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My First Mfm With Now Wife

my wife and i met at a party at her friends hose when we wer still in high school. we hit it off from the start. she and her fried attended an all girl strict catholic school, but there was something differnt about her from all the girsl i had been with since jr high. I had been to my share of out of hand teen parties and loved every minute of it. after about a month of going out we were on the sofa and i her mom was not home i slid my hand under her blouse and she did not resist. she tole me she had had a fnasty of someone touching her breast. one thing led to another and one night i got her to take her panties off and had her sit on my rock hard cock and did her in the ass. about a month later we wer home alone again and she was sucking me when her frind came over and started to knock at teh door. ther were her neighbor and her boyfriend, standing ther watching us. i had been doing group sex since 7th grade so it did not bother me at all. After she swallowed i told her to answer th door as i put my cock back in my pants. her friend and her boyfriend came in and they wer both red and smiling. we talked for a while and i convienced them to play a game of strip poker. afterwe were naked i dared the neighbors boyfriend to switch girls with me for a while everyone was shocked but giggled and we started kissing each others girl. when i looked over ther was my girl with ericks cock in her mouth. i kissed her neighbor and moved around behind her. now was the itme i was going ot pop her cherry as she was sucking eric i moved into position and started to push my cock in her virgin pussy as i did she pushed back and i could feel her membrane tear. it di not take long for all three of us to cum. after we rested botheric and i did his girfriend. then we dared the girsl to kiss each other we wer mazed as they both french kissed and then started kissing each othrs breast it got to a pinot enough was enough i grabbed her nieghbor and started fucking her as eric fucked my girl after that night we made sure we got together often. the week after our wedding we met eric and my wifes neighbor and anothr couple at a club we ended up goin home and having a mini orgy

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