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the surprise swingers

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let me begin with decribing the players in all this that transpired to be a night that i never will forget.

couple#1 TOM and CLAUDIA tom is about 5'10 alittle on the heavy side but very nice looking.claudia 5'5 id say about 130lb 36ds nice body auburn hair on the short side and very pretty alittle on the ditzy side lol.but we love her she is great to have as a friend.TOM is 44 and claudia is 42.

couple#2 JAMES and JESSIE, im just going to say JAMES a big gentle giant and JESSIE is a very pretty petite women JAMES is the baby of the group at 38 and JESSIE is 45.great couple as sweet as anyone can be.

couple #3 LANA and JOHN . john now makes me wet every time i have seen him he is a wonderful man with a great body and a nice ass and a wonderful demeanor but facial wise soso. i always wanted to do him.LANA loves to break my husbands balls not realizing that she coudnt wait to get to those balls of his,lolol.she is a jogging nut about 5'8 with great perky tits and a nice body they are both 48.

i bought a poker board at bed bath and beyond chips and playing cards came with it for $32.00 great deal i made some finger food and every one showed between 8:15 and 8;30 . we all sat down to play a friendly game of poker NOT STRIP POKER.claudia had a few glasses of wine at her house with dinner and she was feeling pretty good at our house when she finished her third glass.and thats when i thought all hell was going to break loose .she sat down and said lets all play strip poker i need to get ganged banged !i swore tom was going to jump across the table and choke her. you could see the anger in his face and shock when she blurted out that they are swingers.with that tom got up and said that she had to much to drink and he was taking her husband looked at me with this big smile and thats when i said so are we. well you could hear a pin drop.then lana broke the ice by saying her and john had a threesome with a bi friend of hers about eight years ago before they moved.well thats all claudia had to hear she grabbed lana and gave her such a kiss that we all sat there in shock.thats when i noticed that jessie got up, and i thought her and james were going to walk out but she walked over to tom and unzipped his pants and started giving him a blow job.well at this point i was going for something i wanted for a very long time i gave my husband a wink he gave me a nod and i slipped under the table.james looked down at me and said i have been waiting a long time for this moment thats when i said i hope just as long as i have. with that said i proceeded to undo his pants when lana said that he cums very fast with a blow job. the thought of him cumming in my mouth made my pussy pulsate and that was my first orgasm. i pulled out his cock and itwas very hard and standing straight up it was smooth and a nice thick size . there was precum on it and i couldnt help my self i wrapped my tongue around the head of his cock and licked every single drop ,he tasted so sweet not bitter at all . i put my right hand around his base so he wouldnt cum so quick .i heard him moan and iwasnt sure if it was pleasure or pain i had such a grip on it i thought it would burst i took his whole shaft down my throat i was so wet by now that my panties felt slushie i couldnt wait to have a cock in me .i must have lost track of time because i heard john say please let go of my cock and let me cum .with that i let my tight grip go.i took him down to the back of my throat and i felt him swell he let out such a groan and let loose down my throat that i came again and shook on my knees. i swallowed all of his sweet pina colata.i got out from under the table and i tried to get up but my legs were so shakey that the next thing i knew iwas being picked up like a rag doll now mind you im not a small women 5'7 150lbs.i looked to see who it was, it was james. he put his arms around me and felt like abig bear had and wasnt going to let me go . i just succumbed to him and he put his tongue deep in my mouth. god at that point i didnt even know what cloud i was on .this is all going on in my dining room still . ilooked over and i saw claudia on her knees on the chair licking lana's tits and john fucking lana and my husband was deep in side claudia i couldnt see what tom and jessie were doing all i heard were her moans.i took james by the hand and led him up to the master bedroom if i was going to have this man i wanted to be in a comfortable situation .i pulled him on top of me still locked in his embrace. i still had my clothes on and i wasnt drssed in a sexy outfit for this night,who was wearing a long black velvet skirt and flat shoes and a turtle neck.not exactly come fuck me outfit.james started to take off my turtle neck while i undid my bra . i pulled down his pants and out came the biggest thickest cock i have ever seen . omg i got just a little scared.he laid me down again and straddled my chest and i put this big cock in my mouth i could barely open my mouth wide enough to take it.then i heard someone else walk into the room james move to my right with me still keeping his cock in my mouth. i looked up and i see john aiming his cock straight for my puusy . i spread my legs wider to take him in. my pussy sucked his cock in like a vacumn cleaner i was in heaven john pushed hard into me i couldn't take anymore that i let go of james cock and moving my hips to johns thrust i came so quick and so hard that john pulled out because he didnt want to cum . james asked john if he could have his turn.john said please be my guest.when john noticed james cock he said .sweetheart you're sure in for the fuck of your life.with that james mounted me i felt the head of his cock starting to enter my pussy and it was spreading me wide i felt pleasure and pain and cumming at the same time . the deeper he go in he would pull it back just a little.he started moving in and out spreading me wider and wider to the point of blinding pleasure i became obsessed with his cock and begged him to fuck me harder . i was having one orgasm after another.i couldnt stop cumming or screaming and begging to be fucked im sure our neighbors heard me .james said he was ready to cum i told him i wanted him to cum in my mouth .i got on all fours and told john to put his cock in my pussy i wanted john to cum in my pussy in the worse way i took james in my mouth john in my pussy and started moving back and forth it didnt take john long i felt him swell up and at the same time just when i thought james couldnt get any bigger it shot deep into my mouth . a split secound later i felt john let go inside me.and i started cumming again so hard that i pushed john out of me.we fell onto the bed when we heard a round of applause my husband and tom, claudia,jessie and lana were all standing in the doorway watching the whole thing.we all started to laugh. my husband said we arent done with you yet and what made him think i was done .now my husband is a nice size and he is the only man that i can ride on top and make me cum to the point of passing out.i pulled my husband down onto the bed and i mounted . with one thrust he was deep inside my wet cum filled pussy god he felt so good like i was home i leand forward and put my arms around his neck and held on for dear life when i felt someone licking my ass.i looked over my shoulder it was lana now im not bi but this felt good real good my husband told dont cum yet and god only knows iwas holding back.then lana was gone and i looked back tom was between my husbands legs and starting to put his cock up against my anal opening at first iwasnt sure if wanted that to happen . but when he started to push it in it felt nice and i started to guide him in .he was all the way in without a problem and iwent like mad women it didnt take long i couldnt hold back then claudia started to suck on one tit while lana took the other.i never felt so much of agood thing in my life . james mounted lana and she couldnt suck my tit the same time james was fucking her .james fucked her hard and good that i saw lana's hands clench the sheets and bite into the pillow and shake her head back and forth . i know what she was going threw.john pulled claudia away amd mouted her on all fours.jessie went under claudia and gave her pussy such a tougne bath . i couldnt hold out any longer i felt tom cum in my ass his hot cum felt so good then my husband let loose at the same time i did. i never came so hard and so long,so much in all my life iwas spent. john was next he pulled out of claudia and came into jessies mouth .the next ones were james and lana i watched james give lana one last hard thrust she screamed with pleasure then james jerked a few times and fell on top of lana kissing and holding her .james raised his head and pulled his wife jessie and gave her such a beautiful kiss.we took turns cleaning up in the bathrooms and we met in the dining room again. i made a pot of coffee and it was already 3am and we spoke about our new friendship. AND WE ALL SAID THANKYOU TO CLAUDIA,she blamed the wine.lolmy husband and i held each other all night or more like all morning by the time we went to bed. the next day my jaw was killing me my pussy was sore and my ass was throbing and tits were sore. i never was fucked and made love to so much and so hard in all my life.god i felt great. and yes we all will do it again but not for a while i need to heal.

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