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A Fantasy I Never Wanted But Now What More

A fantasy I never wanted but now what more

I met Jason when I was 22 and he was 17. I live in the same neighborhood
as his family. I was in a relationship that was abusive and I finally got the courage to kick him to the curb. Jason used to pass my house everyday and would stop and chat. He would never just show up at my house he waited until I was outside before he would stop. He was a very respectful young male. He would make me feel wanted without even touching me but just how he would tell me things and if at any point I wanted to go in the house he would smile and say talk with you later then. When we started dating he would push me to do anything. He would always ask what would I like to do and if I didn’t then it was dropped. We didn’t even have any sex before we got married and I respected him for that. Even though I wanted him to fuck me on plenty of nights but when things heated up he would kiss me and say goodnight. When we got married and went on our honeymoon it was amazing. But the most shocking thing was how big he was. His cock was 10” long and 6’5” thick. So not having sex for over 3 years my pussy was as tight as a virgins. But he slowly made love to me and made sure I enjoyed the entire honeymoon.

We never asked each other about our fantasies until one night. We had been married 12 years and just chilling one evening when a commercial came on with a women asking if she could fulfill your fantasy. Jason looked at me, I know we have never talked about that subject so what is your fantasy? I told him that the only fantasy I had was being happily married to an awesome guy with children. Well my ex made it impossible for to have children I still am happily married to an awesome guy. He laughed, you mean you wouldn’t want to be with 2 or 3 men at the same time. Nope, I have want I have always wanted. So how about you? I grabbed the pillow tight I was leaning against because I just knew he wanted to be with another women. He looked at me grabbed my hand and said, I would love to watch you with 2 or 3 men. I have fantasized about over the years but never said anything. I let out the deep breath I took before he answered. You want to watch me with other men? I thought maybe you would want a women to join us or for you to be with one. I see the way they look at you when we are out. He just shook his head no and said, I want to see 2 men fucking you. It is just a fantasy and we do not have to go through with this so do not go worrying about me bringing anyone home. I smiled, I know you wouldn’t do that. But it is just funny that you want 2 men for me. I always thought you would want another women to join us or for you to enjoy yourself. He leaned over gave me a soft kiss, now why would I want another women when I have the sexiest women in town. I blushed and kissed him back. I am 5’8” 145, long strawberry blonde hair, 38D breasts and long thick legs leading to a sweet round ass. Well that was the last time we talked about our fantasies. Twelve more years have passed and over the last 4 years our sex life has diminished from 4 or 5 times a week to maybe once a month. Jason has been sweet about it but I know it is driving him further away from me.

One Saturday we went to Lowe’s to get a few appliances and had them delivered. They said they would deliver them Monday sometime as they could not promise what time. I did not work so it was no problem. That night Jason seduced me in away that had my juices flowing before he even touched my pussy. He took me out to dinner and then dancing which we had not done in years. We entered a very nice club after we had finished out dinner. We sat close to the dance floor but not right near it as sometimes when it gets filled up they people bump into you and your table while dancing. Next to us was a very young couple. She was very beautiful women and was checking Jason out from the minute we walked in. It was making me uncomfortable and I wanted to leave but did not let Jason know. Then I realized Jason hadn’t taken his eyes off of me so it was as if no one else was in the club. We danced and had a few drinks. Jason asked me to dance to a slow song. He took my hand and led me to the floor. Once on the floor he put his hands around my waist and gently pulled me close to him. He slowly kissed my neck and whispered in my ear how much he loved me. Another slow song played and he pulled me even closer and I felt his hands slowly caressing the small of my back. It was an amazing feeling, his lips kissing my neck and his hands caressing my back. I know this may not sound like much but I haven’t felt this way in over 4 years. I could feel my pussy starting to tingle and I didn’t want this to stop. He stopped kissing my neck and pulled his head back. Our eyes met and he slowly kissed me. His tongue was running across my lips and I imagined that his tongue was running over my pussy lips. I know I am soaking my panties by now. The song ended and we headed back to the table. I told him I need to go to the restroom. Once in the restroom I saw that I was correct in my assumption. I just wanted to leave, go home and fuck until morning. I left the restroom and Jason was standing near the restroom waiting for me. Jason grabbed my hand, would you like to leave or go back to the table? I smiled, take me home baby! So off we went. The club was crowded and on the way out we had to squeeze by people. As we squeezed by I noticed this young attractive guy standing there. He looked deep into my eyes as I passed him, he smiled and I smiled back. Then I felt a pair of hands sliding across my ass and grabbing a handful as I went by. I looked back, it was him, he smiled and licked his lips. That sent a rush through my body and caused my pussy to quiver. Once in the car I leaned over kissed Jason in a way to let him know I was horny and needed his cock. We didn’t talk on the way home which was fine with me as I kept on seeing that young guy grabbing my ass and licking his lips. Jason pulled in the driveway and we walked up to the front door. We weren’t even in the house when Jason grabbed me and began kissing me. He pushed me up against the door still kissing me. His hands were all over me. But as he was doing this I was imagining that it was the young stud instead of Jason. The next thing I knew Jason had my dress off and was taking my panties off right in the door way. This sent another rush through my body and I knew if I didn’t get a cock inside me I would die. The way I was feeling it didn’t matter if it was Jason’s or that young studs cock. Jason dropped to his knees. He began licking and sucking the juices out of me lick I have never before. He lifted me up, shut the door and carried me to the sofa. While he did this I let my mind wonder and instead of Jason it was my young stud carrying me. He laid me on the sofa, took his shirt off and then his pants. Jason has a very muscular body. He is 6’2” 225 short brown hair with that massive cock. His cock was harder then I have seen and I couldn’t wait to get it inside of me. Jason grabbed me, flipped me over and leaned me over the arm of the couch. He took his cock and slapped me ass with it. Oh my this was sending heat waves throughout my body. He took his cock and rubbed the head of it up and down my slit. I got it nice and wet. I thought he was going to slowly slide it in my pussy but instead I felt it entering my ass. I took a deep breath, I never had anal before and was afraid it would hurt. He slid it in inch by inch. With him starting to fuck my ass and me imagining this was a young stud I began to shutter with my first orgasm. I let out a scream and Jason pulled backwards as if he thought he was hurting me. I reached behind me, grabbed his ass, pushed my ass back towards him as I pulled him back towards me. He slid half way in and then with another push from me he was all the way in. He grabbed my hair and began to pull my head back as he fucked my ass. It was then I had my second orgasm. He grabbed me around the waist and with his cock still inside me he lifted me up. He sat down on the couch still fucking my ass. He took his knees and spread my legs as wide as possible. I looked down and imagined another man slid his cock in my pussy which set off another orgasm. I am sorry but I need that cock inside my pussy. I jumped up, flipped around and jumped on his cock sending it deep into my pussy. He put his arms around my back, grabbed my ass and stood up. He began lifting me up and sliding me back down on his cock driving it deep into my pussy. I started to quiver again but it was because I felt his hands on my ass which I imagined it was the young studs. Here I am fucking Jason like a mad person while I am imagining it is someone else and it is driving me crazy. We done things this night we hadn’t done in years and I loved it. But as I laid there thinking back would I have really let the stranger fuck me as I fantasized he did. I guess I will never know. The next morning I woke up first and laid there just admiring his body and the years we have shared. I looked down at my body and thought, I still was attractive even at 49. I also thought would that young stud have fucked me or was it just a way to get a cheap thrill. About that time Jason had stretched and I decided to give him a blow job. I slowly kissed my way down his chest to his stomach. I took his cock in my hands, began to kiss and lick the head of his cock. I could still taste the our juices from the night before. I licked the underside of his cock and it sprang to attention. I never could deep throat it as he was not only to long but to thick. But I still got a lot of it in my mouth. By now Jason is awake and maneuvered his way down to my pussy. His tongue is so talented he can make me cum with just his tongue. He got my juices flowing. He took his cock out of my mouth rolled over and pushed my down on the bed. He reached down grabbed my waist and lifted my ass high in the air. I reached over pulled a pillow and positioned it under me. He took his cock and slid it into my pussy. As he began pushing it into me I had a flash back to the club. I still cannot get this young stud out of my mind. I am afraid to tell Jason I want to see if this is something I want after all the years that have past. I decided not to say a word and just fantasize Jason is my stranger. Beside it any young stud or just this particular one. All of a sudden as if I was taken over by someone or something. I started yelling, fuck me fuck this pussy with that big cock. Make this pussy cum. Fuck this slut. The more I yelled this things out the harder Jason fucked me. Then Jason flipped me over grabbed my legs and put them over my head. He drove his cock so deep I exploded immediately. He looked deep into my eyes, I shouted fuck this bitch, fuck this pussy. If you help making me cum then get help but fuck me baby…………………. He leaned down and kissed me. I could feel the kiss was different as if he were asking, are you sure? I started to cum again and yelled I need that cum of yours now. I could feel he was getting ready to explode as his cock was getting harder and harder if that is possible. He pushed his cock deep inside of me shouting there bitch take it take all of my cum. We explode together and we laid there in each others arms. He didn’t say anything about what I said nor did I. The rest of the day was as normal as could be. We got up the next morning fixed breakfast and had some small chat. He looked over at me, we need to get the appliances ready so the delivery driver can take them with him. We, don’t you have to work today? Nope not today. Good I could use the help you wore me out this weekend. He smiled, well I do not think anything could top that, that is for sure. It was a wild one wasn’t it. Yes it was sweetie but it was incredible. I told Jason, I do not think they will be here this early so I am going to get a shower then clean them. You jump in and I will start. I got in the shower and while I was washing my body I began to fantasize about that young stud. I imagined he was washing me and it was his hands running all over my body. I finished the shower, just threw on a short robe that came to mid thigh with nothing on just in case Jason wanted some more, if not I would get dressed in a little bit. I went into the living room and turned some music on. Jason must have already been in here as the front door was wide open. I picked out my CDs and put them in. We had finished cleaning them and went into the living room. I was feeling good so I started to dance as if I was a striper. Jason was enjoying the show when I saw him raise his arm and wave for me to come over to him. I started dancing my way to him when I heard the door open. I turn around and immediately turn 3 shade of red. Jason why didn’t you say something? Not like he could see anything. I turned back towards the delivery drive to apologize but when I did I noticed it was my young stud I was fantasizing about all weekend. As I began to apologize I was wondering if he recognize me. He just smiled and said was the best show he had see in a while. I asked him if he wanted a cup of coffee. Yes mamma. As I walked to get his coffee I began to pleaded with myself hoping Jason would pick up on my thoughts, please Jason, please get him to fuck me. Please lets have that 3sum you wanted. Then Jason yelled out, Amber make that 2 cups he has a partner. Shit there goes that idea. His partner is probably short and fat. As I brought the 2 cups into the living room I almost dropped them when I walked around the corner. His partner was a young good looking black man. Would Jason let a black man have his way with me? I handed the black man his cup first then the other man. When he reached for the cup he grabbed my hand, winked at me and licked his lips. He said, didn’t I see you two at Barnum’s Saturday? Jason spoke up, we were there and if you noticed us it had to be Amber you noticed. He laughed, yes it was her. He looked at Jason, I sorry. Sorry for what, remembering a beautiful women? The black man spoke up, I would have remember her too if I saw her. I must have been turning red as I felt the blood rushing to my head. Jason stood up, hi this is Amber and I am Jason. The black man extended his hand and said I am CJ as he shook Jason hand. He reached for mine and said glad to meet you both. My fantasy man stood up and said hi my name is Colt. He shook Jason hand the them which sent a lightning bolt to my pussy glad to meet you both too. I stood next to Jason trying to get me to read my mind. Here is your fantasy have me get fucked by these two studs. I walked back into the kitchen and as I was out of sight from the two men I still was in sight of Jason. It hit me, I will get him to my way. I bent over to pick up something off of the floor revealing my pussy to him as I bent over. I peaked to see if he was looking and he saw everything. I quickly stood up and pulled my robe down as I pretended I didn’t want anyone to see. Jason got up walked into the kitchen, you better go change before these studs get an eye full. I was hoping they would get more then an eye full. I looked at Jason, yes I better before they want more then a peak. Hoping this will plant the seed in Jason’s head. I am sure they are perfect gentlemen they would just look but am sure they would fantasize. I heard them coming into the kitchen so I didn’t leave. Jason winked at me and smiled. Now he has me wondering what that was for. Colt asked, so are we taking the used ones? Yes. Colt said, we will take one out and bring one in until we are done. CJ and Colt pulled the stove out and started to lift it. I saw the cord could get stepped on so I bent over to pick it up when the oven door fell open and hit me on the head. It caused me to loose my balance and I fell on my butt. When I did I legs flew out and my robe raise revealing my pussy to these 2 young studs. Both of them quickly set the stove down but by then Jason was behind me lifting me up. They both got to see my pussy clearly as they were only a few feet away. When Jason lifted me he pulled me up so quick my robe raised again. I quickly grabbed the bottom of the robe and pulled it down trying to cover my pussy. But I pulled on it so hard it untied my robe and the robe fell open exposing my entire body to them. Colt said, dam Amber why don’t you just throw that robe to the side it isn’t covering that beautiful body anyways. CJ replied that is one body that should be covered anyways. I smiled and said thanks guy’s but grabbed it wrapped it back around myself and retied it. I would have done what they suggested if Jason would have said it too. I do not want to do anything that would upset him. As they carried the stove outside Jason said boy they got more of a view then I thought they would. I said, I am sorry sweetie. I should have went and changed. Jason reached down put his hand under my robe and ran his fingers between my lips. Amber, your not damp you are soaked. This young stud have gotten to you. I didn’t say anything I waited until he spoke again. So baby, if one of them got there tongue on your clit what would you do? That will never happen so I guess I will not have to answer that. With that said the brought the new stove in put it in it’s placed grabbed the refrigerator and took it outside. Seeing them grab the refrigerator and their muscles bulge as they lifted made me gasp. They brought the new one in. Colt spoke, thanks for the coffee and the view. CJ said, yes it was remarkable. I smiled and said thanks and I hope you did enjoy. They started heading for the door, I thought damn there goes my fantasy not worrying that it was Jason’s fantasy first and I was being a bit selfish but I wanted these two young studs to fill me with their hot cum. I started sending Jason as many thoughts as I could manage before they left. Just as they were opening the door Jason said, wait! They stopped shut the door looked back, which one of you two could help me? CJ stepped forward and said I will. He started walking towards us and Jason turned walked into the kitchen and I followed. Just as CJ entered the room and asked what it was he could help with Jason grabbed me pulled my robe off placed it on the island counter picked me up and placed me on it. Jason then looked at CJ, I asked Amber what she would do if one of you young studs got their tongue on her clit. She said it would never happen so she wouldn’t have to answer it. So I want an answer, can you help me? He pulled his top off as he walked over to me. Jason then grabbed my legs and spread them wide so CJ had full access. CJ dropped to his knees and began licking and suck the juices that already had oozed out. Jason stepped back to the doorway between the living room and kitchen. He looked over at Colt motioned for him to come over. Colt stood next to Jason and they both stared at my breasts. Colt started to unbutton his shirt, as he did I grabbed CJ’s head and pushed it deeper into my pussy. I watch Colt undress completely and watch as he walked slowly over to where I was laying. When he got to where I was he grabbed his cock looked down at me as I looked up at him and said, how is this bitch at sucking cock? He got closer to me and potted my cheek with his cock. What are you waiting for bitch, suck it. I reached out took it in my hand and engulfed it. They are not as big as Jason so I could deep throat him. He pulled his cock out of my mouth, bent down grabbed my hair and pulled my head to his. Look you little slut, if you cannot suck my cock any better then that I should just get dress and leave. With that he let my hair go, I laid my head back down took his cock and began sucking his cock. I started to massage his balls as I suck on his cock and he got harder and as he shoved his cock in deeper I had an orgasm. I heard CJ moan and his pace quickened. Colt reached down with his hand, tapped CJ on the head and motioned for him to get up. CJ steeped backwards and finished undressing. Colt positioned himself between my legs, I thought oh yes fuck me. He reached out with both hands and grabbed my hands. He pulled my up and in one swift motion he raised me up in the air. Once in the air he lowered my slowly on his cock. He lifted me and lowered me onto his cock forcing it to go deeper with each lowering. CJ walked up behind me. He reached around me and grabbed my breasts, squeezing and pulling on my nipples. Then I felt his cock at the opening to my ass. Colt lifted and slid me down on both of their cocks. One was sliding in my pussy and the other in my ass. CJ guided us to the counter top where he leaned up against it as to take the weight off of Colt’s arms and put it on his hips. Jason put some music on and it seemed like the two studs started to dance with me between them. The were moving in rhythm and it was driving me crazy and I had another orgasm. CJ pulled my hair so my head would fall back towards him. I turned my head and we began to kiss passionately. Once his tongue hit mine I tasted my juices and began to quiver. These two young studs are sending me into orgasm after orgasm and I am loving it. I looked over at Jason to make sure he wasn’t getting mad but he just smiled and winked at me. I felt CJ arch his back and knew he was about to fill my ass with his load. He grabbed my hair pulled my head back and whisper in my ear, take my cum bitch take it all. I felt his warm cum filling my ass. Colt looked at me, I see the little slut made my friend cum, now what about me. He forced his cock deeper and I could feel it harden even more. He was about ready to cum, he pushed against me causing CJ to lay back on the counter. CJ started yelling go Colt fill that bitch up with your cum, make that slut scream. I could feel the head of his cock swell and I started shaking. He sent me into a huge orgasm and I began scream, fuck me, fuck me harder, fill this bitch with your cum. He fucking me wildly now and began to cum himself. I felt his cum hit my walls and let out another scream, oh my god……………Jason I am Cumming. He eased himself out of me and CJ lifted me and set me on the counter top were I laid to regain myself. CJ said, Colt we need to get going we have a delivery to make. They grabbed there clothing and got dressed. The both came over gave me a a passionate kiss and left. Jason walked them to the door. When Jason walked back into the kitchen he was naked and his cock was hard as a rock. I looked at him, bring that big cock over here and fuck this bitch. He lifted me slid me down on his cock and walked me to the bedroom pushing his cock deep inside of me. Once in the bedroom he laid me on the bed, pulled his cock out of me, now bitch suck our juices off my cock. I was more the glad to suck, my juices mixed with Colt’s off of my husbands cock. As I sucked it Jason rubbed my clit sending me to anther orgasm. Jason fucked me like I have never been fucked before. As he exploded inside of me he said now did you enjoy. I scream, oh yes. We laid there and I told him, I am your slut so my body is yours to do with what you like with whom ever. He smiled, the fun has now begun.

End of Story

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