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I met my friend Ray in college we were randomly chosen as roommates. Go figure a 5?5 Jewish guy and 6?6 black basketball star actually got along. We decided to room together for the next 4 years. Eventually we both met our wives while in college. Shortly after college we both got married and had kids. Our families often went on vacations together and sometimes we would hit the beach for the weekend just the four of us just like the old days.

Ray?s wife Janet and my wife Anne weren?t best friends but they got along. Every thing was moving along in our lives till out of blue Ray called me to tell me Janet was leaving him, needless to say my wife and I were both shocked. Ray didn?t take the news well needless to say he fell into a funk and pretty much only left his house for work and when I was able to talk him into going to gym to play ball. One night after a game while we were taking a shower Ray really started to break down telling me all about his failed marriage, he even started to tear up. I was facing Ray when he dropped his towel and for the first time in our friendship I seen him naked and I was shocked. The man was at least 8? and as thick as a soda can and he wasn?t even hard. I quickly turned away and got dressed but that image stuck with me. When I got home that evening I told my wife about our conversation and she thought it might be a good idea for us to have one of our beach weekends to help clear his mind. She even said she would invite one of the wilder girls from her office in hopes Ray might get lucky. That?s when I brought up what I saw and to say the least she was shocked when I demonstrated with my hands just how big it was. We both have heard of white couples who played around with black guys its pretty common thing these days but now we knew why. My wife said she couldn?t imagine how something that big would feel.

We decided to plan the trip for the last weekend in June. Ray was reluctant to agree to go but when I told him that Anne was inviting a friend he agreed. Anne said that Sara one the wildest girls in her office, agreed to join us at the beach. When Ray got news of this he was ecstatic. The plan was for me, Anne and Ray to drive down on Friday and Sara was to meet up with us on Saturday afternoon and hopefully the two of them would hit it off. Saturday rolled around and Anne got call from Sara, she couldn?t make it. The disappointment in Ray?s eyes was so overwhelming he couldn?t hide it. He left the living room and went straight to the guest room. My wife and just looked at each other we felt terrible in the process of trying to cheer him up we got him feeling rejected. I told my wife I was ok if she flirted with him to cheer him being the man obviously needed some attention from a female even if was just flirting and conversation. She looked at me and asked what he would want with her and told her for one your butt is a black guys dream not to mention long legs a nice set of boobs, besides its black guys love white women especially the MILF types. I told her to put on something that showed off her figure. She went to the bedroom and came out wearing a pair of spandex shorts and tank top more or less a workout outfit except she left the sports bra and panties in the room, she looked good and nipples were peeking through her shirt. I want in the room and got Ray we sat and watched the game as Anne want out of way praising him, his basketball skills to his ripped body. She pretty much told him he was caught and needed to keep his head up she mentioned that she had heard he lived up to his end of the black guy size myth. Ray was embarrassed by the attention especially Anne?s mention of his penis size but he loved it. There was something so erotic to me hearing my wife talk about my buddy?s body and penis. I was just sitting there imagining her getting down and dirty with him. I could tell by the look in Anne?s eyes that she was getting pretty hot herself. I decided maybe I should see just how far she was willing to go. I looked at Ray and said I bet you?d like to get a peek at Anne?s butt I think its only fair since her friend stood you up she should give you a little flash, he just nodded yes. At this point Anne was overcome with lust she dropped her shorts and shook her butt only a few feet from Ray. Her butt looked so hot. Unable to control himself Ray started rubbing himself through his shorts. I got up and walked over to Anne and told her I was ok with her taking this as far as she wanted. She walked over to the chair Ray was sitting in knelt down and pulled down his shorts, out pooped the biggest, thickest penis I?d ever seen Anne had a look of amazement in her eyes. She looked back at me and told me I wasn?t exaggerating. When I seen him after the shower he wasn?t hard but now he was and it was at least 11? and thick. Ray just had grin on his face as my wife started and complimented his manhood. She asked him if she could touch it and of course he agreed. She wrapped both hands around it and there was still plenty left over. Her white hands wrapped around him was such a turn on the color contrast of their skin and the whole idea of sharing her was just so hot. He would reach down and squeeze her butt and boobs with his huge black hands it was amazing. After a few minutes of this kind of touching she asked if he wanted to go to the bedroom. I followed behind them, she laid down on the bed and he went down on her, she reached her hand down and rubbed her hands on his bald head as she squirmed from his mouth. He came up for air and tossed him a condom I pulled from the draw. Anne laid there quietly watching as Ray somehow squeezed the condom over the upper third of big penis. Anne slide down to the end of the bed as Ray moved between her legs. He slowly inserted the head of his penis in Anne causing a look of lust to overcome her. She pulled his hands up to his boobs as he inched more of it into her. She looked so beautiful and at ease. They stayed in this position till Anne told him she wanted to ride him. Ray rolled over onto his back I watched as Anne climbed on top and slowly slid his penis in her; I must admit this was the hottest thing so far. My tight wife work this huge black penis in her. He had his big hands all over her curvy butt as she slid it in and out of her. She started talking nasty telling him she was fucking his big black dick, I knew it wouldn?t be long before she came. After a few more strokes she froze and started scramming in delight and slid off Ray. My wife laid there in state of ecstasy the problem was Ray was still rock hard. Anne noticed this and told him she would suck and jerk it for him. Ray said he would enjoy that but he usual had problems finishing unless he was in a women. Anne said how about I take care of you with my mouth and hands while my lower half recovers and then you can finish. She pulled off the rubber and started licking the big black penis, she played with and licked his balls and even rubber her boobs up and down his penis. I think she was hoping to finish him this way but it didn?t work. She gave up after about 5 minutes and rolled on her back. I tossed Ray another condom and he slowly entered her. I could tell this wasn?t feeling the best for her but she wasn?t going to not let him finish. It took her awhile to get her grove but eventual she did. She pulled her legs up and told Ray to fuck her, I could hear his big balls slapping against her ass as he moved quickly in and out. He grabbed her ankles and started really pounding her and she loved it. This guy was amazing Anne started scramming and came again coming. It was too long after she let out her screams Ray grunted and pumped in few more time till he pulled out with the condom filled with stuff. They both laid next to each other for minute or two silently. Ray thanked both of us and got up and went to the quests? room. I crawled into bed with my wife and proceeded to tell her who hot that was. She said she couldn?t believe what had just happened but that it was the most incredible sex she ever had. She said not only was it because Ray is stud but she loved having me watch. I told her I was find with it and I loved how her fair skin looked next to his body and how hot it was watching her tightness stretch to get him in. We both agreed that at least till Ray got into a serous relationship its something we both would like to happen again.

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