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Escort Wife

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First let me describe my wife of 24 years. Sugar is a 48 year old petite redhead. She weighs about 105 lbs. Has a cute ass and awesome set of 34 D's.

Most men find her extremely attractive. Even men in their late teens and twenties are always checking her out because she still dresses to showoff her body which she is proud of. She always dresses classy, yet seductive.

We have a open marriage and have been involved in swinging and other adult activities which we enjoy. She also had her own website for years, in fact she was one of the original webcam girls which many of you "Oldtimers" may remember.

We were having dinner one evening with a couple we had met at a local swing club, Dave and Jane. Dave was in construction but his sexy wife, Jane was the owner of a escort service which she ran out of her home. The talk over drinks eventually turned to sex and Sugar was interested in hearing about Jane's business details.

Jane explained that she only accepted clients through referrals of other clients and personal connections. She said she didn't advertise and no one new what she did for a living except a few, understanding us.

She also said she had one other girl, Lisa, working for her who was a sexy wife and mother. She worked only about 6 hours a week and earned about $1800 to $2,000 a week. I could tell Sugar was getting interested the more she heard. Especially about the easy money part. Jane also saw that Sugar lit up upon hearing the details and leaned over to her and said, "Sug, if you ever need a job? Let me know. You would be great in this business with gorgeous tits like yours!"

Sugar replied, "Thanks, honey. But I don't know. I think I'd be too scared to get involved in something like that?" "I could see me getting arrested for prostitution!" "What would my kids and neighbors say?"

Jane answered with a smile, "Honey, you don't have to worry about the cops!

Anybody that you go on a date with has already been on a date with me or Lisa."

"And besides, we're not greedy."

"We run the business under the radar. No advertising. Only referrals. It's usually the same people over and over again. Mostly husbands that can't get laid at home."

Sugar looked at me and smiled, "What do you think, honey?"

I smiled, "Babe you can do what you want, just as long as you are safe and I get to hear the details!"

Jane responded, "Why not go on one date to see if you might like it. I'll talk to you about everything you'll need to know and what to say. It'll be easy for you! I know it will!"

Sugar looked mischievous as she coyly told Jane, "All right sweetie. I'll give it a try. Why not?"

Flash forward to the following Friday evening. Sugar had been setup with an appointment at a local motel with a guy named Horace. Since I wasn't working, I would be her driver and security for the evening. Jane had supplied us with battery powered baby monitors, one for Sugar to keep in her purse and one for me to monitor if there should be any problems, which Jane had assured me that there wouldn't be.

My wife dressed in a pink tube top that showed off her big titties and a matching pink miniskirt and pink high heels. Her makeup, hair and nail were all done to perfection and when she left the car she strolled across the parking lot to room 16, I thought "Damn, she looks good!"

I turned on my monitor and watched from across the parking lot as I saw her knock on the door. After a few seconds, the door opened and to my surprise a big black man dressed in only a towel, opened the door! I wasn't expecting this at all! My wife and I had swung for years and I'd had fantasies of watching her with a Blackman, but this was totally unexpected!

Then the monitor crackled, "Hi, I'm Sugar! Are you Horace?"

The black man answered, "Damn right baby! Did Jane send you? I hope!"

"Yes, Sweetie, she did. Nice to meet you."

I watched as I saw my beautiful wife enter to room and the door closed behind her.

"Baby you are one fine-lookin momma!" I heard Horace exclaim!

"It's gonna be $300 for the hour." I heard my wife explain.

"Yeah, Baby. I know" said Horace.

"But before I pay, drop that top so I can see what I'm payin for!"

"Ok, Sweetie," Sugar said. ""How do you like them?"

"Fuck, Baby!" cried Horace. "Those are some nice funbags!"

I could hear some laughter and could only imagine what was happening? Then after a few moments I heard Horace say, "Jeez, Momma these tits feel fuckin nice!"

Sugar replied, "Ok, Baby I have to get the money up front so we can start the clock!"

Horace responded, "Damn, Baby. Your all business. That's cool. Here, let me get you the dough."

I heard fumbling and Sugar thanked him and it sounded like she put the cash in her purse.

"Now that is taken care of, what would you like me to do?" I heard my wife say.

Horace said, "i'm gonna sit in this chair and I want you to take off all those clothes in front of me while I drink my cocktail, here."

"Sure, Baby." Sugar responded. "Just sit back and relax.

I couldn't see, but my dick was about to burst thru my pants as I imagined my wife stripping off the little clothes she had on in front of the Black man.

"Do you like what you see?" I finally heard Sugar say.

"How old are you?" I heard Horace respond.

"That's not a nice question to ask a lady." Sugar said back to him.

"Baby, your a Whore! If you were a lady, you wouldn't be here!" Horace challenged.

"I'm 48." Sugar said quietly.

"Momma, I've seen 18 year old that wish they had your body!" Horace said.

"Turn around and show me that ass! Damn, that's nice. Do you like it up the butt?"

Sugar responded, "I've done it before. It feels nice."

"Wait till you've had my foot-long up there baby." Horace said.

"Foot-long?" Sugar asked with a question. "Let me see what you have under that towel."

"Get on your knees, Bitch, between my legs and open it up!" Horace demanded.

"Oh my God!" Sugar shouted. "It's huge!"

"You like my Black snake?" Horace asked.

"It's the biggest cock I've ever seen!" Sugar said. "It feels so big and hard!"

"Don't be shy, baby." Horace exclaimed. "Put the head in your mouth like a good little slut!"

For the next few moments I heard slurping and Horace moaning and I had to take my dick out of my pants and started stroking it as I imagined my wife sucking on this Black Man's huge monster cock!

"Here, Baby. Take it deeper!" I heard Horace implore her.

More muffled sound and I even heard my wife choking as I imagined him forcing more of his dick down her throat!

Then I heard the black man say, "Ahhhh, Thats it Baby. Ahhhhhhhh yessss, here it comes! Get ready for some nigger juice in your belly! Ahhhhhhhh Ohhhhhh Fuuuuuuck!

I could hear my wife kind of whimpering and making funny noises trying get gobble down his sperm. This was too much for me and I blew my load all over my lap in the car! Man, this situation was turning me on. But it wasn't over.

"Ok Baby." I heard Horace say. "Stand up and bend over at the waist!"

A few seconds later I heard him say. "Now reach back with your hands and spread your ass cheeks apart!"

"That's it, Baby. Do you feel my finger at the entrance of your asshole?"

"Uhhh Huh." was my wife's only reply.

"Ok now slowly move your body back and slide my finger up your asshole!" Horace demanded. "That's it Baby. I've got it all the way in. Now move back and forth and lets get your little whore ass ready for my cock!"

I could picture my wife bent over at the waist moving back and forth on this guy's finger getting ready to take his huge cock up her tiny ass!

"That's it, Baby." He said. "Now spread those cheeks wide for my cock!"

"Go slow" I heard Sugar say nervously. A few seconds past and I heard her say, "Owwwww! slow, slow, slow, easy, please. It's too big!"

"Don't worry baby." answered Horace. It'll be feelin good in a few seconds! Keep those ass cheeks spread! Thats it!"

"I feel like I have a beer can up my butt!" my wife said. "Ahhhhhh Ohhhhh Fuck!

Horace replied. "It's gettin easier now baby. Feelin good?"

"Ooooooh yes!" Sugar answered. "That's it fuck me in the ass! Oh fuck! That feels soooo good!"

"You like my nigger dick in your white ass?" Horace asked.

"Ooooooh yes, Baby! It feeeeeels goooood!" Sugar replied in a gaspy voice.

"Then say it Baby! Say you want more of my nigger dick in your ass! Beg for it, you little slut!" Horace said in a stern voice.

My wife responded breathlessly, "Yes, fuck my white asshole with your nigger dick! Fuck me hard, you Black fucker!"

"Are you my slut?" asked Horace.

"YES!" my wife shouted back. "I'm a Slut for your big black nigger cock! Fuck me harder! Ahhhhhhhhhh Shit! Fuck meeeeeeeeeee!"

I could hear their bodies slapping against each other furiously and knew they were at the point of orgasm. I too had regained my hardon and was again ready to explode!

"All right, Baby!" Horace shouted! "I'm ready to blow! Here it comes up your white ass! Ohhhhhhhhhh Fuuuuuuck! Ohhhhhhh Shit Yeaaaaaahhhh!"

All I heard from my wife was "Fuck meeeeeee" over and over. After lots of groaning and satisfied sighing, Horace finally spoke up. "Damn. That felt good! Here baby, I'm gonna take it out. Fuck you can drive a truck through that asshole now!" he said laughingly.

"Here, you little whore." he said. "Clean this shit off my dick with your mouth!"

"That's it, you little cocksucker. lick it clean. Thats a good little whore! You like the taste of your ass?"

Sugar just answered "Uhhhh Huh" sounding like she still had a mouth full of cock!

"Ok, baby you got it all nice and clean. Now get your shit and get out. I've got some people coming over soon."

I just heard noises in the room, I suppose of my wife gathering her clothes and getting dressed.

"You got one tight ass, for a whore, baby!" Horace said. "I'll give you a call next week."

With that I saw the door open and my wife walked out of the room all disshelved. Her hair all messed up. Her skirt half unzipped and her shoes in her hands as she walked gingerly across the parking lot to me. She entered the car and lookd at me with a mischevious smile.

"Did you have a good time?" I asked.

"Ohhhhh Yeah!" she replied.

"Good, lets go home!" I said as my wife bent over and took my hard cock into her mouth as I started the car for home.


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