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Her 1st Black Man Part 2 Continued

We had him over Saturday night to play pool and drink a few. He is real reluctant to do anything with me around, being we still work together. However she did get to s**k him that night when I went to the bathroom. I spent a little more time than usual just to see if they would do anything. And yes they did. She told me about it later. She said as I was walking by him to go to the bathroom he pulled it out right there and she fell to her knees. She did not have time to do it then but did s**k him off outside when he left (I stayed inside). I was already about passed out. I did not believe her till last night we were F**king and she told me about it and I ask her to prove it. So she called him while we were going at it and he told her that he did not mean to c*m in her mouth, she said that was alright, but it was the first time she had ever had a black man c*m in her mouth and said it tasted quite different. He did not know I was listening. Well any way thats how she proved it and well I shot a L**D LOL. So its a continuing (but true) story.

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