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Ebony And Ivory My First

Ivory & Ebony
> I had been in Dallas all weekend with my man and we certainly were enjoying
> each other's company. It was Saturday night and we are heading to our
> favorite swingers club.
> I was wearing a black short full skirt with red trim and a red & black
> halter top. Lookin' & feelin' damn good. As is usual, the party started out
> rather slow, but we mingled with those there, some people we knew from prior
> visits, and as always new people.
> After a bit, I was tired of sitting so I started dancing. John danced with
> me at first then told me go ahead dance for me. Hardly anyone else was
> dancing, but that didn't stop me. I was having a great time dancing and
> enjoyed people watching me. Sometime during the evening I had changed into a
> black see-thru chemise. And the dancing, whether alone or with others, could
> get quite erotic, just the way I like it!
> Later as the evening heated up, we walked back to the group sex room, where
> there was lots of action going on on the beds. In fact so much so there
> wasn't really any room there. I found a stool to sit on and John was
> standing in front of me and we were just kind of watching the action on the
> bed. He then turned around and spread my legs apart and started tonguing me.
> Since I was on this stool, it was my natural inclination to lean back, which
> I did. To my surprise there was a man behind me. I turned to look and saw a
> nice looking black man. As John was going down on me, I felt this man's
> hands on my breasts, and making some comment about how hard my nipples were.
> With John's tongue working its magic on me & this man's hands on my breasts
> soon I was cumming.
> I then turned around to face this man, and started stroking his cock. And
> before I knew it I felt my lips wrapped around it. Not only was this the
> first black man I had ever been with, his cock was a very nice size, which
> was really exciting me. I sucked him for a bit and then he whispered to me
> that he would be back. I said ok. I know John was enjoying watching my mouth
> suck that big black cock. In fact, thinking back to it, I wish I had a photo
> of it. Hehehee Anyway, after he left, John & I returned to the dance floor
> area me dancing some more and John off chatting and playing with some
> ladies at the bar.
> Soon the man I had met in the group room joined me on the dance floor and I
> believe we officially introduced ourselves. His name was Ben. We danced and
> I was excited and turned on and was pushing my body into his, and could feel
> his hardness between us. OOHH I was getting so hot there dancing with him.
> When the song was over, I walked over to the bar to get a drink and he
> joined me and said do you want to go finish what we started earlier? I
> smiled and said ok. I looked around for John, but he was still busy with
> some ladies at the bar, so I went off with Ben, figuring John would find me.
> We headed back to the jungle room... a small group room. We got on the bed
> and got naked pretty quickly and when I saw his cock again, that big black
> cock I was so damn excited. He was telling me as he was getting undressed
> that he wanted to fuck me. And soon he was, doggie style on the bed. My ass
> facing the end of the bed. I could feel his huge cock sliding inside of me
> and I came almost immediately just from that. While he was fucking me John
> found me, probably from my loud moans and ohhhhhh god's. He got in front of
> me on the bed and I began giving him a blowjob while Ben continued to fuck
> my pussy so damn good. John telling me how hot it was to see that big black
> cock sliding inside me. OHhhhhh godd.. I was cumming and cumming.
> After a bit, Ben said that he'd be back & John & I were whispering about how
> hot it was being fucked by that big black cock. A few minutes later I felt
> someone behind me and I said oh you are back and John said no, it's someone
> else. I reached behind me and felt this huge cock, so I turned around and it
> was a complete stranger. I said to him...mmmmm godddd very very nice cock. I
> started sucking John again as I felt this stranger slowly slide his huge
> cock inside me. OH MY GOD! I could barely stand it he felt so good. I was
> unable to continue giving John a blowjob I was so overcome by this huge cock
> inside my pussy. John joined a couple that was on the bed next to us and I
> began fucking this stranger like there was no tomorrow, pushing back into
> him, feeling that cock filling me up .omg wanting every fucking inch and
> getting it. He was fucking me so hard and I was fucking him back. I thought
> I would die his cock was so huge and filled me up sooo damn much .and soon I
> was cumming and cumming, soaking the bed completely
> He then said come here, and we went over to this little bench. First he
> said, my name is Hardy and I kind of giggled and said you certainly are! And
> then he began fucking me again, there on the bench first doggie style and
> then with him facing me. Oh my god he felt so good and I was moaning and
> kept saying omg omg you feel soo good and I was cumming and cumming like
> crazy. We then moved to the other little bench and he asked me if I'd like
> him to cum on me. I said, yes! I looked over and saw John was tonguing this
> cute little blonde's ass who was lying on the bed with her husband. She
> couldn't believe what he was doing to her and kept telling her husband omg
> he is tonguing my ass, and boy did John make her cum good. I didn't find
> that out till later, but must say I'm not surprised as I have firsthand
> experience with his tongue .heeheee.
> Anyway back to Hardy & me on the bench. I began sucking his big cock, omg my
> mouth taking it in. Barely able to fit it all in, but doing my damnest. He
> was moaning with pleasure and asked me where did I want him to cum. I wanted
> him to cum all over me my face...but particularly my tits. I love that! My
> mouth working magic on his big wonderful cock, and I could hear the woman
> John was tonguing moaning in pleasure. Soon I could feel Hardy stiffen and
> he said now, I'm gonna cum now. And then I felt that spray of hot cum all
> over my lips, my tits! OHHHH goddd it felt sooooo good.
> We hadn't realized it, but it was almost 4 in the morning. We had been
> having such a great time we didn't know it was that late. But decided then,
> while I could still walk, we'd better head back to our hotel.
> On the way back, John said play with yourself and cum some more. I said oh
> my god I can't I am cummed out! He laughed and said no you're not, do it.
> And, oh my god, to my surprise, all I would have to do is touch myself and I
> would cum, just a single touch to my pussy, to my clit and I would be
> cumming my thoughts on those big black & white cocks I had fucked & sucked
> tonite. I must have cum about 10 times before we got back to the hotel, not
> quite believing that I could.
> When we got back to the hotel & in bed, John said we are not finished yet.
> Once again I exclaimed, OHHHH no way I can do anything! HA! Within minutes
> he had me so hot & turned on and he was wanting my ass which I eagerly gave
> to him. So we ended the night with him fucking my ass. MMMMMMMMMMMMMM Both
> of us collapsing in an overpowering orgasm before falling into a deep fitful
> sleep!
> What a night! Just one of many we have had and will continue to have. But
> those are other stories to tell.

End of Story