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In The Bahamas

we went on a cruse for our 10th anniversary. we were to docked
at an island in the bahamas. we had been here before and had
no plan as to what to do for the day.we dressed casual me in
shorts and a lovely wife in a sun dress and at
my urging nothing underneath."i don't know
about this what will everyone think"she said."no
one here has any idea who we are nor do they care" i reassured off the ship we went her big tits bouncing with each the dock we got a cab.the driver held my wife's
hand as she got in, getting a view down her top as she bent
to get in and an eye full of leg as she slid across the seat.he
and i got in and he ask where we wanted to go.i told him that
we wanted to see something different than the regular tourist
sights.he said he knew just what i needed and off we went.we
stopped at a local market and got some things for lunch and
some rum and punch that he recommended.every one at the
market was checking out my sweet wife, and when she got
back in the cab i think our new friend got a glimpse or her we drove we made small talk with the driver his
name was bill a native of the island.he was older about 50
and a very tall man.soon we stopped in front of a very large
house. bill said that he was friends with the owner and that
they had access to a private beach.bill opened the door
for donna to get out this time, i'm sure so he could get
another look at her pussy.donna said"i didn't
think we were going to the beach i didn't bring a swimsuit"
bill interrupted with a chuckle "it's a private
nude beach you don't need one and it's almost always
empty." bill rang the bell before she could protest
any more. the door opened and we were greeted by an older
man probably about 60 he obviously knew bill and was happy
to see him.his name was ted and he was a banker there.ted
took us through his house to the back deck that overlooked
a totally deserted beach.donna still was having second
thoughts. i hugged her and whispered in her ear"this
is a chance of a lifetime babe no one is here lets go for it."ted
said he had some work to do and to go have fun.donna looked
at me smiled and said "lets go for it"bill went
to get the things from the car and we headed to the beach.
the beach had tables chairs and chase lounges. i ask bill
to stay and have lunch with us and he accepted.we had lunch
at the table and began drinking the rum punch.conversation
was great and we began to catch a buzz.donna gets very horny
when she drinks and began to flirt with us both.she knows
that it makes me hot to see other men want her and i could tell
that bill wanted her bad.bill said we should take advantage
of the sun and move to the we moved on to the beach.bill
pulled off his shirt dropped his shorts and ran into the
water showing his muscular ass to my wife and me as he
wife looked at me and said "well when in rome"
then lifted her dress over her head and stood totally nude
before me. then she lay down on one of the loungers."your
turn"she said to i stripped and took the chair
beside her.we watched bill swim and then he started out
of the water.when his cock came into view my wife's
eyes grew wide and a faint gasp left her sweet lips.bills
cock was at least 10 inches long and as big around as my wrist!
as he jogged towards us it slapped back and forth across
his muscular thighs.his balls hung low and were the size
of golf balls.i could tell by the way my sweet wife was looking
at him that his big cock was going to be in her.bill came back
and took the chair on the other side of my wife.all the while
staring at her now naked body for the first one spoke
for what seemed like an eternity.then donna dug around
in her bag and retrieved some tanning lotion"hey
bill how about rubbing some sun screen on me she ask"while
she stood and moved to his lounger and sat between his legs."i
don't know if your husband would like that mam'"he
replied.o he doesn't mind "do you Honey".i
said"no not at all go ahead" bill took the tanning
oil and began to rub it into my wife's back his dark hands
glistened against her white skin.his hands worked farther
around the sides until he was rubbing the sides of her big
white tits."ooh this feels good honey his big hands
feel so strong"my wife moaned.""make
sure you get my nipples they are very sensitive" she his big hands came around and he began to massage
her breasts fully tweaking her nipples with his
hot wife let out a moan then began to speak"you see
bill my husband loves to watch when i fuck other men look
how hard his cock is just from watching you feel my breasts."
god she was right my cock was as hard as a rock." honey
bills big cock is almost as hard as yours i can feel it's
head twitching on my back and it feels sooo BIG you love this
don't you honey?""god yes" i answerer.bills
hands were now all over my wife's body i watched as his
hand dropped to her crotch, "o baby he's touching
my pussy can you see him rubbing your wife's little
pussy.o god now he's sticking his finger in my pussy."my
wife's body began to tremble with her first
he's putting another finger in meeee he has 2 fingers
in your wife's pussy now baby." "man your
wife's pussy is so wet man i just have to fuck her is that
o.k.?"bill panted." please say yes honey please
let him fuck me"my sweet wife pleaded."if she
wants it give it to her" i told bill."how about
it babe tell me you want it! "yes yes let me have your
cock inside of me"donna hissed.bill stood his cock
sticking out in front of him. my wife lay back on the lounger
and spread her legs"do you want to see bills big black
cock in my pussy honey"she ask sweetly."o god
yes you know i do" i replied. "then you have to
put it in, take his cock and guide it into your wife's
cunt". "ya man put my cock in your wife's
hot wet hole" bill said. i went over to them bills cock
inches from my wife's sweet pussy.i wrapped my hand
around bills cock i could feel it throb in anticipation
his hips move froward i look up at my wife she is looking down
watching me line the big hard cock up to her slit then the
head is sliding into her, she lets out a moan inch after
inch slides past my fingers and into her twat. then he is
in up to the base i slide my hand out.slowly he pulls back
until he comes out with a pop."o god put it back please
put hes hard cock back in me"my wife pleads.i grasp
him again this time his cock is wet with her juices it slides
in quickly this time her breath escapes her lungs when his
balls are resting on her ass.then he begins to pound her
drawing back until just the head is in her, sometimes with
just the tip inside the foldsof her pussy then thrusting
hard until his balls are on her ass again.she starts to cum
over and over on his thrusting cock.suddenly bill stops"got
to slow down i'm gonna cum to soon"he says."get
down here baby i want your cock up my ass while bill fucks
me"my nasty wife said. i rub some tanning oil on my
cock and on her ass hole then she lowers her ass on my hard
cock facing away from me. it's all i can do to keep from
cumming. "now fuck my pussy bill fuck my pussy hard
and cum in me." i see bill move over my wife then i can
feel his cock sliding into her rubbing the shaft of my cock
as he inches in. soon he is buried in her and i can feel his
balls on my thighs. then he starts pounding her again i can
feel his big cock through the thin wall of skin that separates
our cocks. there seems to be a cloud blocking the sun and
i open my eyes to see ted standing over the three of us jacking
off his own hard cock. "FUCK HER BILL FUCK HER HARDER, FUCK
as he shot his hot cum all over the 3 of us, then bill shot
his Load in my wife's pussy she started to shake all
over as she had a huge orgasm. i started pumping her ass like
mad as i felt bill's cum and hers running down the crack
of her ass onto my balls as i shot my load deep in her ass. i
love my wife.

End of Story

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