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Her 18th Birthday!

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As I mentioned before, Sherri was a military brat and when we met she was young, in fact 16. I was 20 and her did and I got along really good and so when there was a crisis in the family she and I moved out together and later that year, with dad's permission got married. A couple months before her 18th birthday I began bugging about what she wanted for it. She never really could come up with a solid answer and one day she just said, "I am sure anything you get I will like, so surprise me." I was still at a loss about what to get her until one evening at a party I noticed that every time she was around two certain guys she was speachless, nervous, dropped things amd in general was totally a mess. The other thing was that when we got home that night she would strip at the door and fuck my brains out. The two guys were Louis and Daniel. They were black friends that I worked with and they were both really guys. Both had been amature body builders at one time and from what I heard they were both very well hung too. The plan for her birthday came to me. We always played nickle poker with friends and it was not unusual for them to come over and just sit around with drinks and poker for hours. Well, Sherri's birthday was a couple days away and she asked me if I had any ideas yet. Yes I told her. Like what she asked me. A surprise I told her...Okay. It had better be good. I got home that day and got a shower, she had been out by the pool at the apartments and came in and put on a wrap over her suit. Well, what are we doing she asked me. A surprise I told her again. She looked at me and was very thoughful wondering what was in the works. Then I began putting out the card playing things. Coasters, chips, dip, snacks and all...she came out and got mad. We are playing cards for my birthday??? Well, sort of I told her. Just wait, yu will like it. She got pissed and said, WEll, I am not dressing up to play fucking cards. Okay I told her, which was what I had hoped. She had her bikini on and a this wrap. Perfect. Well, at 8, Louis and Daniel knocked at the door. Will you get that hun? I asked. Yeh, I guess...They came in and I heard them say Hi but, as usual Sherri was sepeechless. Hi came back a very timid voice that was all she could do to get that out. Hey guys, I shook their hands. Have a seat and get a beer, they did and sat at the card table...there were 3 of us...Daniel asked so where is the 4th player. Sherri is it I told them. Cool, sounds good to me said Louis. She looked at me still wondering what was going on. After two very boring hands they were wondering if that was it. I have an idea I said, how about a little strip poker. Smiles came to their faces and Sherri had her mouth hanging open. She had on the least clothes and even if she only lost a little would be naked first. The rules are that the winner keeps on clothes and the loosers take off one item of their choise. Good, Daniel dealt first and Sherri actually won. All the guys took off shirts and sat back down. Sherri was in a daze staring at them, both strong muscule chests...and arms. She stamered that she hd to pee and came back with a vey red face. I won the next hand and the three of them took off an item, sherri dropped her wrap. The guys took off belts and dropped them to the floor. Okay, another hand Louis said. Daniel won the hand and Sherri took off her sandals and we took off shoes. We were still ahead in the clothing department because Sherri only had her bikini which was not covering mush anyway. Sherri waon two more hands and we were all down to just pants.Louis had stood up for a moment and it was obvious he was thinkng of winning something else. Sherri caught site of the bulge and stammered some. Louis dealt the next hand and said, "Okay, next hand looks like we get a real show." "Why is that Sherri asked in a very nervous voice? Louis said, Because I am willing to bet you loose the next hand and you have not got much to take off." Oh really Sherri said, the beers making her a little bolder. Yes really Louis told her. Well, Louis was right, but I won the next hand and Sherri took off her top...her titties bounced into view and we all were checking out the nipples as they got hard...I reached over...Excited Dear? I asked her...She moaned..What do you think she said. Damn Louis said, that pair wins anytime in my book. Thanks she told him. Well, the next tow hands found all the guys in just boxers. Sherri still had her bottom on but she was squirming all over the chair. Daniel and Louis and me were visbly excited and Sherri was staring at the two bulges they had. I dealt the last hand and won, now Sherri and Louis and Daniel took off the last items of clothing...She was leaking juice as she sat down and could not take her eys off the growing toys that Louis and Daniel had. Louis was at least 9 inches and Daniel about the same. Only Louis had a thick bulging head that seemed out of proportion with the rest of his cock. Sherri noticed all this and was squiring all over her chair. NOw what Sherri said. daniel said, How about drawing high card to play a little game? What kind oif game Sherri. Well, if you get the high card we do what you say, If one of us gets it then you do wnat we say, fair? Okay she said. We shuffled the deck and Sherri won the first cut. She was so flustered that she just said, Get me another beer. I got her another beer and sat back donw. Louis won the next and he said, Everyone gets to suck a tittie. Sherri winced but leaned back to give us all access. Louis sucked her titties really hard, biting as he finished, Daniel took them in his hands and brought the nipples together and sucked them both at one time making Sherri moan...Another cut and I won. Okay Steve, what does she have to do...? She has to suck each one of us for 30 seconds...Sherri squirmed but turned her chair around so we could step in front of her...I was first and she sucked me nice and slow like I like it. The Louis stepped in front of her..Take it slow Sherri, like steve's cock..She opened her mouth and it sank in deep, in and out then after 30 seconds he pulled it out but Sherri had seemed to not want to let it go...Then Daniel and his cock slipped all the way down her throat...and he held it there the whole 30 seconds. Sherri was hot and getting hotter hen we cut again and she lost again...Okay guys, lets get some serious bets going now, what does she do...I said..Bend her over the back of the couch Daniel said..Okay Sherri, you heard it, over the back of the couch...She got up, her legs weak and anticipating what was comeing next..sure enough Danile stepped up behind her and sank his cock into her pussy...a shock went thru her body and she pushed back on it...He began slowly moving in and out, just as the head was ready to come out he pushed it back in...then Louis got his turn, his massive head made Sherri cry out in lust..Oh yes, that is good she moaned over and over...Louis began really pumping deep into her and her feet came off the floor with each inward drive...then she cried out, oh my god, fuck me oh yes, don't stop...she orgasmed and soaked Louis cock with her juices. He pulled out and I stepped up..driving hard into her to get her ready for the next draw...the men had not cum yet but she had 3 orgasms she had had. Okay, next draw she said, now what do I do...Lousi sat on the couch, sit on this baby...and she did, then daniel stood in front of her and pushed her forward onto Louis, he grabbed her titties and began massaging them his cock filling her pussy..the Daniel filled her ass with his cock..again she cried out...I stepped close and she took my cock in her mouth..Now you will take all of our cum Louis said...and we all began driving into her...she was moaning loud and crying out to fuck her harder..Lousi and Daniel did as she said and soon her juices were dripping out of her. Finally louis moaned loud..Here it cum baby, get ready..his load filled her and the Daniel and I came almost at the same time...she collapsed on the floor with all three places dripping cum. Her laegs were spread and Louisd dropped between them driving his cock into her pussy...She reached out and grabbe Daniel and took him into her mouth..sucking and licking the cum from his cock..I watched as my cute littel wife was rammed over and over buy these guys..She never let upo moaning and begging for more. Finally around midnight we were all sitting around naked and just talking...beers were being drank and joking going on. Sherri freely was kissing and massaging all the cocks in the place. Louis Daniel amd me and when one responded by going hard she began sucking it until it unloaded in her mouth or pussy or ass whichever one she wanted it in. The guys left and she came over after and kissed me...Thanks Sweetheart, that was a great present. I looked at her and kissed her and we went to bed...invite them over again soon okay she said. Sure hunny, no problem. the next two weekends were reserved for Sherri to enjoy her new found pleasures...

PS. I was going thru some old boxes and found what was Sherri's journal that she kept during this time. This is where all the stories are coming from, they are all true and I am just writing donw basically what she wrote in her journal.

Enjoy, there are lots more.

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