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My Wife At Adult Bookstores

we been together for five years my wife seemed all the bookstore by us. she wanted to visit one the one by the house had a peek show booth she saw that ladies dance in them.my wife was wearing a long tshirt and legging she went back to the car took her pants off bra and panties off and came back in.she said she want to have some fun the booth had no doors on them she stood in the booth watch some movies.she wanted my to finger banged her than walk away. this happen a couple of times than men saw her they walked up behind her and play with her pussy some would finger her and play with her tits. she stood in the booth for two hours getting finger.i asked her if she wanted more she walked to back of the place took her top off and want to suck everyone off but they had too cum on her tits.she suck and fucked six men .the place was closing and the attendant said he was locking up and he his helped get to finish her off.my wife said as long as she get to try some of the toy and what she useds she keeps .my wife suck him than he shove a ten inch dildo in her my wife was in heaven than the helper came over.my wife was shocked it was a woman.she never thought about one.well the lady ate my wife pussy and she was sucking the attendant dick she came the same tine the man cum in her mouth.my wife wanted to eat her first pussy so they 69 it my wife came three more time . than she wanted me to lay down she lubed her ass and stood over me sat her ass on my dick she scream but she wanted it in her so badly that didnt care.she rode me than had the guy fuck her face than cum in her face my wife control the action.the last thing she wanted was to eat the lady pussy again and a dick in her ass an pussy my wife was a slut for the night.more to come

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