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Her Turn, Then Mine, We Deserve It

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After 26 years together Sherri and I came to an understanding within our relationship. We wanted to spice up the action sexually and have some fun but as a couple. We discussed fantasies and things we hardly would ever discuss before but now might like to try. She had not had some experiences that were curious to her in the past, as did I and we each built a bucket list then compared and combined the items into a couple?s quest for a sexual revolution within our marriage.

Sherri had wanted to have the black experience but never had the nerve to go through with it as an entry on her list and I had listed watching her with a black man on mine. We found a web site for meeting adults that wanted to have open relationships and found several candidates for our first bucket list adventure. She would get it on with a black man as I watched and photographed the event. We set up three interviews, scheduled a meeting at a public place near a motel and see how things went with the interviews. Each was planned for a Friday evening and our initial plan was to meet, for comfort think about it then maybe meet again soon thereafter at the same place or maybe go straight to the motel for the next get-together and let the fun begin. Sherri wanted it comfortable with her and her new sex partner and make sure it was purely recreational in nature. We laughed about calling it a ?deer tag? operation and ?fuck and release? program. We were both getting excited about our next three Fridays. We also agreed that if she got to have an adventure then it was my turn but after each we would make sure we were both even with the score. If all went well with her black partner then I would be getting a nice BJ when we got home.

Sherri had been tanning at the salon to get rid of tan lines and got a Brazilian wax down there to become a bald eagle. That first Friday night she got showered and put on her sexy undies which enhanced her nicely shaped body for her age. She mentioned you never know how things are going to go or how attracted she and her stud might get. With that in mind I had the camera packed just in case things went well at first sight. A short skirt and clingy blouse adored my sexy wife who added casual shoes with a raised heel giving her legs a taut look. Sherri was hot. Our first candidate was Nate, an insurance agent from the big city about 25 miles away. At the pub we found a booth near the back and ordered drinks, we saw him arrive just as the beverages got to the table. We printed his picture from his profile on the web site where we exchanged his for Sherri?s. All was known that Nate and Sherri would be the ones having all the fun and I was to observe and photograph the action. Nate was a little taller than either of us pictured but that was fine. He looked better in person which got a ?MMMMM? from Sherri as he walked toward where we were sitting. I stood to greet and we all shook hands as I directed him to sit next to my wife as I also motioned for the waitress to come over. Nate ordered a drink and started asking questions as soon as the waitress was out of ear shot.

We talked about this being our joint adventure and our first time and he was very understanding and calmly address his wishes in making our fantasy come true as he also had some pleasurable sex with my Sherri. Sherri would look at me and give a smile and wink whenever she heard things she liked and I could tell she was getting turned on with all the talk of sex and she rubbed my leg with hers under the table which was a sign that she was good to go with Nate. I opened the door for the three of us by asking what we each thought about our proposal. Nate excused himself to the men?s room and added that we might want to have a moment to confer with one another before moving forward. We thaught that very respectful for our wishes and considering it was our first time we liked the chance to have a private moment while he was away from the table. Sherri didn?t want Nate or I to think she was being forward, and I reminded her of the reasons we were there in the first place. I told her I was okay with it and if she wanted to find a room then we would.

Nate returned to the booth sitting next to Sherri once again. I could tell she placed her hand on his thigh as she asked if he?d like to find a private place and go through with some adult fun. He told her that he was attracted to her and wanted the same thing but didn?t want to be too forward and scare her off. We picked up the tab and headed for the parking lot. Nate followed us to the motel and I went in to book the rom. When I got back outside to gather the two playmates I found Nate in our car kissing Sherri. Tapping on the window I dangled the room key and motioned to them to come with me. In the room Sherri found the light switches to have just the two lamps on for lighting. Enough light for the camera to get good shots and dark enough to set the mood. I was busy getting the camera ready as the two of them were making out and loosening each other?s clothes. Kissing and groping one another like teenagers I was getting hard just observing the two of them working toward a feverish pitch.

About three pictures into my role as photographer, they both became camera hogs and started panning for the lens. Posing in provocative positions and being sexy with one another as well as the camera. Sherri had her back to Nate when he from behind her unbuttoned her blouse and cupped her breasts. Not to just be seduced, Sherri slid a hand down in front of Nate and started rubbing his crotch. His bulge was growing as was even more evident later in the photos. Turn to face each other Sherri worked on Nate?s shirt as he unzipped her skirt to leave her in her bra and thong panties. My wife worked to get his pants open and a hand inside. ?Oh My!? was all she said with exciting enthusiasm and surprise. She got his pants down and off then his underwear slowly slid down but as then reached his knees she placed her cheek next to his crotch for some shots of her face and his rock hard penis in the frame. Still crotched down she looked to me to give me the heads up that she wanted the next shot to be a good one. I got positioned and the camera was focused in as she turned to look up at Nate?s face and take a mouthful of his cock. He moaned with delight as my wife sucked and stroked him.

Nate soon leaned over to unfasten Sheri?s bra but she never missed a stroke. He commanded her to stand so she complied only to have Nate bend down to slide her thong to the floor, push her onto her back on the edge of the bed and start eating her pussy. I got her a pillow to rest her head and give her a better view of Nate?s face between her legs. He must have been talented in that area as Sherri was loving every licking moment and squirming under his oral prowess. Nate stood motioned for her to move up into the middle of the bed and slowly crawled over her between her legs. I got shots of His penis on her belly as he knelt between her legs. Sherri reached down to stroke it as Nate?s hands rubbed my wife?s legs sides and played with the breasts. Sherri raised her legs to guide his penis to her sweet wet wanting pussy. His arms cupped under each of her legs to spread them at his control and he pushed into her. ?Oh Yes!? Sherri gave out and my camera was snapping shots with all the excitement gong on to catch as much of the action as I could. Sherri wrapped herself around Nate?s body and fully accepted each thrust from his powerful pumping. I moved around to anywhere I might get another shot of them and their action. They subsided but Nate did not withdraw from my wife?s vagina completely as he got erect on his knees and raised my wife?s legs at the ankles to have them wider for him to slowly push into and withdraw slowly with the entire penis going in and out but always keeping the head of is just in her. A long ?Ohhhhh Yeeeeeessss!? came out of my wife as she got her slow deep fuck.

Nate withdrew to roll onto his back next to Sherri. She without hesitation rolled to suck on his penis some more while s=he repositioned and eventually straddled him to mount herself onto him and ?ride his pony?. He planted his feet flat on the bed to steady his ability to pump her from below and I got some great shots of them in that position. It was right about then that I got a prompt on the camera that he memory card was full. I switched card as quickly as I could and just in time to capture Sheri?s orgasm. She pressed her tits against Nate?s chest as he rammed his cock into her. She arched her back to allow the best angle for his thrusts as she gave out with moans and gasps of delight. She had to give Nate a command to slow down or stop so she could catch her breath. They stayed in union but laid calmly in a static position of joined pleasure. Sherri mentioned that she didn?t know if she would be able to walk after that fucking but did realize that Nate should be rewarded and slid down to give him oral pleasure.

Nate grabbed pillow to prop his head to better watch my wife suck his cock. Sherri would allow him to come out of her mouth only to make suggestive comments and go right back to giving him a great blow job. ?Cum for me? ?I want to swallow your load? ?Give it up? were coming out as my wife prompted is to spew his sperm into her mouth. Sherri got real serious and sped up her intense oral action. I knew the very moment Nate came into her mouth as she gave a throat=y yummy sound and sucked and swallowed with more oral and hand stroking. Nate was spent and Sherri was so very proud of herself as she crawled up the get a kiss and snuggle in under his arm. A few more photos and we calmly started talking about how nice it was to have found Nate and what a good time he showed Sherri and I. Hate dressed and left shortly after that as Sherri showered as I continued to take photos till she was dressed and we headed out the door. My wife reminded me that she owed me a blow job. It was started as we drove home and I finished at home as the garage door closed behind us.

Next morning we talked about how much we each enjoyed the Friday night tryst while re reviewed the photos on the computer. I asked what we were going to do about the other two black men we had planned to meet the next two Friday nights. Sherri coyly suggested that she wouldn?t want them to be disappointed. I just smiled knowing that we had created a sex monster out of my house wife as she tried to fulfill her bucket list. The next Friday ended the same way but I got my blow job in the motel shower. The third Friday cancelled on us but I got Sherri all to myself before we started making plans for my first bucket list item?two women as once?a threesome with me in the middle.....we are looking at two candidate ladies to join us for next Friday.

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