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Dark Chocolate On My Milky White Body

MMMMM, Walk through my door and a hug for a greet, gentle chocolate lips across mine ever so bitter sweet. Put your hand in mine let me take you to a place devine. Leading you into the bedroom where we can unwined. Helping you undress while you are helping me, lets get these off slowly so we dont miss a thing. Slidin into these egyptian cotton sheets, let me lay my body up against yours and feel your body heat. MMMMM daddy you get me hot so quick, I dont last long before I go down on your chocolate beef stick. With one hand takin you in getting you oh so wet, cant wait to taste you, which I know I wont regret. I lick you up and down and all around, not stopping there and not forgettin the head. True suckin action from the head all the way down, with a slight twist of my wrist and my tongue wrapped around. You moan with pleasure cause your wanting to cum, let me switch it up and have you beat your chocolate dick on my tongue. MMMM daddy you get harder and harder with every smack, cant wait to get that big oh splash. Takin you in my hot wet mouth, wrapped so tightly around you slidin you in and out. Takin you deep throating has you moaning loud, sayin damn baby let me give you that splash now. MMMMMMMMMM

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