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Finishing The Trifecta

I was going for the trifecta: fucking three different women
at different times, all within 24 hours. I had been banging
Allison, a waitress at my job, for awhile and had fucked
her the night before, and again in the morning. She was a
very cute woman, 33 and petite. She was 5' even and no
more than 90 lbs. I'm 6'6", 250 myself, so
usually I go for a bigger woman, but Allison was a decent
lay and close at hand. Now, I had just left Ken and Lisa's,
a couple I met on Adult FriendFinder. Lisa was more my type, thick with a nice
set of 38D tits. I tend to get turned off, though, if a woman
has more tattoos than I do, which was the case with Lisa.
But she was one of those who can't get enough BBC and
she sucked good dick, so her husband Ken just watched while
she blew me before I fucked her good. But despite having
begun and ended the day fucking, I was still horny. Guess
that happens to a lot of 23-year-old guys. Knowing exactly
where I had to go, I headed to a nearby college town to hit
up the bars. There was still time for me to finish the trifecta.

There were three main bars in the town where I was headed.
One was good for cheap drinks and another was good for dancing
and picking up older women. I, however, was heading for
the third, where the sorority girls hung out. I was fresh
out of college, so I still remembered what it was like to
trawl through a crowded bar, looking for a hot chick to bring
home. This place was no different than any of bars where
I went to school. It was cramped, dark and packed wall to
wall with tits and ass. My kind of place. I grabbed a beer
from the bar and made my way to the dance floor to see what
I could find. I call it a dance floor only because it was where
people were dancing. For myself, I took a seat against a
table that had been pushed off to the side and surveyed the
scene. Ripe college girls were all around me, shaking asses
and bouncing titties. Here and there, guys did their best
to pick them up. Some tried to hold their own on the dance
floor. Others tried to coax girls into dark corners for
a little sweet talking. I just sat back and watched.

It wasn't long before Marcella started shaking her
ass at me. Not just in my direction, but directly at me. I
watched those juicy mounds bounce for a few seconds, weighing
my options. The way her jeans clung to her ass, though, made
my decision easy. Taking one last swig from my beer, I abandoned it in pursuit
of what I really came for. I moved up behind her, grabbed
her hips and we started to grind like only wanton college
students can. As we swayed and writhed to the thumping hip-hop
music, I took stock of my catch. She was another shorty,
maybe about 5'2", but thicker than Allison,
with a firm ass and a huge rack that I groped liberally on
the dance floor. I was still behind her, so I couldn't
see her face, but she was a blond, which are my favorite.
Even if she turned out to be a butter face, I could just bury
my face in her huge tits while we fucked and just make sure
I booked it out of there afterward. Luckily, it didn't
come to that. It was a good 20 minutes of dirty dancing before
we faced each other and exchanged names. Marcella had a
cute, round face with big brown eyes. Her cheeks were red
and flushed. It was hard to tell if it was due to the drink,
the heat in the room or the fact that I had just spent 20 minutes
pressing my erection up against her ass. In any event, we
chatted as best we could in the din over another couple of
drinks. I knew I had her in the bag from the get go, but I wasn't
opposed to letting her get a little tipsy to help things
along. After awhile, she asked if I would take her home,
to which I readily agreed.

As we drove to her dorm, I couldn't help but to chuckle
to myself. Marcella was only 19, and she gave off a sense
of innocence, as if she didn't realize what was going
to happen. Having done the college thing already, I knew
the drill, but made a note to follow her lead. There was no
sense in getting into any trouble over a drunk college chick.
When we got up to her room, though, it was clear that I wouldn't
have to worry about any of that. Marcella's roommate
had apparently just moved out, so we had the place to ourselves,
without any fear of being walked in on (a severely annoying
danger of college life). I chatted her up a little longer,
just to make sure she had a chance to relax and think about
what was happening. The whole time though, she looked up
at me with those eyes that just begged me to kiss her. Once
I was certain of her consent, I was more than happy to oblige.
I planted a gentle one on her full, soft lips at first, gaining
in passion as she returned my embrace. Soon, we were making
out feverishly, groping and pawing at each other like the
horny kids we were.

Coming up for air, I pulled Marcella's tight fitting
tank top over her head. I was greeted with a glorious sight.
Her tits were even bigger than I thought, at least a DD cup,
and ready to spill out of her bra. The garment wasn't
strained for long, though, as Marcella reached back and
unhooked it, unleashing those enormous melons. I was in
heaven. I buried my face in them, licking and sucking as
much as I could get my mouth on. Her stiff brown nipples matched
the rest of her tits; thick, chewy nubs that I sucked and
licked to my heart's content. Unsatisfied letting
me to all the work, Marcella pushed me down on my back and
straddled my waist. I could feel how hot she was as she ground
her crotch into my stiff cock while starting to undress
me. She pulled my shirt over my head, running her hands down
my chest after it was off. Next, she moved down a little to
make room so she could work on my pants. Marcella breathed
heavily as she worked my belt, button and zipper. I could
tell she was excited to finally see the stiffness that she
has been rubbing against all night. When the waistband
of my boxer shorts finally cleared my crotch and my ten inch
hard on sprang up at her, I saw Marcella's jaw drop a
little. It was clear that she had never seen one as big, at
least not in real life. She was in for a treat.

Finally taking her eyes off of my throbbing cock, Marcella
finished undressing me. When she was done, she licked her
lips and it was then that I noticed they would be perfect
for dick sucking. I was about to find out. Taking a handful
of cock, Marcella pointed it straight up at her face and
opened her mouth wide. When she had as much inside as she
thought she could handle, she closed those full lips around
my shaft. Her warm, wet mouth felt superb as she slowly began
to bob her head up and down on my dick. From our conversation
earlier, I knew that she didn't have much experience,
and certainly none with a cock my size, but I was impressed
with how she handled my rod. What she lacked in confidence
for taking it deep down her throat, Marcella made up for
with spectacular tongue action underneath the shaft and
around the head. Though lacking is experience, she certainly
knew how to suck dick and seemed to enjoy it as well. But as
good as felt to have her blond head bob on my cock, it wasn't
enough to make me cum. I was going to have to put in a little
work of my own for that.

Lifting Marcella's head from my dick, I guided it up
to mine. I kissed her deeply while rolling her onto her back
and beginning my own work with her clothes. I twisted a fat
nipple gently between my fingers before running my hand
down her smooth stomach to her waist. In no time, I had her
pants unbuttoned, and she was helping me take them off,
along with her panties. She was eager as I. Still sucking
and nibbling on her lips, neck and nipples, I busied my fingers
with Marcella's pussy. I had never felt a girl so wet
before I had touched her pussy. It was dripping. I easily
slid a finger inside, curling is to rub her g-spot, while
using my thumb to trace circles around her clit. She bucked
and moaned under this treatment, gasping while I latched
my lips onto a hardened nipple. Soon, Marcella's breaths
came short and quick as she worked her hips and I felt a gush
of wetness cover my fingers. I had never witnessed such
a quiet orgasm, but the flush of red over her face and chest
were all the confirmation I needed. I continued to rub her
clit gently after the spasms had subsided. After she had
caught her breath, Marcella looked at me with her round,
brown eyes. "Will you lick my clit?" I just smiled
at her before kissing my way down her stomach.

When I reached Marcella's pussy, I was a bit surprised.
When I was finger fucking her, I had noticed that she wasn't
completely shaved. Where was some short peach fuzz covering
her crotch. What surprised me, though, was that it was a
shade of light brown that was nowhere near the color of the
hair on her head. Amused, I dove into her sweet pussy. Based
on her reaction, it seemed Marcella had little experience
in having her pussy eaten too. She groaned and writhed as
I assaulted her clit with my tongue, cumming again and again
and soaking my face with her juices. It was all I could do
to hold on and keep my mouth in contact with her pussy. "You
lick my clit so good, " she panted before losing her
breath to another orgasm. Content that I had satisfied
her oral desires, I gave her clit one last lick, then surfaced.

Before moving all the way up Marcella's body, I found
my pants on the floor and took a condom from the pocket. After
rolling the rubber over my rock hard cock, I leaned down
to kiss Marcella while placing the head at the entrance
of her sopping cunt. The horny co-ed wasted no time in reaching
down to place it inside and grabbing my hips to pull me deeper.
As demanding as she was for cock, though, Marcella was still
a small girl, so I easily resisted her tugs and pulls. Instead,
I just left the head of my cock in her pussy while she bucked
and wiggled, trying to get more of it inside of her. I kept
it out though, enjoying the sight of her desperate for cock.
I was going to give it to her, but only when I was ready. Just
when it looked like Marcella had given up and was opening
her mouth to actually beg for me to give it to her, I slammed
all ten inches into her all at once. Her mouth remained open,
but no sound came out. Her eyes were wide as she tried to comprehend
the feeling of so much dick being shoved into her all at once.
Marcella failed to breath for a few seconds, but when she
did, it was a low, long moan as if she had never felt anything
quite like this in her life. I don't think she had. Having
knocked the wind out of her with my initial thrust, I took
it easy on Marcella for while after that, slowly pushing
my cock in and out of her wet pussy. After getting over he
initial shock, though, Marcella fucked me back like she
hadn't had a dick in years. She wrapped her legs firmly
around my waist, pulling me as deep as she could every time
I plunged my dick inside. She liked to be filled to the bottom,
and I was more than happy to oblige. I managed to sit myself
up a little, so I could fuck her harder while watching her
huge tits bounce around. The harder I fucked her, the more
she came. She was like a cum machine, moaning, panting and
mumbling incoherently. I could barely believe my luck
in scoring such a horny chick

After one particularly intense orgasm, I took advantage
of Marcella's exhaustion to flip her over on her stomach.
Her juicy ass was what had led to us fucking like there was
no tomorrow, so it only seemed fitting that it should end
that way. Spent as she was, Marcella just laid on the bed,
breathing deeply. I wasn't done, though, so I grasped
her hips just like I had at the bar, and pulled her up to her
knees. Her face remained buried in a pillow as she groaned
into it. Perhaps she was unsure if she could take any more.
Perhaps she was simply relishing the thought. In any case,
groans were joined by moans and gasps when I slid myself
into her once again and began pumping away. I loved the way
Marcella's juicy ass jiggled when my abs hit it on every
thrust. It was such a sexy ripple that just made me pound
her harder and harder. After several minutes of intense
fucking, I was beginning to tire, so I sat back on my heels
to let Marcella do some of the work. She never missed a beat.
With her face still buried in a pillow, Marcella humped
herself on my stiff cock. Her breathing picked up as she
bounced her ass up and down as fast as she could. It was a beautiful
sight. It was a perfect combination of being able to watch
her ass shake and her head bob on my dick. She moaned when
I gave her ass a smack, and I knew it was time. Straightening
up, I grasped Marcella's hips once again and really
began to pound her. She finally lifted her head from the
pillow, but any moans she made now were staccatoed by the
rhythm of my cock pounding her pussy. If the color of Marcella's
pussy hair was a surprise, what happened next was a shock.
As she began to tremble with yet another orgasm, Marcella
screamed out loud. It wasn't a scream that you would
expect from a woman cumming. It was more the type you'd
expect from a woman being attacked. My reaction was mixed.
Scared that someone might hear and investigate, I pushed
Marcella's head back down into the pillow. But also
turned on by her loss of inhibition, I began to feel the cum
bubbling up from my balls. After giving Marcella's
pussy a few extra strokes for good measure, I pulled out,
whipped off the rubber and sprayed a huge load all over her
ass and back. As soon as I let her go, Marcella fell onto her
stomach, breathing hard and humping her hips into the sheets.
It was as if she couldn't decide if she was spent or if
she wanted more. I suffered from no such indecision. I was

After cleaning up, Marcella and I laid together talking
under we drifted off to sleep. We fucked each other a few
more times, but things eventually went south. It turned
into one of those situations where she thought I was her
boyfriend and I really wasn't. Once she realized the
truth, she decided that the sex wasn't enough. One
day, she simply stopped returning my calls. I wasn't
too broke up about it, though. There are still plenty of
waitresses out there.

End of Story

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