us had figured on. We all had been drinking a little, just enough to get that feel good, let your inhibitions down type of feeling. My girl Kennedy was by far the most bold and aggressive of our friends, I guess that came with the territory because she owned her own cleaning service, so that type of personality is essential to get business. But she had started to get touchy feely with all of us, and oddly enough none of us seemed to mind. In fact, Michelle started reciprocating the attention Kennedy was giving her and taking it further. Before we knew it Michelle had Kennedy up against the wall kissing her against the wall of the hotel room like a middle school couple after a game before mom or dad came to pick them up. Amber, Chase, and I were in a trance watching, each of us getting visibly turned on by what was going on and Kennedy new it because she was staring a hole in me from time to time while Michelle had her tongue in her mouth and on her neck. The funny thing about all this is that we have never even thought about doing this especially with each other. Don’t get me wrong we all look at other women and acknowledge their beauty, but never have even hinted at anything like we were witnessing right now.

I was getting soaking wet watching what Michelle and Kennedy were doing and right then Michelle was on her knees with her head in Kennedy’s crotch savoring the scent and both hands on each naked breast, squeezing and playing with her nipples. Kennedy had the sexiest look and staring hungrily at me, which made my clit throb along with my soaking wet pussy. Michelle then pulled Kennedy’s panties down from under her skirt and was now licking Kennedy’s pussy like there was no tomorrow. Kennedy was moaning and her eyes were rolling back in her head but I had trouble figuring out who was in more ecstasy her or Michelle because I truly believed that they both were on the threshold of Cumming.

But what I hadn’t paid attention too was that behind me Chase and Amber had now also started and Chase had two fingers going in and out of Amber’s pussy, they both were completely naked and Amber had a death grip on the sheets as she loudly climaxed all over Chase’s fingers while Chase was sucking on her clit. I was totally stunned, all my girls were carrying out all their apparent lesbian fantasies with each other and I had no clue but I was apparently turned on to the to the point I was unconsciously rubbing and touching myself with reckless abandon. By the time I realized what I was doing I had ripped my clothes off and was totally naked on the other bed touching myself to near orgasm.

Michelle came loudly as she had been still eating Kennedy’s pussy and fingering herself, that bitch got off eating someone’s pussy, which made me cum again, which in turn got Kennedy’s attention and she came watching me cum. Kennedy left Michelle and came over to me and put her mouth on my pussy and drove me crazy. While she was eating me good, I had the chance to look over and Amber grinding pussies with Chase and I don’t know where the toy came from but they had a double headed dildo in between them with only about 2 inches free to be seen. They were taking almost every inch of the double headed dildo and literally grinding their pussy’s together, holding on to each others arms and pulling each other as hard as they could. Each letting all their inhibitions go and screaming and feeling their passion together. But then Michelle had recovered and had moved my head in such a way that she can climb on top of my face and fuck it for all she was worth. I could barely breathe but she tasted incredibly sweet and good. There is nothing like the taste of another woman. I would have gladly died from suffocating eating Michelle’s pussy. However, it seemed I was going to die from drowning instead because this bitch squirts all over my face and down my mouth, letting out an earth chattering scream, and squeezing her thighs around my head so that I couldn’t turn my head to spit out any of her juices. I don’t think she did that on purpose because she was having seizure like tremors from all her work, and she kind of fell off my face with her toes balled up, back arched, and body stiff. Kennedy had also produced a toy and was now pushing and pulling a dildo in and out of my pussy which I loved. Kennedy’s looks she gave me turned me on more than anything, her looks were of pure lust and desire and I couldn’t think of another person on earth at that time that I wanted more than her. I found myself subconsciously yelling for more and harder and before I knew it Kennedy was ramming her entire arm like a jackhammer in and out of my pussy with that dildo, I had a death grip on the sheets with one hand, and with the other trying to decide whether to stop Kennedy because she was really ramming me hard and it was pleasure and pain, or to hold on for that orgasm because it was going to be big. I decided to hold on and I didn’t have to wait long, because my legs couldn’t be still they were trembling, my toes were pointed and it was coming soon. Kennedy was exhausted but would not dare stop because she knew I was close. I came so hard I almost blacked out. The orgasm seemed to be a slow continuous roll that never seemed to end. Each spell was stronger than the last. All my friends watched me as I was going through this because it was truly special.

The next thing I knew I woke up and Kennedy was laying on top of me sleep and Michelle, Chase and Amber were still going at it on the other bed. I watched them for awhile longer, kissed Kennedy on her forehead, whispered thank you so much, and went to sleep with her.

The next morning all the girls were already up and fresh and ready to go shopping and tour downtown. They were telling me to hurry up and I just wanted to lie around and think about last night because I was so fucking horny I needed Kennedy or a man again……today! Damn Kennedy was killing me but if there is one thing that Ms. Kennedy loves besides sex is shopping. So much to my chagrin off they went shopping leaving me all alone in the room needing some dick to be honest but needing to cum again something fierce.

But this is the part that gets interesting. You see what I didn’t know was that my girl Kennedy seemed to be really in tune with me and knew what I needed. On the way down Kennedy had spotted a very sexy hotel employee named Damon. Damon was stocky, big arms, thick legs, and an ass to die for because it was round and firm enough to play quarter bounce off of and win. Kennedy pulled Damon to the side and slid him some money and said she would like for him to take a bottle of wine up to her friend who stayed behind in the room 777. He flirtatiously smiled and said anything for you mam and Kennedy responded maybe later, with her own flirty smile and took off with the girls.

Meanwhile, I was up in the room in a tizzy and was laid out across the bed with a towel up underneath me because of my sometime habit of squirting; I had my cake batter style vibrator (never leave home without it) that plugs into the wall. It gets me off usually very quickly and I planned on cumming a couple times and calling the girls in time to eat with them. I was getting close again to climaxing and my legs had just started to tremble, my toes were pointed to the max and I was planning on feeling this orgasm come from the toes. I was fantasizing about fucking my sometimes boy toy’s brother. He was a sexy mutha-fucker, oh the things I could do to him, but that damn door kept being knocked on. So in a ruckus, I got up and put on my short silk robe and opened the damn door, pissed off without even asking who it was. To my surprise it was one of the sexiest men I had ever seen, lately. *wink* and I needed some dick. Damon laughed at me checking him out unashamed. Damon said wine for you Ms... I said I did not order any wine, conscious that my juices were slowly running out of my pussy and down my inner thighs. Damon said, your friend with the brown, short spiky hair told me to bring it to you. I thought Kennedy I love you bitch. I told Damon to bring the wine in and place it on the dresser across the room. Damon walked past me to do as I had asked and I closed and locked the door behind me. Damon turned when he heard this and looked at me. I stared into his eyes and told him to pour some wine, I walked over to the bed with him frozen looking at me and took off my short robe, picked up my vibrator and continued what I was doing with him looking at me. This only intensified my horniness because as it turns out, not only did I need some dick but I loved to be watched. I came so fast and so hard with him looking at me. I then noticed that there was some serious swelling going on by his crotch. He watched me cum and slowly walked over to me, kneeled down and immediately, softly and slowly started licking my juices off the inside of my inner thighs. It was awesome and he then moved up to give my pussy the male attention that it needed. He licked all of my juices off all around my pussy, making me anticipate when he was going to lick my pussy and torture my clit. It was driving me crazy and it had my legs dancing again like mad, but this time was different, I knew I was going to squirt and I did not want to drown this man on our first time. I say first time because if he was this good just starting out, I would drive the 2 ½ again to see him. Damon then stuck his tongue in my pussy causing my eyes to roll back up in my head. Damn this man had to be a mechanic because he was tuning me up just right. He then tortured my clit and stuck one then two fingers in my pussy and that did it, I was going to blow hard. But Damon then rolled those fingers up and pushed and I squirted all over his face and neck. I was exhausted, and I watched Damon stand up and lick his lips, tasting my fluids off of them. He walked up to my head and unzipped his pants, letting them fall to the ground. He stepped out of them and took the rest of his uniform off and calmly put his dick in my mouth. Me being the talent that I am at sucking dick, I sucked him dry in know time, leaving him amazed at my skill. I swallowed every last drop.

But Damon was a trooper. He didn’t even need a break nor did he stop. He grabbed my waist and moved my pussy toward him. He grabbed my leg and rolled me over like I didn’t weigh a thing. He pulled my hips up placing me ass up face down, and slowly inserted that fat black dick in between my pussy lips, spreading me like Moses did the Red Sea. I could feel his length (9in.) and his girth (almost 7in around by my estimate) slowly pulling me apart. I couldn’t take it but slow was a different pace and it didn’t take too long for me to get that orgasm from dick that I needed. He was talking shit too, telling me how much I liked his black dick, how my white ass looked good bouncing when he pumped me, how he was going to fuck me till I kept coming back to see him. I loved it, and he was right, I would be back because this man had skills. I came again and I could feel my juices running down my leg. Damn that Kennedy, she has opened up some kind of freak in me; some freak door has been opened or something. Damon was smacking my ass so hard I felt it was bruising but I loved it. It was then that I felt something going on with Damon’s dick. I felt faint pulsing and I knew he was close. Sure enough he unloaded inside me and filled me up. While he did this he was yelling and grunting. He leaned down to me and kept pumping through his orgasm and pulled my hair hard and got next to my ear. He told me he was putting a black baby in me and my pussy was now his and I would come back to see him often. He was part right, I would come back to see him and the thought of being knocked up was a turn on at this time, but his dick was mine.

Damon stopped pumping me, grabbed my hair and pulled me up hard so that my mouth was by his big dick again. He said suck it bitch and I did like the good, talented bitch that I was at giving head. He said clean that pussy juice off my dick, I did and I tasted good especially mixed with his flavor. The man had just come and I sucked him into another orgasm that made him week in the knees. He collapsed on the bed and lay next to me. We were both satisfied and then suddenly he remembered he was still working and needed to get back. He kissed me and gave me his number. He got dressed and went to the door. Right as he opened it all my friends were at the door and they all looked stunned to see this magnificent man in their room, all that is except Kennedy. Damon smiled flirtatiously again and squeezed past Amber, Chase, Michelle, and finally Kennedy. Kennedy whispered in his ear to come back later, smiled and closed the door. All the girls, except Kennedy of course were standing with their mouths open in surprise. Then they giggled, Michelle said damn someone has been having fun, Chase said it smells like sex in here, and Amber said look at that bitch over there in sexual ecstasy. Kennedy walked over to my still naked body sprawled out over the bed and kissed my ass, then me. She leaned down and said he will be back later, I want some also, and would you like to join us? I said oh yeah. The others said what about us and Kennedy and I said get your own at the same time.

Well that is all I can say about our little weekender for now. If you’re horny maybe I will tell you more about me and my girls later.


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